The Art of Simple

I‘ve written this blog post for days in my head, and now that it’s time for me to ACTUALLY write this post, I don’t even know where to begin. To say I’m excited would be an understatement. To say we haven’t been busy this past week would be a Big Fat Lie. To say my kids have not eaten perfectly executed meals because Mom and Dad are up to their eyeballs in work to make this happen would be The Truth.

So here goes.

As of today, this blog is no longer called Simple Mom. It’s called The Art of Simple.

What what? you may be asking. Why on earth would we change the name of a six-year-old, well-established blog? A good question, and one that, quite honestly, kept me from doing this for the past three years when I’ve wanted to change the blog’s name.

But a few weekends ago, I was bemoaning the name Simple Mom to Kyle for the eighteen-thousandth time, and he finally said, “Well… Why don’t we change it?”

“We can’t!” I replied incredulously.

“Why not?” he asked. I paused. And then I paused some more. “Well, because it’s too established. You can’t just change a well-established brand name.”

“Sure you can. Brands do it all the time,” Kyle retorted.

I had no answer.

So we thought about it, racked our brains, and tried on all sorts of possibilities. For hours. We knew we still wanted something about simple living, because well, that’s what this blog is about. We thought about the tagline—the art and science of simple living. That was a bit too long, but there was something there.

And then it hit us. The Art of Simple. It was so… simple. And yet, it felt exactly right as soon as we tried it on. I love that it’s just… simple. Not simple living. Not living simply. Not simple something. It’s simply the art of simple—what it means as a way of life, a way of thinking, a way of being, and why it matters both now and for eternity.

It feels just perfect.

Simple Mom is now The Art of Simple!

We’ll still write about parenthood occasionally, like we always do, but now that we don’t have “Mom” in the title, we can better include our non-mom readers, as well as write for an even broader demographic.

Because you know what?

1. Believe it or not, we have a sizeable non-mom audience.

According to statistics, 20% of our readers are male. (We’re pretty sure you’re closet readers, you males.) And according to commenters, we also have quite a few women readers who aren’t parents. As The Art of Simple (or AoS, for short), you’ll feel more welcome. Because you are.

You may even feel more comfortable sharing posts from here now. I heard from a twenty-something guy who said he reads this blog, but never shares posts he likes because then he’s admitting to reading a blog called Simple MOM. Understandable.

2. It became apparent to me around 2010 that the blog is more about living simply than about parenting.

We write about parenting issues, of course, but it’s all under the larger umbrella topic of Simple Living… and we like it that way. A0S better matches the content we already publish.

3. My name isn’t Simple Mom.

Never has been. It doesn’t happen much anymore, but when people meet me, or when they refer to me online, they sometimes call me “Simple Mom.” I never saw that coming. I’ll be standing in the grocery aisle debating diced tomato brands and I’ll suddenly hear, “Hey! Are you the Simple Mom?”

It’s funny, really. Since the blog is a community site, the focus can now be on the content, and not so much the name. AoS embodies the discussions we have here collectively.


So… What now?

In all honesty, the blog’s not really going to change that much. The name now simply better matches the content. We’ll still write the same sort of stuff, but perhaps we’ll be able to draw in an even wider audience—people from all walks of life who are interested in living a bit simpler.

Please be patient with us as we tweak and polish and spit-shine the blog. There are lots of changes, as you may imagine, so it’ll be awhile until everything’s set in stone. We’ve gotta fine-tooth comb the blog to make sure all the verbiage is consistent with AoS, and update all our social media and the other places where we have a presence on the web (such as the podcast). It’ll take a bit for everything to be consistent.

There’s nothing you need to do to keep reading AoS. redirects here, and all outside links to the blog should still work (we hope! Oh lordy, do we hope).

The Art of Simple on Vimeo.

I’m not one to be bothered by lurkers (people who read but don’t comment)—in fact, I’m a lurker on other blogs 99% of the time, and according to numbers, the vast majority of our readers are, too. Totally okay by me.

