It’s good to remember the little things in life that make everything a bit better.

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Previously, I had thought of myself as someone disciplined about resisting click-bait and sensational headlines, but in 2017, I found myself spiraling into anxiety after what would start as an innocent attempt to just stay informed about what was happening in the world.

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Knowing the truth — and then channeling our dollars and voting for change with our actions — is a small price to pay for doing right.

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All the seasonal farming metaphors are true. Perhaps cliché, but true. A seed is doing a lot of work underneath the soil before you actually see it sprouting. Weeds really should be pulled when they’re tiny sprouts and before they’re huge burdens that throw your back out. And the fresh canvas we get in the […]

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Books of ALL sorts are good for us, and so is flipping the script on busyness.

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