Let your kids get dirty!

On a typical afternoon these days, you might come over to my house and discover a scene very much like the one pictured above. My daughter is almost three years old, and she currently has a fascination with dirt – the dirtier, the better. She can literally spend hours playing in the dirt, moving it (read more…)

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Tips for quick and easy family meals to maximize summer

Summer is officially here, with its days spent building sandcastles at the beach and t-ball games in the evening. Summer has a way of starting out long and lazy, but then it quickly gets filled with activities and impromptu get-togethers, and it’s all those things that start to interfere with family dinnertime. It’s easy to (read more…)

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20 ways to add sweetness to your life

Last month I wrote about noisy foods and the impact they have on your body and mind.  As I read through all the comments, I was struck by how many of us struggle with feeling addicted to sugar. I certainly don’t take a hard line on sugar and feel it should never pass your lips…  (read more…)

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3 Benefits to Soaking Up Some Sunshine

Sun, glorious sun! After nearly a month of rain, gray and gloom in our area, the sun came out to say hello for a couple days this week. I was a bit surprised by the truly tangible effect that the sunshine had on our family. We were more cheerful, more inspired and motivated, even more (read more…)

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8 tips for stress-free camping

Family camping trips always seem blissful in hindsight, but when you’re piling the station wagon full of coolers, tents, first aid kits, life jackets, and extra water bottles, it can seem the very opposite of relaxing. The dread of packing and unpacking so much gear can leave many a mom wary of the family campout, (read more…)

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