But. I’d love, just this one time, for you readers here to pop on over to the comments and introduce yourself. Would you do that? Just a short, simple comment telling us who you are, and maybe where you’re from. If you’d rather not, that’s okay. Totally no pressure. But it might be fun.

So… who are you, dear Art of Simple readers?

Tsh Oxenreider

Tsh is the founder of this blog and just finished traveling around the world with her husband and 3 kids. Her latest book is Notes From a Blue Bike, and believes a passport is one of the world's greatest textbooks.

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  1. I love it! I’m a mom and so it’s never bothered me, but I admit I occasionally think of you, Tsh, as “Simple Mom” 🙂

    My blog is Homegrown Mom, but my tag line is “The art of being home.” I really like your new title and it fits!

  2. I too have thoughts of broadening my name to be more inclusive, so kudos for being brave and taking the risk. It’s innovation like this that makes you more successful.

  3. Hi Tsh! My name is Julia, I am originally from Germany, but have been living in Austin for a long time now. I am married to a native Austinite and we have 3 beautiful, boisterous boys, ages 5 and 3. I stumble upon your book Organized Simplicity a couple of years ago and have been reading your blog ever since, sending my husband links to stories I think he might find interesting… which is a lot. You came along at the right time an reinforced a lot of changing perspectives within me, so thank you for that. I LOOOOVE the name change, but I’d read your blog regardless 🙂

  4. I’m a Mississippian living in Chicago- quite a change for this slow-paced family!

    I love what you’ve introduced me to: simple. It’s much more me. Thank you!

  5. I love it!! You are truly one of my inspiration for becoming simpler. Yes, I’m a mom but it goes much deeper than that. I was raised by a bit of a hoarder and have always wanted to pack my stuff up and travel around the world if I wanted to! And I have! Our basement flooded last Feb. and forced us to get rid of about 50% of our belongings so that was a good kick in the pants. But I started a blog about the continuing journey. But, honestly, I wouldn’t have known how to start this journey w/o your tips! Thanks for all you do!!

  6. Love this!

  7. I’m Missy, and have been a reader for years. I think the name change brilliantly describes this place and it is an easy transition. I’m a single mother now remarried and step-parenting with the love of my life! There is nothing simple about our relationships, so we try to keep everything else simple: schedule, home, etc. Best Wishes!

  8. I’m a lurker! A homeschooling mom of 4 living in Boston, MA. Thanks for your blog. I love it 🙂

  9. As a very single, kidless, twenty something year old girl currently traveling the world for an undetermined amount of time, I am so happy with the name change. Every time I talk about Simple Mom– one of the blogs I keep up with and connect with more deeply than any other blog I read– I am always, ALWAYS, met with confused faces and the response of “But you’re not a Mom!” Love the name change. Love it.

  10. Love this! I have been teetering on a rebrand/name change since summer and you are spurring on bravery in me. I think the thought behind it is beautiful and sensible, just like you 🙂

  11. I’ve been reading your blog for quite some time now, and I’m a Dad.

    Great that you’ve made this change, I wish you all the success in the world!

  12. I’m Kelli from the burbs of Chicago. I’m newer to your blog. But I love your message of simplicity. I’m mom to two littles (5 & 2). Keeping our lives organized feels like a full-time job. But I’m also a Communications Prof. And a new blogger. Simplicity is a goal that I strive for but am not always great at. A work in progress. Thanks for what you do!

  13. Hi, I’m Becca, a Twenty-something, childless college student and self-proclaimed lurker. I read your blog almost every day – I think your tips for living a simpler life are ones that can apply to everyone, not just moms! So, needless to say, I love the name change!

  14. 30-year-old from California, not a mom (yet) but love the content!

  15. Hi from Cape Town, South Africa 🙂 Enjoy ‘meeting’ all of us lurkers!

  16. I’m Crystal – a freelance writer and blogger from Indianapolis. Congrats on the new name! Love it!

  17. I’m liking the new name! Clearly it’s something you’ve thought long and hard about, and I really love getting the back story here. Best wishes on the website transition. Looking forward to reading more!

