Poem: Capitulation

I’ve had more bedtime battles with my kids than I can count. Going to sleep can be such a difficult transition for kids: learning to let go of the togetherness and even the mental consciousness of the waking hours. And as a mom, I’m usually so done by the end of the day, that I’m (read more…)

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Simple Mom Single Parenting

Two poems about single parenting

Today, I wanted to share two poems about my experience of single parenting.  These poems chronicle the strange adjustment from being married to becoming a single parent, and how that affects both your children and your own ideas and habits about parenting. The first poem, “Happy,” was written during lots of upheaval, when my son (read more…)

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Poem: The Birds and the Bees

Does anyone find it easy to talk about sex with their kids? I know there’s a range of comfort levels when it comes to this topic. When I was growing up, my family avoided the subject — so I’ve got plenty of anxiety when it comes to the dreaded “sex talks.” In today’s poem, I (read more…)

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Poem: What it is is Beautiful

Don’t we all ask ourselves: How can I be more present? How can I find more enjoyment in these days, right now? How can I appreciate what I have, before trying to rush on to the next stage of life? I wrestle with these questions all the time. I want everything in my life to (read more…)

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Poem: Trio

Your kids wait patiently for their turn to speak to you, right? They sit quietly, without fidgeting, and attend to the current conversation? They graciously allow a sibling to finish telling a story before sharing their own? Yeah, um, neither do mine. In fact, I often feel as if I’m being followed around by a (read more…)

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