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When it isn’t simple

Sometimes it just isn’t simple, is it? Sometimes it’s complicated. Sometimes it’s hard. Sometimes it’s broken hearts and tough decisions and just keeping our heads above the water. A post about complication and chaos might not seem like a good fit for a simple living blog at first glance, but something tells me I’m not (read more…)

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My minimalist, natural beauty routine (a different kind of spring cleaning)

Last night, as we were packing for our next journey from Italy to Slovenia, Kyle found something I’ve been looking for since Thailand (which was now four months ago)—my facial cleanser. It’s funny, that with such a scant amount of possessions to our name, something would still get lost in the shuffle of stuff. Sure, (read more…)

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Cuppa reads

Well, the weekend has come around once again, ever so faithful. And yesterday was the vernal equinox – Happy Spring! I know that some of you were forced to mark the occasion with yet another snowfall…but take heart. Spring is here now, and it can’t be too much longer before the weather and calendar align. (read more…)

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The risk of learning

I’ve been practicing yoga regularly for about nine months now, attending classes several times a week at a studio less than a mile from my house. It’s done wonders for my back, which has long been beset by debilitating (though mercifully intermittent) pain. I’m not naturally strong or flexible, but I’ve marveled at the incremental (read more…)

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Producing, consuming, and why both matter

I’ve been sicker than I’ve been in a long time this past week—and unfortunately, it’s during our tail end of France and our not-quite-enough-time in Italy, of all places. I’ve missed seeing some stuff, I’ve seen some beautiful early spring days transpire from my bedroom window, and Kyle, the dear thing, has spent much of (read more…)

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