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Work enough. And that’s all.

I mentioned last week that I gave up the idea of accomplishing All My Great Ideas for releasing the book. Today’s the official day, by the way—it’s now a book that can be in anyone’s home. It’s been about two years in the making, so it fills me with both an even mix of utter (read more…)

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Get bored

As you start this week, may you get bored. There’s something magical that happens when we intentionally shut off our brain for a short time, close out the calendar, and just… sit. Take in the moment around us. And not do absolutely everything in our power to be distracted by nothingness. Now, I realize that (read more…)

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Weekend links (and book tour updates!)

What good dads do :: Shaun Groves Let’s not handicap our girls :: Next Level Mama School ditches rules and loses bullies :: TVNZ A big deal :: Melissa Michaels on (in)courage Beach art :: Andres Amador Also, if you haven’t yet seen, we’ve kicked off the 2014 podcasting season with a bang! January episodes (read more…)

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Relish in revelry, know what’s important, & remember you’re not thought of that much

I admit to having the hardest time writing lately. What with the book release in a few days, my plate has brimmed to overflow; guest posts and radio interviews and magazine articles taunt me like heaps of ice cream scoop-shaped mashed potatoes on my cafeteria tray. I literally have about five half-written articles staring at (read more…)

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To DON’T do

Since this blog is about the art and science of living simpler, it seems like a lot of the readers (and writers) are fairly goal-oriented. ‘Simple living’ is more of a journey than a destination, so this pretty much makes sense. This journey type of mindset implies goal setting, which I’m all about, of course—but (read more…)

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