12 things for summer

As you go about your lazy days of summer, here are a few of our suggestions, both recent and from several years ago.


• 2017’s summer reading guide for kids

• 6 ways we do a chill but orderly summer

• Working hard at keeping summer simple


• How to slow down summer

• Hospitality that feels like summer

• 2 secrets of hospitality to remember this summer

• Make a simple summer picnic crate

• Make a simple mini summer scrapbook

• 9 outdoor must-dos for a truly simple summer 

ice cream

And if you haven’t yet, catch up on our summer-themed Simple Show episodes from the past few weeks:

• Ep. 78: Summer hospitality & entertaining

• Ep. 77: Summer family roadtrips

• Ep. 76: Summer reading

Happy summering!

rock jumping

p.s. A few things I’m loving right now: this summer linen dress, this lawn game, this cocktail, and this hammock.

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