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Dirt in your nails

As you start this week…

….friends, I gotta be honest. I’m utterly and completely exhausted. I’m writing this on day 12 of separation from my family (though by the time this publishes, I’ll be in my own bed with my favorite person next to me, glory hallelujah). (I’m talking about my husband there. Just clearing things up.)

So my benediction to you today is a personal takeaway I felt burning in my soul the past two weeks, as I participated in three different conferences, where we talkedtalkedtalked about three vastly varied topics, all of which I love. My takeaway is this:

We are pretty great at talking. But sometimes, we’re not so great at doing.

So as you start this week, whatever it is you’re passionate about, learn about it—read the books, listen to the smarties who can teach your socks off about the topic, and become that person who loves to learn. And then talk about what you’re learning, debate the real issues, and inspire passion in others. But don’t forget to roll up your sleeves and get to work.

Real life, where we make a difference and change lives and love on people, means getting dirt under your nails. Love is the liturgy of bringing a mug of coffee to a friend and asking your older neighbor if you can mow her lawn. It’s offering to babysit for that mama who desperately needs a break. and it’s helping deliver donations to the food shelter, even when you don’t have much time and have people to feed under your own roof. Don’t just talk about the nobility of simple living so that others can simply live. Do it.

Take care of yourself, yes, and read the books. Lord knows I’m passionate about both. But we are made for community, and community is made up of people, and people are needy and imperfect and worthy of our love. Don’t forget to the do the daily work (and yes, it is often work) of loving.

You are loved. Pour out that love to others. Take care of yourself, friends—I know I’ll be sleeping a bunch this week to make up for lost time the past twelve days. But show love, too. Show love.

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  1. Lindsay

    Yes–talk makes me tired. Unless your life matches up with your talk, it’s totally worthless.

  2. Erika

    wonderful words! thank you for sharing! hope you get some much-needed rest…

  3. Jennifer

    Thanks for these thoughts, Tsh. The concept of/call to action beyond talk is a great point of departure for a Monday morning. I hope that this week brings you lots of renewal through rest and family catching-up time.

  4. kate@stillroomtogrow

    I’m just figuring this out too! The reward this reaps, when you start doing, instead of talking about it, is so AMAZING! Thanks for sharing and get some rest and snuggle those kiddos.

  5. Nina

    I heard you had participated in Problogger’s conference, so yes I can imagine being away from family for that long and speaking is exhausting! Wishing you lots of rest.

    • Tsh

      I did! Which was great. But yeah… pretty tiring. 🙂

  6. Floria

    Thanks for your words, they’re exactly the motivation I needed for today 🙂

  7. Kamille@Redeeming_table

    I’m with you on all of this. I’ve been meditating on the implications of community versus solo living. It’s interesting h

    • Kamille@Redeeming_table

      …how the Bible speaks of time after time, “one another,” “one another,” and still so often we can forget this & think it’s just me & Jesus. We need each other.

      • Jenn @ A Simple Haven

        Totally hear you, Kamille. I think having babies is what made my need and gratitude for community most clear. 🙂

        Tsh, I do need often need a little nudge to step outside my little yard/schedule/comfort zone and put action to the words I believe. So thanks :).

  8. Becky

    Beautiful. Rest up and be well!

  9. Alicia

    Thanks for the reminder to dig in. I’ve got ideas floating around in my head and need to just take one and do it!

  10. Rachel

    This is great. I keep a Chinese fortune on my dresser to remind me of this every day – “Action is worry’s worst enemy”

    • Tsh

      Ooh, that’s really good.

  11. Franziska

    Oh so true. And sometimes so hard to hear. It’s sometimes so easy to come up with ideas and give advice on how to do things… and it’s sometimes almost too easy to talk too much and do too little. Thanks for this post!

  12. Tanya

    Great words! Be sure to get some rest.

  13. a terrible husband...

    I often need this reminder. I often get laser focused that I forget to stop and hug the people who mean the most to me. Thanks for the reminder!

  14. Darla

    This post was for me today. I am independent to a fault and often forget that life is about relationships and not about how much I can get done. It is work for me to love sometimes, but always worth it. Hope you get a nap!

    • Tsh

      Yes… know exactly what you mean. I struggle with the same stuff.

  15. Lindsay

    Great reminder for the start of the week. My favorite line: “Love is the liturgy of bringing a mug of coffee to a friend and asking your older neighbor if you can mow her lawn.” God knows we need each other, and words without action are dead.

  16. Emily

    I love reminders to dig deeper into my passions. Sometimes they take such a back burner to the rest of my life, but I always feel rejuvenated when I “let” myself get into them again.

  17. Zoe Amy

    True words Tsh,

    We loved having you in Oz, sorry you had to be away from your family for so long.

  18. TheBarefootmom

    GREAT reminder! We have everything we need when we take time to do things and really enjoy them. My mantra: Enjoy The Moments, Not The Things. After living in the Caribbean for almost 10 years, we learned to live with much less than our stateside counterparts and enjoy life…not try to keep up!

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