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Zero-based budgets for the home: a primer

This post was first published on June 19, 2008. Budgets have a bad rap because they’re seen as shackles. Instead of getting to do fun things with money, budgets make you do boring things, like pay the gas bill, and not go out to eat. Not necessarily. Whether you realize it, you do have a (read more…)

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18 everyday hacks for cooking from scratch

Photo by 16th letter This post was originally published on July 10, 2008. As I wrote earlier, cooking from scratch has so many benefits. It’s healthier and cheaper than prepackaged food-in-a-box, and cooking provides a shared skill you can enjoy with your family. Once it becomes a lifestyle choice, your menu planning will become much (read more…)

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No book club today

Well, actually, the Book Club is always open.  But I won’t be on there today, as I’m in the air headed for Blissdom this weekend.  I’ll be back the following Thursday, ready to discuss chapter five of Your Money Or Your Life. Use this “break” as a chance to catch up on your reading, add (read more…)

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Putting first things first—where are you on the list?

When I picture today’s mom, I see a woman juggling while riding a bicycle on a high-wire. Add the role of being a wife, and picture this same image, but with the high-wire suspended over a lion’s cage. Motherhood today is anything but simple. I doubt I need to tell you that marriage is the (read more…)

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Q & A Tuesday: Cloth or disposable?

If you follow me on Twitter, you might have noticed an ongoing discussion we’ve had about cloth diapering. I’ve got a post in the works about this (sometimes) heated topic among parents, along with some reviews from those of you who cloth diaper your little ones.  So here’s today’s question: Do you use cloth or (read more…)

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