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I’m psyched to have a new feature here at Simple Mom: poetry. The third Sunday of each month, Sarah Park is gracing us with her words. She’s my friend, a mom, editor extraordinaire, and a poet. We could all use more beauty in the humdrum craziness of life. Read and enjoy.


It hit me,
helping my listless kid into the backseat
and then reaching, tissue in hand,
to swipe at her sister’s runny nose:
It’s impossible to stop.

Her incessant stuffiness, yes,
and that junky cough that won’t quit—
but even more, it’s impossible to stop
this cycle of constant motion.

I thought all this
while shifting into reverse
and tapping at the map on my phone
and passing a sippy cup to the back
and unwrapping a piece of red candy
masquerading as medicinal balm
for my sore throat.

The sloughed-off wrapper landed softly
among the library books beside me,
but the lozenge’s marketing slogan
kept looping through my head:

The show must go on
it urged, or perhaps warned,
since I felt a sense of deep foreboding
that our show was teetering
on the brink of collapse.

Still, the car raced forward
toward the bland medical office building
where we would join the universal
meet and greet for our germs
and theirs—

to connect briefly
with the kind doctor who,
in a different era, would have entered
into the intimate domain of our home
to take it all in,
and then thoughtfully scrawl
our needed prescription:
Slow down.

© 2012, Sarah Dunning Park. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

Sarah Dunning Park

Sarah lives with her husband and three daughters outside of San Francisco. She is the author of What It Is Is Beautiful, a collection of honest poems about parenting.

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  1. I enjoyed this poem a lot – a really relatable moment in time for a mother!

  2. Tricia C. says:

    LOVE the poem! We all need more poetry in our lives, so I thank you for sharing some with us.

  3. Love the poem! And excited poetry will be a regular feature. 🙂

  4. Loved the poem!
    Also loved the link to Relevant. Very powerful.

  5. Absolutely lovely poem. Captures so many feelings I know so well.

  6. Marvelous, touching and funny at the same time. Very Powerful indeed.

  7. I never thought that one could make a poem about kids germs, but then again, I don’t have any kids. It was a fun read.

  8. Thank you so much for adding poetry to your site. Poetry is so important; the harmony of a poem about slowing down is poignant.

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