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6 steps toward a financial fresh start

Picture this: 9:30p.m. on a Thursday evening in late June 0f 2009. Four fans are running, creating a hum so loud I can’t hear myself think, and doing very little to cool the stifling room. It is 90 degrees INSIDE my house. I’m nursing the baby and we’re both drenched in sweat. Two of my (read more…)

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Four reasons to create everyday

Create every day

I‘m a fan of simple habits; daily actions that seem small but are an integral part of an intentional life. Things like doing dishes after a meal, taking an evening walk and creating something new and lovely. Oh, how I love creativity and the way it enriches my days. Because at one point, I didn’t (read more…)

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Tree from the ground, looking up.

How is your other half?

In our backyard stands a beautiful tree. A liquid ambar that is at least 20 meters tall. She makes a heap of colorful mess for three months of the year, but bathes the back deck in gorgeous, dappled shade for seven more. So we forgive her. Not long before we moved here, the previous owner (read more…)

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Kathrine’s flexible freedom discovery

Name: Kathrine Vigdel Location: Oslo, Norway Occupation: Publishing editor Blog/site: Skapt Tell us one way you are simplifying your life. Clearing my afternoon and evening schedule. I aim to have at least three free nights on work weeks, and at least Saturday or Sunday absolutely free from morning to evening. Not that I won’t be (read more…)

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Expectations that were never yours to meet

As you start this week, may you know yourself well enough to be at peace when the naysayers come. May you rest easy when people claim you different than what they thought you to be, or when you didn’t provide what was expected because, well—what they expected was never yours to give. Last week I (read more…)

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