    (Married, 20-something, no kids (yet!), from Texas)

  18. Hi Tsh! I am from Central Point, OR and recently moved to my husbands hometown in Kona, HI. I love this blog and look forward to the changes. 🙂

  19. I am a young mom (23) of two (20 months and 2 months) from idaho! I love the rebrand! 🙂 I’m still fiddling with my blog and intentional or mindful living is falling into being one of the focuses. So the Art of Simple is one of my favorite resources.

  20. Hi! I’m Anne from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. I’m so excited about the name change! It was seeming like every couple days I was saying to someone, “I was reading this thing on ‘Simple Mom’, which is a dumb name ’cause it’s not just about motherhood…”. So, thank you, because now I can talk about the ‘Art of Simple’.

  21. As an occasional reader who is not a mom, I’m excited about this change. Thanks for being brave enough to do what’s best, especially with all the work and risk you’re undertaking.

  22. I’m a Chicago stay at home mom of two beautiful girls. My oldest is almost four and my youngest is five months. I started reading Simple Mom when I was on maternity leave with my oldest. I can’t remember how I was first introduced to your blog, but I loved it from the very beginning. It was the first blog I ever followed and most of the ones I follow today were first mentioned on or contributors for Simple Mom. I love the new name! Good luck with all of the changes!

  23. I’m a homeschooling mom of three. I love the name change! Kudos to you for going with your gut and not being trapped by your previous success.

  24. I’ve been reading for a couple years; not sure if I’ve ever commented; enjoy listening to the podcasts while I bake bread. I’m from WA, married and moved to FL, but we’re living in Idaho for the winter/spring. I’m a steward of 3 little men, so far. Loving the Northwest again… looking forward to the updated version of this site. Blessings.

  25. Hi, I’m Amy. Have been reading your blog for a couple of years now and so thankful. I’m “simply” trying to reconcile who I am with what I am and this blog helps give words to my thoughts

  26. I’m excited for you! It’s a lovely change and your audience isn’t going anywhere…
    I have so loved finding your site and it’s perfect for the stage of life I am currently in. Thank you for all of the interesting and encouraging posts!

  27. I got your newsletter, and read this WONDERFUL news last night. I LOVE IT, love it, love it! I too am a childless gal who has come late to the ‘Simple Mom’ party, but SO resonate and connect with most all of your content, so I am cheering your new brand/new name/same wonderful blog. I don’t think its a huge change honestly – like you said, your content has been along those lines for so long anyway. I briefly met you at Allume (in Erika’s mind-blowing session, when I was also talking to Emily Freeman). I’m from Kansas, and my husband and I have been traveling back and forth from Wichita to our home in Fort Worth. We are excitedly moving home permanently to Fort Worth. I’ve travelled a lot ‘in my previous life’, but now make my home with my hubby more permanently. I miss globe-trotting for work, so I absolutely adore and love hearing about your traveling ways. Thanks much for all you write, and all you give to the world through this online space!

  28. Love this! Been a “lurker” for about a year and have loved learning here at SimpleMom…not a mom yet but hope to be soon.
    The Art of Simple – yay! Thank you for posting such great content!

  29. Hilarie Laughman says:

    Hi, I’m a 40-year-old mom to two girls. We’re originally Oregonians (born and raised), but we spent the past two years in Florida and then just recently moved to Tennessee. Thanks for sharing here!

  30. I’m a wife, mother of one and homemaker residing in Northern California. I’ve been reading your blog fairly regularly now for about half a year. We’ve been living a fairly simple life due to budget constraints, but want to continue this way of life even if we are blessed with more wiggle room later on down the road. I don’t like the burden of so many ‘things’.

  31. Total lurker. I’m a mom from CA, and I love the name change! I don’t identify *just* as a mom–I’d be pursuing simplicity whether I had kids or not, so here, here! I agree. Keep it up, Tsh! I like lurking here.

  32. Born in D.C., raised in Texas, now a Hoosier with my Hubby and two girls 12 and 9…I love reading your blog! The new name is great! Happy Lurking!

