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Escaping the cycle of never-ending busyness

Name: Caroline Starr Rose Location: Albuquerque, New Mexico Occupation: Children’s author Blog/site: Caroline Starr Rose Tell us one way you are simplifying your life. I made the seemingly crazy decision to stop teaching to pursue writing full-time without an agent or a contract. It felt way counter-cultural but was the best and right decision for (read more…)

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On pain and steep learning curves

As you start this week, may you learn to appreciate the purpose behind your pain. I know that’s what I’m learning right now. I recently started running again after a year hiatus, when I tore my ACL and needed complete reconstructive surgery (it was a doozy). Most of last spring I was in regular physical (read more…)

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Weekend links

8 things I’ve learned as a barista :: Aliza Naomi The little priceless photograph :: Adriel Brooker I’m done making my kid’s childhood magical :: Bundmi Laditan on HuffPo What every kid needs to hear but most parents aren’t saying :: Jason Sanders …and keep up with a team of blogger friends heading to Haiti (read more…)

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We’re all in this together (and a way for us to gather online)

Now that I’ve been home a grand total of two days after two months on the road, it’s given me a bit of perspective and space to reflect. And do much-needed laundry. But while I fold, I also reflect. I’ve only been to a few places here in my small town in the past 48 (read more…)

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Think and act local

As you start this week, don’t forget to think local. Yeah, you probably see stickers in storefront windows all over your town: think local, act global. Or however that goes. But there really is some important truth there. As most of you know, my family and I returned home this past weekend after two months (read more…)

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