Go out on a limb

This week, as you go along with the carefree days of summer, may you be intentionally aware of who you are connected to, and with whom you are traveling through this season of life.

Oftentimes we are given just the right companions, if we simply look around and embrace those who make up our community.

Let’s look beyond the obvious, for those with whom we can connect for mutual encouragement.

If you find yourself in a place that feels a bit lonely – maybe you just moved, or just transitioned to a new phase of life – don’t be afraid to be brave and reach out.

Look for those with whom you sense even the smallest commonality: the parents at church with similarly-aged kids, the sweet checker you chat with every week at the grocery store, the mom at the park reading the book you’ve been eyeing, the Instagram friend or blogger with whom you frequently exchange comments and ideas.

Sometimes we find friendship in unexpected places and at unexpected times. So send an email, exchange numbers, schedule a playdate, make a coffee date. This just might be the summer you make a new lifelong friend.

“Why not go out on a limb? That’s where the fruit is.” ~ Mark Twain

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Nicole lives near the beach in Southern California with her husband and three young kiddos. She writes a a lifestyle blog about creativity, family life, community, and all sorts of other fun stuff, and also keeps a homeschool journal called The Bennettar Academy. Her most recent (free!) ebook is about why and how to make more time for reading.

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  1. Beautiful, Nicole!

  2. Love this! I just posted today about moving to a new home last year, and now settling in to a new place, and new connections. We are getting to know awesome new neighbors. And it is about going out on a limb – there’s something about making new friends that, even when we’re ‘grown up,’ makes us feel middle-school insecurity again. I love the suggestion about chatting with someone reading a book ~ I think books are a great way to make connections!

  3. Awesome post! Sometimes I just am afraid to reach out. Thanks for the encouragement!

  4. What a good word Nicole! I met one of my best friends in the area because we sat next to each other on a plane! I saw she was reading CS Lewis, and I pulled out my CS Lewis book – to look legit!- and we talked for most of the flight. She had given up her seat next to her husband so a mom and son could be together, but then my husband and I and she and her husband all had dinner together during our layover in Milwaukee. So…talk to people who are reading cool books! You never know!

  5. Reaching out is a wonderful thing and will help you not only to meet new people but also help some people in need and have a sense of accomplishment at the end of the day! Wonderful post! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Chances are, the other person wants to reach out, too, but doesn’t exactly know how to go about it.

  7. OMGoodness – I needed to hear this today. My comfort zone is so tight that it’s really a leap of faith to put myself out there sometimes. Thank you so much for sharing these thoughts!

    ~Taylor-Made Ranch~
    Wolfe City, Texas

  8. Beautiful, Nicole. I’m in a season of not reaching out quite as much (because: new baby), but I know the season of looking for limbs to tiptoe out on will come around again soon!

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