  33. Alva Lee Harley says:

    After reading your comments, I realize I’m not your “normal” reader. I’m a 72-year-old wife, mother, grandmother, retired managing editor. I bought your book, “Organized Simplicity” when we were in the midst of scaling back our four-bedroom house and farm to move to a MUCH smaller space with our son and his family. I’ve not read your blog because I wasn’t a “simple mom.” I got here today by chance and find your blog will appeal to me in our wonderfully simple life. The change of your title met me where I am.

  34. Hi! I’m excited for you and for your name change because I think it’ll draw in a broader audience, which is great, because more people need to read this blog. Your messages are always so clear, needed, and perfectly simple. I found your blog from Kari Patterson ( and I’m so glad I did! Also, even though I’m a blogger myself, I often don’t comment…. I often read posts through my Feedly ap on my phone and that makes commenting challenging. But I know how fun it is to receive comments and feedback on your content, so I’ll try to be better about it. 😉

  35. I’m Amanda and I live in Dallas, but I’m from Iowa. I have four kids (5, 3, 2, newborn) that I homeschool. I started reading this blog a few years ago because my friend Ivy knows you and pointed me here.

  36. I like the change. I love your work – especially the podcasts! I am a mom so either way would be fine, but one time I wanted to share your blog with a friend who is not married, but was afraid she would be offended that it was a “mom blog”. hope all goes well with the transition!

  37. I am a lurker, a mom, a professional woman, and so on. I love the new name and even though I am a mom myself, the new name resonates with me much more. Looking forward to more good stuff.

  38. Hi Tsh! I’m a wife, mommy, architect, and sometimes musician. I’m 38 years old and live in beautiful Raleigh, NC. I’ve been reading your blog for several years after a friend of mine recommended it. Congratulations on the name change!

  39. hi! I’m a 32 year old mom in MN, with a 4 and 2 year old boys and 6 week old girl. I found your blog a few years ago, probably because of searching mom blogs or something but stayed because your blog is peaceful and inspirational and different

  40. Tara in Texas, here. I’ve read for years…and love this place. I’m glad to hear the direction of the blog won’t be changing – and I love the new name. I’m also enjoying your personal blog, Tsh. Thanks for all you do!

  41. Oh Tsh, I’m so glad you finally followed your heart. The best things usually aren’t easy, but what a great thing to feel like it all ‘fits’ better now. I’ve been a reader for years, and I’m not a mother (yet) but the content has always struck a chord with me. So happy for you and your team. The Art of Simple feels like home. 🙂

  42. Love the changes! I’m not a mom yet, but the title never bothered me.

    I’m from Portland, OR glad we share the same home state 🙂

  43. Waving from South Carolina! I think it’s a great change. Congrats!

  44. Hi! I’m a wife and mom of 2 littles – 4 and 18mo – living in the Triad of NC. Your podcasts are my favorite and I have loved getting to know the other bloggers you chat with. Through that you introduced me to Emily Freeman and her book Grace for Good Girls and I am forever grateful! Excited about The Barn event in a couple of weeks…right around the corner from my house. Amazing really. Thanks for all you share of your life with the blog community. Your authenticity is refreshing. Looking forward to following along with your trip around the world next year!

  45. I am a long time reader and I love the name change! 😉

  46. post-missionary Mom in Kansas: this is me:

  47. Hello. I’m a 28 year old wife and I’m from Hanover, Pennsylvania. I’m not a mom (yet), and it never bothered me but there’s something about the new name that I just love. Congrats on the name change!

  48. I love that the name is changing. I started reading the blog before I was married and I just gave birth to our first child one month ago, so Simple “Mom” didn’t apply to me until really recently, but the blog has always applied to me. Even reading the parenting stuff has been really helpful to prepare me for different stages of child-rearing that my husband and I will be going through in time. I’ve loved this blog, Organized Simplicity, the podcast and One Bite at a Time from the moment I began with them. Thanks for all of your help along the way!

