Know how to talk money

This giveaway has now closed. Photo by Wayne Silver Price earnings ratio.  Common market.  NASDAQ.  Do you know what these mean? They’re not important in everyday life with little ones.  When you’re up to your elbows in diapers, you rarely need to know the difference between a liquid and a zero-coupon CD.  Let’s be honest, (read more…)

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girl playing guitar

The importance of music in the lives of kids: take notes

Music education has molded many kids into successful adults, even if their success has come from a vein of society having no relation to music. Public schools are having to fight to keep music and the arts funded adequately in order for the students to thrive, and I think this is a shame. The point (read more…)

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Q&A Tuesday : What are your top 3 essentials when you leave the house with preschoolers?

I love longtime reader Sarah Park’s submitted question for today’s Q&A Tuesday. We’re elbow-deep in packing for our return overseas, so right now I’m reminded of how much traveling light is high on my priority list – whether we’re on a 10-hour flight, or whether we’re hitting the park for an afternoon picnic. Sarah, co-founder (read more…)

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Money jar 2

Money management 101: an introduction

The Sound Mind, Sound Mom Book Club is about halfway done with its first book, Your Money Or Your Life. That, combined with all the news lately about the economic downturn, has resulted in a lot of emails hitting my inbox with your questions about basic money management. This spring, I’ll be writing a series (read more…)

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Weekend link love, one day early :: Blissdom, a great giveaway, & a debt-free business that ROCKS

Unless noted, all photos are by the wonderful Emily. I usually save my link love posts for the weekends, but since I didn’t get a chance to do one last weekend because of Blissdom, I thought I’d just jump the gun a little. My Thoughts About Blissdom If you have any interest in learning how (read more…)

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