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  1. Erin, where was this post when we lived as newlyweds in our drafty third floor apartment?! Winters are fierce up here and I’ll be passing this along to a few friends who’s places are a little more *breezy* than usual.

    I’m so sorry to see you go; but we have enjoyed your valuable input here. Thanks for sharing your time with us! I’ll be a regular stalker over at Vintage Chica

  2. These are fantastic and attractive. I’m very sensitive to cold. Even though I live in Hawai’i, I’m on the rainy side and the winters are still very cool for me and then there’s no heat either! These might really come in handy. Thanks. Sorry to see you go, Erin. Best wishes with your blog.

  3. These are SO much cuter than the rolled up towels I used in our windows and doorways last year :-)

    I’m going to miss seeing your face around here, Eren, but will be keeping in touch with you at Vintage Chica!

    Best Wishes!

  4. This is a great idea! And something I meant to do for our porch doors last year. (Just like another reader!) But I think we’ll be firing up the sewing machine once again, maybe after halloween costumes.

    I’ve made Warm Windows for most of our exterior windows and these so help keep the cold out. It is like a roman shade, which is more like a quilt that magnetically seal to your window frame. It keeps out all the drafts and cold from our cheap town-home windows.

    Thanks so much for your DIY tutorial!

  5. Your timing with this tutorial couldn’t be more perfect! We’ve got a seriously drafty door in our home, but my husband’s attempts to seal it haven’t worked. Because the door and frame aren’t properly aligned, it’s going to take a completely new door frame (and door) to get it corrected. Big bucks we don’t have! So right now we’ve got an unattractive towel rolled up near the bottom of the door to keep out the heat of our Texas summers (and eventually the cool fall nights). I’d LOVE to make one of these! Can’t wait to get started!