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Eren Hays San Pedro, a contributor at Simple Organic, never thought she would give up her day job in website design and marketing to be a stay-at-home mom. But home is where she is happy these days with her U.S. Navy husband and her three boys (twins who are seven and her munchkin four-year-old). When she is not at the local thrift store, she can be found barefoot in her backyard garden or at the sewing machine. Eren shows how she puts a little vintage into modern day living at her blog, Vintage Chica.

DIY: Draft Dodger and Some Energy Efficiency Talk

Written by contributor Eren Hays San Pedro of Vintage Chica. For some of you up North, the weather is already beginning to cool off.  The last few evenings here in Virginia have felt measurable cooler than the unbearably humid 90's of last week. And for those of you down South, autumn and cooler weather is on the way.  I promise! Canning those last few tomatoes, dreaming about new knitting patterns... preparations for days spent inside are being made.  And we shouldn't be forgetting preparations for our homes.  According to the U.S. Department of Energy, one third of our home energy use goes to heating our homes. And although I dream about living in an extremely energy efficient home one day with passive solar design and a green roof, we live in a very non-energy efficient house with the original builder's grade windows. Last year, I remember sitting in my favorite chair and feeling a distinct draft coming from the window next to me. And after doing some research online we found that we had a few options. Read More
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Summer Garden Update

Written by contributor Eren of This Vintage Chica. Currently at our house, there are tomatoes on almost every windowsill, picked a bit early by our 5 year old who just can’t help himself. I have four large zucchinis sitting on the counter, ready to be used. Green beans and edamame beans have taken over everything (read more…)

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The Benefits of Getting Into Nature With Your Kids

Written by contributor Eren of This Vintage Chica. I once came across a saying that read “Avoid housework. Live outdoors.” I love this saying, and our family lives by it. “Oh, it’s raining? Here’s your umbrella.” “Oh, it’s 109 degrees outside and you are hot? Turn on the water hose, little man.” Even when my (read more…)

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6 military mom tips for flying solo

A few months ago a fellow Navy wife and her children were over for a playdate.  While we sat on the patio and watched the kids play in the backyard, she and I started talking about one of the main issues military moms face…parenting solo while our husbands are away. We military mothers find ourselves (read more…)

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DIY: Kid's Travel Lap Desk

Katie here. Today you’ll find me over at Simple Mom, talking about why you should let your kids get dirty. The following post was written by repurposing contributor Eren Hays San Pedro of This Vintage Chica. When I was in college, I used to make “study boards” for my roommates and friends.  They were simple (read more…)

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