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Sixty minutes an hour

“Okay, now you’re the teacher, and I’m the student.” The next-door girls are over and the kids are playing school in the living room. I’m in the kitchen, eavesdropping. “But now I want to pretend like I’m 19 years old,” Tate announces. “But this is third grade. This isn’t high school,” her friend reminds her. (read more…)

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preemptive love

Preemptive Love

It was about a year ago at a dinner party when I met Jeremy Courtney. He was visiting to speak at our church, and we were invited to our friends’ house to enjoy a community dinner and get to know this young guy who was in town from Iraq, of all places. We sat by (read more…)

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The meaning of pi & ‘je voudrais du fromage’: my learning goals in 2014

Someone asked me during our (ridiculously fun) live Facebook chat the other day about my 2014 goals . I laughed, because I’ve barely thought about 2014 goals, to be honest. What with book release on its way followed by travels for the next few months, I almost feel like a regular, good old-fashioned regular life (read more…)

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When your day is interrupted

Last night, when I tucked in my almost nine-year-old, I saw tears in her eyes. Naturally, I asked her what was on her mind, and her answer really surprised me. “I feel like we haven’t had much one-on-one time lately,” she said. “I’d really like to have a mother-daughter date with you soon.” This surprised (read more…)

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tea and biscuit

Weekend links

Give childhood back to children: …we must allow more time for play, not less :: Peter Gray 50 of the best uses for coconut oil :: Sun Warrior The prayer of the (tired) mama of the sick little one :: Megan Tietz Raising Justice-Minded Kids :: Inspired to Action Chewbacca actor shares vintage photos from (read more…)

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