Keep your holiday supplies simple with an inventory and a plan

Photo by Foto Blitz Color This week’s project is not revolutionary or a brand new idea, but the kicker is doing it in plenty of advanced time. This week, we’ll take inventory of our holiday items, get rid of what we no longer need, and make a shopping list for the things you need to (read more…)

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Q&A Tuesday: In what way are you…?

Carrie & Danielle is a duo-authored site dedicated to living an inspired life and making a difference in the world. They ask their readers a daily question, which range from deep and thoughtful, to light-hearted and whimsical.  They also feature regular interviews with people – recently they queried Guy Kawasaki of “The Art of the (read more…)

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Hosting overnight guests: 10 easy tips to help your visitors feel welcome

As you’re reading this, we are hosting out-of-town guests in our home for a few days. Some people where we live kindly refer to us as a “bed and breakfast” because we have so many guests pass through our hallways – and we love it. We don’t have a lot of room, but we do (read more…)

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Link love :: the Hostess with the Mostest edition

Photo by Matt We’ve got out of town visitors for the next few days, so our weekend is full of getting out and about, enjoying the gorgeous fall weather, and loud, childlike squeals from the playroom (there are currently four kids under 3 in our abode!).  I hope you have just as enjoyable a weekend. (read more…)

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Enjoy a simple Christmas with a well-planned budget

Photo by Alenxandre Duret-Lutz I‘ll be quite honest – if you haven’t started saving yet for Christmas, it might be a bit challenging.  BUT – it can be done.  You truly don’t need to rely on credit to have a good season. However, if you’re late jumping on the “Christmas planning ahead bandwagon,” let it (read more…)

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