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  1. As someone without kids who entertains families, one of my friends graciously gifted me some of the toys her kids no longer play with. It’s been wonderful to offer my littlest guests something fun to play with when they arrive. It also puts the parents at ease and helps everything go more smoothly!

  2. I’d love a follow up on what you do when you entertain friends with kids (or a mix of families and adults). Abigail’s suggestion is great as well!

  3. I’m realizing that we rarely have anyone over who doesn’t have kids of their own. Being outside helps a lot. That or telling the kids to go outside!
    Now that we are living in an intentional community, we don’t even have to have someone “over” to be able to socialize. Definite plus!

  4. This year I’ve learned the difference between “entertaining” and “having people over.” I am definitely the second one. Love, love, love having folks over; but yes, beer, paper plates and noisy kids are just part of the deal.

  5. I agree – wow I never really thought about how hospitable it is to welcome those little ones with a thoughtful activity or something for them when they walk in. I’d love it if someone did that for me, and I hope to think it through next time we have little guests along with our adult ones. It’s amazing to me how easy it is to just focus on the adults cause seriously, I’ve talked to people under 8 all day. :) But I love this. Thanks for the encouragement to be thoughtful when we invite other families in and not expect my kids to do all the entertaining! :_

  6. Such a useful post. We don’t have people over much but when we do it tends to be. Also of people at once and all out chaos ensues with the kids running around. I don’t mind at all and luckily none of our friends to either. Even my childless friends don’t seems to mind much, although I do occasionally catch a judgemental look when I let my son get away with something they probably think that they wouldn’t. But hey, I don’t care, having people over is wonderful for everyone, including the children.