  49. I am a mom (2yr old and 4 mth old) who works FT and reads your blog daily here in beautiful Colorado. Best of luck!

  50. Cool! Good luck. I’ve been reading for YEARS. I’m not sure if I’ve ever commented. I think I’m a lurker and I’m a silent “liker” on instagram. But I love cloth diapering thanks to your great blog years ago…. And your site has been a resource for me in homeschooling and traveling…. As well as tons if other things.
    Just this morning I decided to reread your first book. I think I’m in a good place to implement it.
    Good luck with your rebranding.

  51. Congrats on the name change! I think it’s perfect and I agree it allows you to reach a broader audience. I’m a 32 year old working mom of one toddler girl. I’m in Ottawa, Canada and I am a die hard lover of your podcasts. I’m also an atheist (former Christian) which may or may not be of interest to you but I think it’s worth mentioning. Keep up the great work and all the best 🙂

  52. I am a mom of 3 kiddos, living in Ontario, Canada. Your sharing has helped our family ‘keep it real’ in everyday living.

  53. Hi! I’m Britanie. I’m a 24 year-old mom and photographer. I started reading this blog when I was pregnant with my first and stumbled upon it in my search for information on cloth diapers. I’ve been here ever since. I don’t comment much usually but I’m here. The baby that brought me here is now 3 years old and I have a 15 month old as well. Also we are still using cloth. So thanks for teaching me about it!

  54. Congrats on the rebrand! I did it earlier this year (for some of the same reasons; not wanting to alienate my dude audience), and it was a couple of months of irritation, but I’m so glad I did. The Art of Simple is awesome. (I’m Roo from Connecticut, and I’ve been reading your blog since before I started blogging.) 🙂

  55. Hi! I’m in my late 20’s, from SoCal, and currently my only child is my dog. 🙂

  56. Love the change. My theme right now is Keep it Simple. We are currently in Virginia. This was our seventh move in the last decade.

  57. A mom of three, from Colorado, desperately trying to simplify our life!

  58. Hi,

    I found you looking for tips to

  59. I am a mom from Alaska. I love your site and I think the name change is great. I started listening to your podcast when I was pregnant (with our first, now 10 months), I was trying wrap my head around this whole concept of raising whew ones.t I love to travel and loved hearing how you do it with your kids. I still listen to your podcast when I get a chance and love your desire for simplicity and your down to earth approach. Keep doing what you love and thank you for sharing.

  60. Hi Tsh! I’ve been following your blog for a year now and enjoy listening to your podcast as well. I’ve always admired and aspired to your philosophy of simple living. The renaming of the blog works for me! Keep up the wonderful writing and work you do.

  61. Hi Tsh, I love the new name! I’m a native Texan living abroad abroad. My husband and I met while we lived in Egypt and now live in Ecuador. I miss home!

  62. Hi – my name is Ali, and we lived in NW China (with the Rhodes!) for the last 7+ years. We have 3 girls and we just love your blog. Wish we lived closer so we could be buds. And I am so wishing we could fit in your suitcase when you leave on your big trip. That has been a dream of ours for forever. blessings on you!

  63. Mom of 2, just moved back to the beautiful northeast but my husband’s military service has brought us all over the world.

    Started reading before the babies came along. I think you’re right, I might be more likely to share now!

    Your writing (blogs and books) have helped me so much. I’m very excited about the broadening audience for your work.

  64. Hi,

    I originally found you long time ago looking for tips on how to use cloth diapers. I loved your style and you definitely helped me to survive the first six months of parenthood (minus cloth diapers husb was never on board… thank goodness). I fell in love with your style. And as my daughter got older your blog grew up. My daughter is now 4 1/2 and your blog six years wow. I’m not about to change her name, but I love the name of your new blog. You can follow my personal blog at

  65. Kristina Morris says:

    Kiristina here, from Winston Salem, NC. I love your blog and the fact that you think it’s ok for me, a wife and mom of 2, to be in love with the Harry Potter series. And I didn’t start till age 29!

