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The home reflects the heart

Recently, a new friend had us over for a spontaneous playdate. Call me nosy, but I just love that first visit to someone’s house. As the kids played and she and I chatted, I was able to soak in a bit of who they are. It felt like a privilege and an honor, and I (read more…)

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Minimalizing kids’ toys (a different kind of spring cleaning)

We’ve been living out of backpacks for more than six months now, which means even though I often write about spring cleaning and decluttering this time of year, it’s a bit hard to write about the obvious nuts and bolts of home life from a personal perspective. And I prefer to write from a personal (read more…)

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diocletian palace

Cuppa reads

Greetings from Croatia, where we’re actually staying in an apartment in Diocletian’s palace, built in 305 C.E. No big deal, right? (Except that my response when we turned the corner to see our apartment was, “What in the world?!”) I hope you’re having a good weekend, friends, and regardless whether spring weather has come your (read more…)

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When your situation isn't simple | Kara Fleck | The Art of Simple

When it isn’t simple

Sometimes it just isn’t simple, is it? Sometimes it’s complicated. Sometimes it’s hard. Sometimes it’s broken hearts and tough decisions and just keeping our heads above the water. A post about complication and chaos might not seem like a good fit for a simple living blog at first glance, but something tells me I’m not (read more…)

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flowering branch

My minimalist, natural beauty routine (a different kind of spring cleaning)

Last night, as we were packing for our next journey from Italy to Slovenia, Kyle found something I’ve been looking for since Thailand (which was now four months ago)—my facial cleanser. It’s funny, that with such a scant amount of possessions to our name, something would still get lost in the shuffle of stuff. Sure, (read more…)

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