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  1. Great post! We actually took a vacation to IN this summer. However, I plan a staycation the week before school starts. I will definiteley use some of your tips. Since St. Louis has alot of free things to do, we don’t plan on spending alot of money.

  2. Great advice! In fact, many can apply just as well to travelling as they do to a staycation. I may use a few on our road trip next week!

  3. We are doing the staycation/vacation in October. We live in TN close to Nashville so we are doing the tourist thing for a few days. There are tons of things to do in Nashville that I have never done, I am a bad native! Then a couple days away in Chattanooga to visit the TN Aquarium.

  4. We do a staycation every year and love it! It’s so simple and so inexpensive, and we get to explore the “close-to-us” things that sometimes we don’t get around to during our normal weeks.


  5. We didn’t know about “staycations” when I was a kid, but when my dad got a bonus or a particularly large commission, we sometimes did what we called “minivacations”, where we would go to a park, performance, or museum exhibit in Houston (we lived in a distant suburb), and then eat in a restaurant that was, at least to us, exotic and different. The museums were great, since dad works in chemistry and mom was an art ed major. And the restaurants were exciting, since, with 4 kids, eating out was a rare treat. We learned to love Vietnamese, Indian, South American, and Ethiopian food, and since my dad is super friendly and a good talker, we usually ended up chatting with the owners and families of these little ethnic restaurants. We did travel a lot as a family as well, but learning to appreciate your family and your own city can be just as rewarding!

  6. Perfect, I am visiting my Grandson in Bend Or. right now and this is the perfect blog post. Today we are having a family fun dinner and ice-cream party so I am on the way to the store for the ingredients for home-made ice-cream!

  7. This post comes just in time for me, because this week I have been lamenting the fact that the summer is halfway over and we have zero plans to go anywhere — zero! We just haven’t been forward thinking when it comes to planning something, and now it looks like we just might stay home. We’re considering driving to Yellowstone, but if that doesn’t pan out I will certainly look back at this post to help me enjoy a staycation! Thanks!

  8. Tsh, when I was reading the last bit “Don’t let finances, time, or exhaustion at the thought of packing for a vacation stop you from spending good quality time together as a family” – it was as if you were standing there and talking to me of all people. This is exactly what stops me so often – exhaustion at the thought of everything that needs to be organized for a vacation. Thanks for your words, you always have the right thing to say!

  9. i love these pieces of advise. we are also planning for a holiday or just an outdoor vacation for a week. now, ill be setting it in the most convenient, adoring place such as the Botanic Garden.

  10. I really like your tips about switching the sleeping in days with your hubby and also keeping up with some of the housework. My idea of a vacation isn’t coming back to 10 loads of laundry when it’s all over!! Good advice…

  11. I love this guide for a stay-cation. We are planning one in a couple of weeks. Actually, our original idea was to unplug–meaning no technology (computer, DS, TV, etc.) for a week. My favorite suggestion is the one about alternate sleeping in with your spouse.

  12. alterante sleeping is a nice idea

    and yeah i agree

    even on vacation, we still need to think about the dishes

    (which happpens to be my not-so-favorite part)


  13. We got lucky this year….in June we were invited to stay at a friend’s condo in Florida, in July my parents put us up for a week in Portland for a family reunion and we just now got home from a week in the Smokies – courtesy of my grandfather…without the generosity of friends and family we would have been vacationless this year and we’re so thankful to have had such fun opportunities. Your suggestions for staycations are great…a wonderful way to break up the remaining few weeks of the summer. =)

  14. These are great tips, thanks for sharing them. I have school-age kids and I think these will help with them too.

  15. We staycationed last year and had a blast! We did something “special” each day and even made a photo album of our adventures. Things like going to the local pool & paddleboats at a nearby park were so much more special as a family with no other commitments to rush off to. I’d highly recommend it for anyone!
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  16. Sorry made a mistake with my pasting on the comment. What I meant to write was that I have included this post in the Buddy’s Extra Best Blogs of the Week. It is a great post and I hope my link will bring you new guests.

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  17. This is a nice post. I’m technically on vacation at my MIL’s for two months and at my mother’s for 2 but it doesn’t feel like it. There’s a lot I can’t change because I’m not in my own home, but I CAN change my attitude about it and change the feeling to FEEL like I’m on vacation since this is not my normal place.

  18. What a timely post! We are having (taking?) our first staycation next week. I have already done most of the things on your list, except I was planning on ignoring chores completely. Now that you mention the rationale behind staying up-to-date on them, I think I’ll change my plans. :)
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