  66. love the name name– and am wish you so much success in this wonderful transition. i am such a fan of your blog, and love that you had the vision to keep growing. cheers

  67. Total lurker here! Not a mom, yet, but the name never bothered me. I’ve been following for the last year or so.

    MN born and raised, now living in WI while my husband finishes school.

  68. Hi!! This was actually the first blog I ever read that introduced me to simple living. I have been in love ever since! I am excited about the change!!! I’m from Hope, AR by the way! 🙂

  69. Long time lurker, first time commenter 🙂 I’m a 25 year old fellow simple liver from MN. I love the new name, and keep up the great content!

  70. I’m Myah – a homeschooling Mom of 3 from IN! I’ve been reading for years, and I am also enjoying your personal blog! Keep up the great work. 🙂

  71. I love it. It’s perfect and seems to better fit the content. Way to be brave!

  72. HI! I’m Myah – a homeschooling Mom of 3 from IN! I have been reading for years, and I am also enjoying your personal blog!! Keep up the great work. 🙂

  73. LOVE the name change! Fabulous. I’m a mom to 5 from MN, a (crazed) full-time grad student and lover of the simple things.

  74. I am a 30 year old stay at home mom to 2 boys and a girl, ages 11, 9 1/2 and 5 1/2, from New Mexico. I have been reading this blog for a few years now, listening to the podcasts and also a reader of your personal blog. I love the new name! Congratulations!

  75. I love that you’re making the site all the more welcoming to people who aren’t moms. The new name is simply perfect.

  76. Hi. I comment occasionally but must admit to lurking quite a lot on most of the blogs I read. I’m Heather and I live in the North-East of England. I don’t have any children yet (and when I do it’s likely I’ll be a mum, not a mom!) so I don’t really identify with the name Simple Mom. I’ve felt a bit odd sharing posts in case people think it’s a not-too-subtle way of announcing a pregnancy! Good call changing the name, I think the new one fits a lot better too.

  77. Audrie Patterson says:

    I’m a new mom from Texas looking for ways to simplify and cherish the things we have and do. I’m on a new journey to implement Montessori practices in my home which in many ways is about simplification.
    I look forward to seeing how and where your blog evolves. Cheers to you!

  78. I’m Jessica. A mom of 3 + one in January, designer, wife, (note, not a designer wife…) simplicity seeker. Not specifically in that order. Way to go to provide clarity to the collective voices on your blog. Love it.

  79. We met at WDS this year and I may or may not have been one of the people who said “Hey, Simple Mom!”. Sorry for that. LOL!

    I love that you are following your heart and doing what feels perfect and right to you! I will follow anything you write..whether it be about simple moms or not…I like Tsh and the community. And to me, that has nothing to do with the name of the blog.

  80. I’m a mom of 2 little ones(4 1/2 an 17 months) and started reading as I embarked on cloth diapering and trying to keep the house by being overrun with toys. I think the new name is a better reflection of the blog- totally makes sense! Also love the podcasts! Congrats on making a change that feels like a fit!

  81. A big “Hello!” from a big city in the MidEast! I’ve followed along for a couple years now, and always felt the name kept me from sharing the site with non-Mom friends. Well done!

  82. Hey Tsh! I’m Christina. My husband and I are community developers living in Madagascar. We’ve been married for 3.5 years, don’t have any children yet, and originally hail from Tulsa, OK. Love the new blog name…I have always like “the art of_______” type names; I think it really encompasses the purpose of your blog. My blog is called Simply Smith – finding joy in simple living. I really enjoy reading your blog!

  83. Hi Tsh! Congrats! I’m Sarah, and I’m Meagan Francis’s editor at The Happiest Home. We went from The Happiest Mom to The Happiest Home in April so this is a familiar story, and I know you and Meagan have bonded over this in the past. Just wanted to say hi. Love your work and all you do for this industry! -Sarah

  84. Hi Tsh! I’m Sara, and I’ve been a mom for almost 9 months, but I’ve been reading your blog for longer than that :). I live just a short drive from you in Redmond…and I’m not so thrilled with the cooler temperatures.

