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The Art of Simple Podcast, episode 71 with Nish Weiseth

#71: Your (little) story matters

New podcast time! In this episode, I talk with my friend Nish Weiseth, founder and editor-in-chief of Deeper Story, a faith-based community blog about the power of story.

We talk about why story matters, and that it’s not always the big, monumental epic adventures that change lives—our little, everyday stories matter. We also talk about Tuscany, Italy, parenting special-needs children, and Nish’s new book, Speak: How Your Story Can Change the World.

(If you’re reading this via email, head here to listen to the episode.)

And head here for the show notes!

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Weekend links

I don’t normally have one link to share for our routine weekend links post, but with all the crazy going on worldwide lately, I felt like there’s one that deserves a bit of showcasing. If you follow one Facebook page, let it be Humans of New York. Or, HONY. (There’s also a website, too. And (read more…)

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backyard lights

Selling vs. renting our house: how we knew the right choice (for us)

Along with a little ticket purchase last week, this summer has been a bit monumental for our family: we also sold our house. Yep, this house. We weren’t sure what we were going to do with the pad when we hit the skies for a year, but once we returned from our spring book tour (read more…)

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Weekend links

For a special edition of weekend links, I thought I’d link to some of my favorite travel-ish blogs—after all, this is mostly what I’ve been reading lately as I’ve taken on another full-time job getting us ready to go. 36 days and counting! Bridges and Balloons :: Twenty-something Victoria left London a few years ago (read more…)

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FOMO: it’s a real thing

While we were in Tuscany, the group of us debated sharing photos on Instagram. I sometimes have a knee-jerk response (often emotional) to a type of oversharing that happens at events where I either know several people attending, or I really, really wanted to be there. And I didn’t want to cause that in other (read more…)

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