Crocs winners announced!

Photo by Lucia Maldonado-Medina I had a great time partnering with Crocs to celebrate 10,000 Simple Mom readers.  And I’m going to love making the day of the following winners!  Each of you listed can choose any pair of Crocs worth up to $50. Signing up for the newsletter, the winners are: Sonya, and Tina (read more…)

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11 cheap (and free!) toys for young children

This post was originally published on August 18, 2008. The price of toys these days is disheartening. They can also be loud, obnoxious, and cheaply-made. I stand firmly in the camp of having fewer, but high-quality toys than having a thousand pieces of plastic to trip over, pick up, and lose. Plus, the less toys (read more…)

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Weekend links

Photo by Noël Zia Lee Thanks, everyone, for a great contest, and thanks again to Crocs for loving on Simple Mom readers.  We’ll announce the readers soon! In the meantime, this weekend’s links are about two of my favorite things:  Easter and food.  Enjoy.  And check out more good links in my finds. Easy Easter (read more…)

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The importance of family rituals

Every Friday, no matter how hectic or stressful the week has been, my husband and I have a ritual to celebrate the weekend’s start. We crack open a bottle of wine, plug in the iPod to its speakers, and roll up our sleeves in the kitchen. I make dough for the pizza crust, and my (read more…)

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wagon with things for sale

The art of negotiating – a crucial skill for a frugal lifestyle

The thing I love most about the frugal approach to life is that it forces me to get creative. The more I challenge myself, the more fun it gets. Small efforts and small returns add to big changes in life and big savings overall. More than anything, it makes me feel better for trying, all (read more…)

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