  85. I’m in my 30’s, a youth pastor’s wife, a stay-at-home mom to 3 sweet girls, a semi-homeschooler (a K12 Virtual Public School), a part-time day care provider, a hobby Etsy seller and a Midwest girl through and through.

  86. I think it’s a great blog name! I read your blog primarily for the simplicity lifestyle inspiration even though I have children.

  87. I’m a mom of two in Houston, Texas. The name never bothered me, but I can totally see the driver for the change. I have you under the “minimalism” header in my Feedly app, but as with all good blogs, it should be hard to put a one word label on it. Once a mom, always a mom, just not only a mom.

  88. Hi there,

    I’m a 23 year old reader from DC. Not a mom, not married, but immensely enjoy your blog. Even when you post about cloth diapers. 🙂

  89. Hi there – I am a newer reader. Can’t remember how exactly I discovered your blog – but made a connection somehow online since you had lived in Turkey, which is where I grew up. I think the name change is a great idea – as a newer reader, I am not married to your brand name and feel the new name is more descriptive of your site. I can appreciate the thought and effort that must have gone into this – I had a blog once upon a time that started off as a lifestyle blog but then sort of shifted into mainly food. The blog title did not fit any longer, and I felt stuck. Mine had low readership and was not a brand, and eventually just went away, so nbd I think your audience will appreciate the more fitting name for your blog. Looking forward to continuing to keep up…

  90. Hi! I’m a married (12 yrs) working at home mom in Kentucky. We have four little ones. Simplicity in general is what drew me to your blog though so the name change is no biggee to me.

  91. I’ll be honest, it will take me a bit to get used to it. But I’m one of those people that loves things to stay the same (even though I’ve lived in three different countries, and have made 4 moves in 4 years… Or maybe because of it?). I’ve been a reader since the beginnings of simple mom, so I’ve always liked the name, it resonated with me. But truly what resonates with me is the content, so as long as I get the same great stuff on my inbox, The Art of Simple works for me. 😉

  92. I’m Darla. I live in the suburbs of Phoenix, Arizona. I have four kids ages 14, 11, 9 and 6. Even though I am mom I have always come to your site for the simple living posts over the mom posts. I am completely addicted to your podcasts. Love the new name. Thanks for all you do.

  93. I am a 29 yr mom to six, working on making simple and natural more of our home life. We are an adoptive, transracial, homeschooling, evangelical Christan family.

  94. I’ve been reading your blog for quite some time. Sometimes I comment (when I have something to say) and sometimes I just enjoy it and move on.
    I love what you’ve done here and changing the name really does seem natural.
    I actually am a mom to 3 and have a wonderful husband. We live in Florida so while most bloggers are talking about snow, we are just planting our Fall garden. LOL!

  95. Hi! I am a homeschooling mom of 3 (soon to be 5- adopting from Ethiopia) living in Central Minnesota. I found Simple mom some time ago through Simple Homeschool. Great idea with the name change!

  96. Love the new name and design, Tsh! As a single, non-mom, it does make me feel more welcome here. It may be a semantic thing because I still popped over to read here from time to time. But by removing Mom from the blog name, it seems like there’s more of an openness to all readers no matter who they are or what their background may be.

  97. Hi Tsh!
    I am originally from Columbus, Ohio but just this past summer our family made the move to Aguascalientes, Mexico. We work at an orphanage, are dorm parents to 28 boys, and are living out our dream of putting our faith into action for our children to see. We are homeschooling, for now, our 4 children – 12,10,8,7, but intend to send our kids to the local schools next year.
    I found your blog a couple of years ago and you speak my language, sister! I love it! I have both of your books that I reference from time to time, but I can not wait for your new book to come out!!!

  98. Hi – I’m Lizelle from Cape Town, South Africa 🙂 Love the new blog name!

  99. Homeschooling mom of 2 from Missouri! Love the name change! Lurk on!

  100. I’m Rachel, born and raised in East Texas! As a mom, I never had a problem with the blog name, but I totally get it and approve! Way too move forward!

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