How to be disorganized & unproductive, #2: aim for perfection

As I mentioned on Monday, I’m revisiting a series I wrote a year ago this month called “How to be Disorganized and Unproductive at Home,” where I covered six weeks to do that very thing well. I ended up skipping the rerun of the sixth key — neglecting yourself — because we had just written (read more…)

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How to be disorganized & unproductive, #5: overcommit

My book writing’s halfway point is September 1, which means I have a LOT of scribbling to do so I can get the manuscript in to my editor by deadline. So I’m going to be reposting some “classic” Simple Mom posts for the next few weeks. First up is a series that ran last August, (read more…)

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A story of courage

Here I am (far right) in the earlier days of life overseas, wearing my infant son, and shopping at the neighborhood market. Today, I’m over at (in)courage, where my first monthly piece is published. Join me over there in the comments, won’t you? From the post: It was early 2007, and we’d just celebrated her (read more…)

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Battling mommy brain: 6 strategies to boost brain health

Oh, I couldn’t count the amount of time I must spend most days trying to find something I misplaced or retracing my steps again and again because I forgot something essential on our outings. I hate to admit it, but just when I need to be my mind sharpest is when it feels slower than (read more…)

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20 indoor activities for little kids—besides TV

“Mom, can I watch a movie?” This is how I woke up this morning.  A cute little four-year-old face, inches away from mine, asking to be entertained by major Hollywood corporations. I don’t have a problem with TV or movies—we watch them both.  But we all know they’re far too often the default choice of (read more…)

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