You can have it all, but not all at once.

They say that change is the only constant in life. That’s certainly held true for me. Lately, the winds have been shifting for our little family here in Central Texas. One big change just came sweeping through, we’re preparing for another big change to come, and I can see still one more on the horizon (read more…)

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11 strategies for a morning routine (when you can NOT wake up before the kids)

I think the most common issue moms share is sleep deprivation. Personally, before having children, I assumed severe lack of sleep was limited to the early infant months. Little did I know just how long the broken sleep goes for while raising kids. Between middle-of-the-night spooks, bed wetting, bathroom trips and sick days—most mamas are not (read more…)

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Normandy, France

Weekend links

D-Day landing scenes in 1944 and now—interactive :: The Guardian Benedict Cumberbatch, Patrick Stewart, and Toby Jones reads original BBC Radio D-Day reports :: BBC …and last year, I wrote a history of Normandy, France and the role it played in the beginning of the end. The winners of a copy of Finding Spiritual Whitespace (read more…)

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Frugal Deeds (done dirt cheap!) | The Art of Simple

Frugal deeds (done dirt cheap)

As I work toward helping my family become debt free, from time to time I struggle with staying motivated. We’ve paid off our smaller debts and now the debts we’re working on are larger, and are therefore going to take longer to pay off. Without a little financial victory on a more frequent basis, I (read more…)

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#067: Freedom From Stuff

Joshua Becker writes a blog called Becoming Minimalist, and that title describes well his journey: he hasn’t figured out all the ins and outs of minimalism… he’s becoming one. He and I chat about what it means to live simply by living with less. Both of us are parents, we both live in the real (read more…)

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