by Eren

Eren Hays San Pedro, a contributor at Simple Organic, never thought she would give up her day job in website design and marketing to be a stay-at-home mom. But home is where she is happy these days with her U.S. Navy husband and her three boys (twins who are seven and her munchkin four-year-old). When she is not at the local thrift store, she can be found barefoot in her backyard garden or at the sewing machine. Eren shows how she puts a little vintage into modern day living at her blog, Vintage Chica.

6 military mom tips for flying solo

A few months ago a fellow Navy wife and her children were over for a playdate.  While we sat on the patio and watched the kids play in the backyard, she and I started talking about one of the main issues military moms face...parenting solo while our husbands are away.

We military mothers find ourselves in an interesting position at times being the sole parent while still having a partner. Not quite a single parent.  But not having a fully present parenting partner either. Later that evening, it occurred to me that military wives are not the only mothers who find themselves flying solo from time to time.  We will all find ourselves being the sole parent at one time or another. It could be that your spouse is away for a week long conference for work.  Or perhaps one person needs to fly home to help an aging parent.  Or just maybe you are a mom, like me who finds herself flying solo for longer periods of time while my husband serves in the U.S. military. No matter the reason, or the length of time apart, parenting can be tough when flying solo. Read More
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