A birthday alternative: less stuff, more fun

September brings a birthday celebration in our home. Our younger daughter turned two this month, so I have had birthday parties on my mind. As I purged the toys in our playroom before her birthday arrived, I thought about how quickly we accumulate stuff. Thinking about all that stuff reminded me of The Story of (read more…)

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What to do with old cards and letters

There is something incredible about the power of handwritten cards and letters.  We love getting them; most of us love sending them. But then what? My philosophy is this: get rid of all those cards and letters that don’t add to your happiness. Keep the things that matter; repurpose everything else. Today, I thought I’d (read more…)

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15 good and (almost) perfect gifts for high school graduates

For some, gift giving is love language; they always know just what to give.  Their gifts compel Cheshire cat smiles, squeals of delight, or sometimes render the recipient speechless. Gift giving is not my strong suit. I labor over choosing the “right” present for someone; not because I’m trying to impress them, nor out of (read more…)

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9 frugal Valentine’s Day gift ideas

Ah, Valentine’s Day. Some of us loathe the candy-coated day, others of us thrill at the thought of a day devoted to romance, and I suspect most of us fall somewhere right in the middle. The day’s a bit cheesy, but a good excuse to eat chocolate and love on each other? Sounds good to (read more…)

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Merry Christmas!

Friends — merry, merry Christmas to you. May your day be full of good food, companions, and soulful reflection. Remember, as you open gifts bedecked with bows, His whose birth was lowly. It is His we celebrate. (If you’re reading via RSS or email, you may need to click over to watch the video.) “And (read more…)

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