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The gaps in my pop culture knowledge :: Jason Boyett on A Deeper Story The best time to write and get ideas, according to science :: Search Engine Journal Children who shine from within :: Hands-Free Mama Don’t wait to be invited to your life :: Ally Vesterfelt On laundry and love stories :: Shauna (read more…)

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#064: Deep Eddy Family

In this podcast episode I’m talking with Kat Lee, one of my favorite people to collaborate in singing the joys and woes of central Texas. (Yep, you can now listen to the show directly here on the blog! Thanks for the suggestion, friends.) We talk about why on earth she chose to not only write (read more…)

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nesting place

The Nesting Place

I remember when I first met Myquillyn. It was in Nashville about six years ago, and we were both attending our first blog conference. She remarked about how small my purse was—at the time I carried a little clutch of a thing. I found it amusing she even noticed it. Over the years, we’d go (read more…)

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The powerful difference between organizing & decluttering

Since we’ve been back from our spring-long road trip, I’ve been getting rid of a lot of stuff. I mean, a LOT. Partly this has to do with our family’s upcoming Big Trip, which is rapidly approaching, but it’s also because I was reminded of something valuable while we were on the road for two (read more…)

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When less is more

As you start this week, may you strive for less instead of more. May you crave the beauty of just one flower or one shell on the beach or one perfectly-placed photo. And when the noise gets loud, may you remember to close out all the tabs in your Internet browser to read only the (read more…)

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