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Location matters. Community matters.

We’ve met a few “location-independent” people on our travels—usually singles, though there’s an occasional family—that doesn’t live anywhere in particular. They live where the wind takes them. Their work is done online, so they’re able to live out of their backpacks and move about the cabin indefinitely. Essentially, they do what we’re doing for the (read more…)

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Weekend links

Communities vs. networks: To which do you belong? :: The Art of Manliness Finding life in the margins :: Inspired RD Embrace the messy seasons with the 80/20 rule :: Simple Kids 7 countries where Americans can study for free (or almost free) :: Washington Post Daylight Saving :: YouTube “Summer ends, and Autumn comes, (read more…)

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3 items I won’t cut from my budget

Have you ever made a decision you knew would change your life? Maybe you’re not sure how you know, but you know. This is big. Life will never be the same. A few years ago, my husband and I made one of those decisions. It was a simple one, yes, but the decision led us (read more…)

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Does simple living always mean “less”?

We often treat “simple living” and “living with less” as synonymous, but I’m not convinced they’re the same thing at all. Don’t get me wrong: decluttering and letting go of stuff definitely simplifies our lives. Saying no to busyness just for the sake of busyness does as well. Spending less, preparing meals with fewer ingredients, (read more…)

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a walk in the woods

On making time for the wild

Lately, I’ve been thinking about the power of the outdoors. Nature. We frequent the subject of the natural world somewhat frequently around the blog here—about why we should let our kids play in dirt, why we should take regular screen sabbaths and walk out our front doors, and the like. But i still need to (read more…)

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