The risk of learning

I’ve been practicing yoga regularly for about nine months now, attending classes several times a week at a studio less than a mile from my house. It’s done wonders for my back, which has long been beset by debilitating (though mercifully intermittent) pain. I’m not naturally strong or flexible, but I’ve marveled at the incremental (read more…)

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tea chocolate

Producing, consuming, and why both matter

I’ve been sicker than I’ve been in a long time this past week—and unfortunately, it’s during our tail end of France and our not-quite-enough-time in Italy, of all places. I’ve missed seeing some stuff, I’ve seen some beautiful early spring days transpire from my bedroom window, and Kyle, the dear thing, has spent much of (read more…)

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Cuppa reads

Happy weekend, y’all! I’m officially back with my family, which makes me a million kinds of happy. Yesterday we spent the entire day taking trains from Provence, France to Umbria, Italy, so now we’re settled in for the next few days overlooking a quiet lake. The view will work, no? I’ve been sick this week, (read more…)

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can we still have simple kid birthdays

Can we have simple birthdays for our kids these days?

Remember that giant birthday party in the opening scene of Mrs. Doubtfire? Sally Field comes home with a simple birthday cake for her son, only to discover complete pandemonium. Petting zoo animals roaming everywhere and eating everything. Dozens of kids jumping on every piece of furniture to the pulsing beat of loud music. Balloons. Ribbons. Abandoned (read more…)

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Why we avoid self-reflection, even though it’s good for us

You don’t have to be determined to avoid self-reflection these days. Most of us carry app-filled smart phones in our pockets to provide constant stimulation and distraction. Binge-watching shows on Netflix, social media, and even books all offer a ready escape from being alone with ourselves. Podcasts were my favorite way to avoid self-reflection until (read more…)

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