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Relish in revelry, know what’s important, & remember you’re not thought of that much

I admit to having the hardest time writing lately. What with the book release in a few days, my plate has brimmed to overflow; guest posts and radio interviews and magazine articles taunt me like heaps of ice cream scoop-shaped mashed potatoes on my cafeteria tray. I literally have about five half-written articles staring at (read more…)

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To DON’T do

Since this blog is about the art and science of living simpler, it seems like a lot of the readers (and writers) are fairly goal-oriented. ‘Simple living’ is more of a journey than a destination, so this pretty much makes sense. This journey type of mindset implies goal setting, which I’m all about, of course—but (read more…)

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cliff jumping

Living a good story means risk

As you start this week, may you jump off that cliff into the water and the unknown. I podcasted with my friend Stephanie from Melbourne, Australia earlier last week, and then when we hung up I read her recent post about worldschooling. Later that evening, I cracked open Walden, Thoreau’s account about his two-year gig (read more…)

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Weekend links

On zombies, travel, and owning up :: Slow Your Home Beauty will save the world :: Katie Fox The #JillFightsBack project :: Angie Warren Beyond our boundaries :: A fun new project from Renee of FIMBY Say anything :: Jamie The Very Worst Missionary The winners of a copy of Preemptive Love are Aileen, KK, (read more…)

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Sixty minutes an hour

“Okay, now you’re the teacher, and I’m the student.” The next-door girls are over and the kids are playing school in the living room. I’m in the kitchen, eavesdropping. “But now I want to pretend like I’m 19 years old,” Tate announces. “But this is third grade. This isn’t high school,” her friend reminds her. (read more…)

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