money pie chart

The basics behind a budget that works

I used to get easily frustrated when I tried my hand at a family budget. I’d never be able to predict the right amounts for the right line items, and out of sheer frustration, I’d quit before we’d even give the poor budget a decent shot. It wasn’t until several years of failed budgeting attempts (read more…)

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Weekend links

Photo by Ellen Munro Creating a Kid-Friendly Yard :: Simple Nest Birdseed Cookies :: Let’s Explore (there’s been lots of great summer stuff on this blog lately) Outdoor Art Fun: Painting Rocks :: Make and Takes The Summer List :: Whatever (via The Inspired Room) Planning a Staycation :: Mom Advice The Laundry Post :: (read more…)

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organized folders

Steps for organizing… life

Reader A.C. writes: “As a young mom with two toddlers who works full-time, and recently decided to go back to school part-time, I sorely need to get organized! … I spend my down time at work saving sites in ‘Delicous’ that I never go back to. I save lists in Amazon of books that I (read more…)

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couples feet

When will he ever stop doing…?

Every marriage, every relationship, is fraught with perpetual problems and issues. It’s common that I will counsel a couple for several sessions, they reach their desired goals, and leave with renewed hope and energy for the marriage–then come back several years later still arguing about the same issues. While each person has changed and gained (read more…)

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girl walking on train tracks

The clutter you can’t see

Last month, a whole herd of us spent two weeks spring cleaning our homes, a few hours a day, using my e-book as a guide. One of the biggest focuses was decluttering–getting rid of all the stuff taking residence in our homes that we just don’t need. I define clutter as anything you don’t love (read more…)

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