can we still have simple kid birthdays

Can we have simple birthdays?

Remember that giant birthday party in the opening scene of Mrs. Doubtfire? Sally Field comes home with a simple birthday cake for her son, only to discover complete pandemonium. Petting zoo animals roaming everywhere and eating everything. Dozens of kids jumping on every piece of furniture to the pulsing beat of loud music. Balloons. Ribbons. Abandoned (read more…)

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Why we avoid self-reflection, even though it’s good for us

You don’t have to be determined to avoid self-reflection these days. Most of us carry app-filled smart phones in our pockets to provide constant stimulation and distraction. Binge-watching shows on Netflix, social media, and even books all offer a ready escape from being alone with ourselves. Podcasts were my favorite way to avoid self-reflection until (read more…)

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Cuppa reads

Greetings, friends! I’m in Israel/Palestine right now. And well, it’s late and I still need to pack before we move on to the Sea of Galilee and what-not tomorrow—so let’s just get right to this weekend’s links, shall we? Good? Good. (How’s that for a poetic, super-deep intro?) (And yes, I’ll do my best to (read more…)

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Engage the core to find balance

Engage the core.

Last year, my husband and kids bought me a slackline for Mother’s Day. Basically, it’s a 2-inch wide tightrope strung between two trees. You can balance on it, walk along it, perform tricks, or even practice yoga on it. When I first set the line up in our backyard, I couldn’t even stand up on (read more…)

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The art of noticing your three square feet

We’ve been in small-town France for about a week and a half as of this post. After almost six months of traipsing around Asia, Australia, and Africa, we’re in a land that feels a bit milk and honey-ish, if I’m being honest. The quiet rolling hills of Provence, the quaint shops, and the food—oh, the (read more…)

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