From sneaking to teaching (more thoughts on kids and stuff)

I had just pinned it to my Just for Mama Pinterest board, the pretty watercolor flowers in the background of a message I hold close to my heart – If it doesn’t nourish your soul, get rid of it – when five minutes later, someone left a comment: “And if it nourishes the souls of (read more…)

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When it’s time to change seasons (or, why our trip is almost over)

It’s hard to believe this trip of ours—this isn’t it over yet? trip—is actually over in three days. That’s less than a week. It’s insane we’re counting days and not weeks. It might also seem hard to believe because I haven’t updated the travel blog with our details in awhile. (But doing this whole travel-and-blogging (read more…)

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poems about parenting

Three poems about parenting

If you stumble across this post, I’d like to encourage you to take a moment and breathe deeply, then slowly read these three poems about parenting that I wrote. They are short, but not meant to be skimmed. Take a moment and be present as you read them. Then carry that being-present-and-paying-attention-ness into the rest of (read more…)

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How to not be obnoxious even though you’re passionate

Believe it or not, our big trip ends very, very soon. We’re almost done. We did it! I’ll write more soon about why it’s ending sooner than we thought (no, no major news, I’m not pregnant or anything), but in the meantime, our family has been doing a lot of personal processing about what we’re (read more…)

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Cuppa reads

After a few several weeks of stellar spring weather, we’ve been in a land notorious for gray skies and drizzle. No, not the Pacific Northwest—I’m looking at you, Paris. No complaints at all, believe me, but it’s been a reminder for me that spring wears many different dresses, and while she’s great at wildflowers and (read more…)

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