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Past, present, and future: 3 visions for your money

If you’ve been following my family’s debt free story here on the Art of Simple over the years, then you know that one of the things that led to our big turn around was when my husband and I finally learned how to communicate with each other about money. It is something I wish we (read more…)

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If you could do anything, what would it be?

Potty training is going to look a little different the third time around. While our older kids were potty trained on the ordinary-est of white porcelain toilets in a little house in sunny Florida, our youngest will be using a compost toilet on a farm in Texas. Crazy, right?! We’re in the process of a (read more…)

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#82: Round-the-world family travel – your questions answered! (part 3)

Kyle and I wrap up our conversation about round-the-world travel with kids right from the good ol’ US of A. In this final episode dedicated to answering your questions about our trip, we talk about packing—what we brought, what we wish we left behind, and how we carried it all. We also talk about overall (read more…)

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The art of neighboring

I have amazing neighbors. I love my whole block, but two families in particular – the Lloyds and the Majerniks – are a big part of our lives. A constant stream of favors flows between our houses. We have the biggest garage so we store our neighbors’ extra bikes and snow tires. The Majerniks have the sandbox (read more…)

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girl reading

Summer reading lists, part two (10-year-old girl)

Last week, I shared the summer reading list for our 7-year-old son. It’s a healthy blend of pure fun with a sprinkling of challenge, so I thought it fitting I do the same for our oldest, age 10. Tate is a voracious reader who also gets distracted by summertime fun (as well she should sometimes, (read more…)

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