Education: simplicity and peace

Two years ago around this time, I had a post here at the Art of Simple about what had become my yearly ritual each January: the agony of figuring out my children’s education plan for the following school year. At the time, my older daughter was in kindergarten at a private school across town, subsidized (read more…)

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A surprising thing that creates the best kind of freedom

I’m motivated by autonomy. Do a little reading about INTJs, my Myers-Briggs type, and you’ll see that we’re really big on autonomy—not being told what to do, having plenty of wiggle room to exercise our freedom, thinking outside the box a bit. Being the boss of us. (We’re not always the best employees.) There’s a (read more…)

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Cuppa reads (the spruced-up, dusted off weekend links)

You guys were incredibly encouraging in the comments section of Thursday’s post. So much solidarity for old-school blogging! I knew you were the best readers on the Internet for some reason. Thanks for your verbal fistbumps. (And even if you didn’t comment, thanks just for reading—that means just as much. Really.) As I mentioned in (read more…)

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State Of The Blog address, 2015

Happiest of new years, all! I hope you’ve had just the holiday season you’ve needed. There’s a few more days to go before “real life” begins again (Christmas is, after all, 12 days), but new school semesters, a return to work, and the next few months of winter-without-Christmas is on the horizon. As always, January (read more…)

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winter sunset

20 questions for a New Year’s Eve reflection

As you end this new year and move on to the next, I hope you take a bit of time to reflect. Post-eggnog, it’s easy to want to speed forward with gusto, packing up the ornaments until next year and juice-cleansing your system from all the holiday indulgence. But ease your foot onto the brake (read more…)

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