Child Survival Program in Ethiopia through Compassion International

Holiday shopping? Wait just one second.

So as I mentioned earlier this week, SLM is partnering with Compassion to sponsor a Child Survival Program in Ethiopia. So. very. excited. about this prospect. All of us as a community, passionate about living simply, helping mamas in Africa so they can simply live? It’s just too much wonderful. This CSP needs $25,000 per (read more…)

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vintage camera

Ten holiday photos not to miss

For many of us, the holidays bring joy and cheer, but sometimes we’re tempted towards anxiety and a bit of stress. For me? All of the above. When it comes to capturing this time of year in pictures, I want to to remember more than the formal portraits or typical shots—it’s about the simple details, (read more…)

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Shiny Brite vintage ornaments

6 steps to a relaxed Christmas: decorate simply

You might have already decorated your house for Christmas, but we’re just now in the thick of it. Our holiday gear is sorta all over the place, having moved a few months ago, so like every year, our overall goal is “simple and sane.” I like the personal challenge of upcycling, going handmade, and otherwise (read more…)

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20 holiday printables

I hope you’ve been enjoying the Simple Living Home for the Holidays week thus far! We all have one more giveaway day for you tomorrow, but today we have a roundup of our favorite things for the holidays. Here I’m sharing 20 of my favorite holiday printables. What could be easier than downloadable art?! I (read more…)

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christmas music

Fantastic Christmas music

I grew up around music. It was played throughout the house, I was given a radio for my room at an early age, and I have fond memories of my dad regaling childhood stories in the living room while playing his different records. One of my favorite childhood memories involves riding through the neighborhood with (read more…)

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