11 great family movies

We don’t watch a lot of TV in our home. For one, we live overseas, so there’s only so much we can comprehend. We’ve got BBC and CNN, but that’s about it in English. But we also don’t watch a lot because there’s so much more we’d rather do. I’ve got a stack of books (read more…)

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Start your day by eating a frog

Photo by Valerie “Eat a live frog every morning, and nothing worse will happen to you the rest of the day.” -Mark Twain My husband is currently reading a classic business tome called “Eat That Frog.”  The basic idea is that if you do the worst thing on your plate first thing in the morning, (read more…)

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Composting bins: benefits, rules, & how to make your own

For a few years, I had been eyeing composting bins for the backyard. I was excited at the thought of turning things that we might normally put into the trash or the garbage disposal into beautiful, rich soil for our garden. I was, however, not excited about the price tags that I was seeing for (read more…)

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Weekend links :: May I introduce…

Photo by Fabio In usual fashion, you can peruse the stuff I’ve enjoyed this past week on my Tumblr – which you can now find at the top of this site when you click on “finds.”  I hope you glean something good from them like I have. Also, I’ve got a little announcement and curtain (read more…)

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Have a little one? You don’t have to give up weekends away.

The following is a guest post from Emma of Baby Log. We used to travel a lot. Hardly one weekend per month was spent at home; we were always hiking, camping, rock climbing and going on nature trips of all sorts. Then my son was born – and we just stopped. When Tsh published a (read more…)

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