Progress vs perfection

It was a black electric guitar, the obvious choice for this conservative, shy, 11-year-old Texas girl. His name was Sonny and clearly, he was going for the 80’s hair band look. When I mentioned that I wanted to play the guitar like Amy Grant, he didn’t even try to hide the fact that he had (read more…)

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canoe header

Finding your map and paddling upstream

Early mornings in the quiet that can only happen when I rise early before the chattering masses—these give me my best thinking hours. No screens until after lunchtime for the kiddos make for a much healthier, happier clan. Living with only one (old) car helps us afford to travel. Getting out of debt means we (read more…)

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The Art of Simple Podcast, episode 77 with Tsh Oxenreider and Emily Freeman

#77: Coffee in my soul

Woohoo—a new podcast episode! In this first one of the year, I’m talking with my dear friend Emily Freeman of Chatting at the Sky and Hopeologie. Listen in as we talk about artists who are influencing us right now, writing and books (of course), and a new segment with the brilliant title, What’s Making Us (read more…)

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Education: simplicity and peace

Two years ago around this time, I had a post here at the Art of Simple about what had become my yearly ritual each January: the agony of figuring out my children’s education plan for the following school year. At the time, my older daughter was in kindergarten at a private school across town, subsidized (read more…)

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A surprising thing that creates the best kind of freedom

I’m motivated by autonomy. Do a little reading about INTJs, my Myers-Briggs type, and you’ll see that we’re really big on autonomy—not being told what to do, having plenty of wiggle room to exercise our freedom, thinking outside the box a bit. Being the boss of us. (We’re not always the best employees.) There’s a (read more…)

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