Two things I wish I’d known more about before my first baby was born

I have a 2 month old baby girl on my lap and an almost 7 year old boy sitting on the floor reading comics. I’ve learned a lot since my son was an infant and I now have a lot more friends with kids than I did 7 years ago when I was pregnant the (read more…)

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Armchair traveling: 10 books to take you places

In the heat of the summer, as my family and I switch gears a bit from suitcase living and transition in to a slightly more permanent dwelling, I’m transitioning a bit of my mental and work focus as well: book writing. My next book has been percolating for a year now, and I collected stories, (read more…)

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Cuppa reads

We’re in Oregon right now, and after a bit of time in Texas, it’s downright weird—it’s hotter up here than it is in the Lone Star State. How’s your summer faring these days? (If you get my personal newsletter, the email from this past week explains in a bit more detail our family’s current plans.) (read more…)

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Self-care that satisfies

A few years ago, self-care was pretty much nonexistent for me. Time to myself was a rare occurrence and was pretty much all or nothing. When it was over I felt hungry for more – it was like I couldn’t get enough and I began to resent my family for being so demanding of my (read more…)

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jewelry shopping

3 questions I ask myself before buying something

I’ve been thinking about the how and why of buying stuff lately, what with my family re-settling after a year of travel. Being back in my home culture has reminded me that parts of our western world have a love affair with shopping as a pastime—rather than it being an errand or a task that (read more…)

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