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Nina is a wellness coach, student midwife, and writer at Shalom Mama, where she helps families simplify natural living. She and her husband live in central Oregon with their four kids on a school bus turned RV.

Four reasons to create everyday

Create every day

I‘m a fan of simple habits; daily actions that seem small but are an integral part of an intentional life.

Things like doing dishes after a meal, taking an evening walk and creating something new and lovely. Oh, how I love creativity and the way it enriches my days.

Because at one point, I didn’t think I was a creative person. But I wanted to be. So I decided to get creative anyway and you know what I discovered?

When you engage your creativity every day, it becomes easier to do, even if you started out thinking you aren’t creative.

And what good does that do?

1. Problem solving

It opens your brain up to more creative solutions. You begin looking at things and thinking, “Hmmm, I think there’s a better way.”

2. Focus

Creating on a consistent basis also helps your focus. Have you ever noticed how hard it is to read a blog without checking your email or jumping over to Facebook and then another blog and then Pinterest? (I’m not the only one who does that, right?)

When you create something you really enjoy, be it writing, painting or making something with your hands, you naturally focus on what you are doing because you love it.

Creating this habit helps you focus in other areas of life, too, allowing you to be more productive and less frazzled.

3. Awareness

Tapping into my creativity gave me a new appreciation for who I am – created in the image of a highly-imaginative God. I have this amazing ability to create something beautiful, to bring something delightful to the world.

What an awesome gift.

4. Giving

Even better than creating something lovely is giving it to someone else and enjoying their delight.

One evening, I invited my Grandma over for dinner. Wanting to make it something special, I created a name card for her at the place she was sitting at.

It had her name, written beautifully (well, I tried anyway) with the meaning of her name printed underneath it.

She was so touched by that simple gesture that she still has it on her fridge and talks about it when we go visit.

Creativity is important. Not only for you, but others as well.

You’re not creative you say? Start with a drawing – my favorite is sketching a layout of my tiny dream house. Maybe you have a blog and want to write more regularly – this could be a profitable habit.

Or you could paint, crochet, make soap, sew, build, design, anything. Take a cooking or pottery class. Put together a craft box that you can access at any time. The possibilities are endless.

When you find something you love to do, keep doing it. And then find a way to use your creativity to benefit someone else.

Just start today and make a point to create something every day, no matter how small.

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