On taking a regular Screen Sabbath

Confession: our TV is on almost daily. It’s not on all day, and we’re super selective about what gets watched. We do Netflix and Hulu instead of traditional television, so we’re not inundated with ridiculous ads, and it’s never on just as background noise (music is almost always on when the TV isn’t). We’re big (read more…)

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Little gifts

As you start this new week, may you find a sliver of inspiration in an unexpected place—your preschooler’s scribble on the back of your grocery list, the first daffodil in your backyard, a harebrained story retold by your child as you chop the onions, a lovely shade of nail polish on sale. May you remember (read more…)

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Weekend links

Why using your gifts is heroic :: Ally Vesterfelt In which I don’t mind if my tinies see me on the computer :: Sarah Bessey (I’ve said this for years… Sarah’s said it succinctly and beautifully here) The difference between wasted and spent :: Sarah Markley 3 types of friends every parent needs :: Simple (read more…)

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When you need a financial fresh start | Art of Simple

6 steps toward a financial fresh start

Picture this: 9:30p.m. on a Thursday evening in late June 0f 2009. Four fans are running, creating a hum so loud I can’t hear myself think, and doing very little to cool the stifling room. It is 90 degrees INSIDE my house. I’m nursing the baby and we’re both drenched in sweat. Two of my (read more…)

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Four reasons to create everyday

Create every day

I‘m a fan of simple habits; daily actions that seem small but are an integral part of an intentional life. Things like doing dishes after a meal, taking an evening walk and creating something new and lovely. Oh, how I love creativity and the way it enriches my days. Because at one point, I didn’t (read more…)

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