Four reasons to create everyday

Create every day

I‘m a fan of simple habits; daily actions that seem small but are an integral part of an intentional life.

Things like doing dishes after a meal, taking an evening walk and creating something new and lovely. Oh, how I love creativity and the way it enriches my days.

Because at one point, I didn’t think I was a creative person. But I wanted to be. So I decided to get creative anyway and you know what I discovered?

When you engage your creativity every day, it becomes easier to do, even if you started out thinking you aren’t creative.

And what good does that do?

1. Problem solving

It opens your brain up to more creative solutions. You begin looking at things and thinking, “Hmmm, I think there’s a better way.”

2. Focus

Creating on a consistent basis also helps your focus. Have you ever noticed how hard it is to read a blog without checking your email or jumping over to Facebook and then another blog and then Pinterest? (I’m not the only one who does that, right?)

When you create something you really enjoy, be it writing, painting or making something with your hands, you naturally focus on what you are doing because you love it.

Creating this habit helps you focus in other areas of life, too, allowing you to be more productive and less frazzled.

3. Awareness

Tapping into my creativity gave me a new appreciation for who I am – created in the image of a highly-imaginative God. I have this amazing ability to create something beautiful, to bring something delightful to the world.

What an awesome gift.

4. Giving

Even better than creating something lovely is giving it to someone else and enjoying their delight.

One evening, I invited my Grandma over for dinner. Wanting to make it something special, I created a name card for her at the place she was sitting at.

It had her name, written beautifully (well, I tried anyway) with the meaning of her name printed underneath it.

She was so touched by that simple gesture that she still has it on her fridge and talks about it when we go visit.

Creativity is important. Not only for you, but others as well.

You’re not creative you say? Start with a drawing – my favorite is sketching a layout of my tiny dream house. Maybe you have a blog and want to write more regularly – this could be a profitable habit.

Or you could paint, crochet, make soap, sew, build, design, anything. Take a cooking or pottery class. Put together a craft box that you can access at any time. The possibilities are endless.

When you find something you love to do, keep doing it. And then find a way to use your creativity to benefit someone else.

Just start today and make a point to create something every day, no matter how small.

Nina Nelson

Nina is an author, intuitive designer & essential oil educator at Shalom Mama, where she focuses on creating happier, healthier homes naturally. She loves herbs, coffee and miniature horses. Nina, her husband and their four kids live in central Oregon.

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  1. I absolutely LOVE this! I totally agree that creativity is for EVERYONE. I’ve heard people use the excuse that they are a typical left brain person: lawyers, scientists, math teachers etc. But hey, none of us are walking around with brains cut in half! We all have creativity, it just need to be cultivated. I think abstract painting can be a great way to start, playing with colors and shapes 🙂

  2. I absolutely agree… there’s something so fulfilling in creating something, even if none else sees it.

    I’ve recently got into scrapbooking and although I don’t spend much on my hobby and the results are only seen by my family, just giving myself space to focus on playing with colours, textures and layouts has had really positive effects on other areas of my life.

    I used to have a problem with shopping and it fascinates me to see how the simple act of cutting and sticking has completely replaced the urge to keep purchasing pretty new things for my home.

    I used to blog but find writing in a journal just between me and God suits my personality far better – I think sometimes the worries of what people will think, will they approve, etc can wear you down after a while and the key to this sort of daily creativity I think, is to make it an uplifting space in a normal day.

    Thanks for sharing!

    • “…the key to this sort of daily creativity I think, is to make it an uplifting space in a normal day.”
      I love that, Susie! Making an uplifting space in a normal day….it’s a nice little mantra.

  3. This is so true. Creativity is the heart of our homeschool. That is the way my children learn, so we’re always knee deep in some sort of creative process, whether it would be painting, writing and illustrating, or even making homemade makeup. Excellent post!

  4. Something that has helped me with focus is using MacFreedom while writing. Having a way to block the Internet for a time is a simple way to keep my head where it needs to be. Now, if only I used it more regularly… 😉

  5. Nina, I completely feel the same way! Love everything about this post!

  6. I need to remember to be intentional and set aside time for that every day.

  7. I have definitely found this to be true.

    For me, personally, writing can be the simplest and most basic way for me to get my creative juices flowing. It gives me a whole new perspective on life thinking about how to word an experience or moment later and adds a value and appreciation for the everyday moments because I’m always looking for inspiration.

    It also gives me the opportunity to view the negative aspects of events in a positive light when I’m writing them out because I’m delving more deeply into the situation and piecing things out instead of just staying inside my own head.

  8. This post is really timely for me. Just this week I’ve decided to dust off an old blog and start writing again. Writing is such an act of discovery for me; it helps me crystallize my thoughts in a way that washing dishes fails to do. 🙂 I also am going to make time for sewing – making something with my hands reminds me I’m not just a head full of thoughts.

  9. Thank you for motivating me with your inspirational words. I don’t often take the time to nurture my creativity and I should because it lifts up my days. I’m going to try to make it a habit to create something on a daily basis even if I only can grab 15 minutes here or there to do it.

  10. I hear ya! Tonight I will be sewing! 🙂

  11. I love this! I’ve been challenged over the last few months to make space for the things I love and that are important to me. There are so many distractions and so much noise that it can be hard for me to just put the computer or phone away and do things I really love.
    “Create space” has been echoing in my mind for months, and I’ve slowly been changing my habits. If something is important to me, I want to create space for it in my life. I love the quote by Annie Dillard: “How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives.”
    So this post is a challenge to me because I’d like to create a daily habit of writing, even if it’s just journaling for myself. Thanks for the challenge and inspiration! 🙂

  12. YES! My problem is that since discovering this and trying to make sure I get creative time every day, I’m getting really selfish and I just want more! I’m trying to figure out how to be content and thankful for the time I DO get!

    I think a lot of people get that creative drive squelched in school and forget what they’re capable of. A lot of times “creativity” is taken to mean something “artistic”, which can be intimidating. However, as human beings who were created by a creative God, it makes sense that we would all have an innate drive to create built in to us. I think it’s helpful to remind people who think they’re not creative that creativity can mean things like solving a problem or developing a more efficient process, etc.

  13. So true and relevant. I try to take time out from my kids and daily chours, and do some knitting. To me it not only satisfy my creative urge but act as a therpy. Now most recently I have added blogging to the list as it is another form of therpy too.

  14. So true and relevant. I try to take time out from my kids and daily chours, and do some knitting. To me it not only satisfy my creative urge but act as a therpy. Now most recently I have added blogging to the list as it is another form of therpy.

  15. I cannot agree more.Creativity for me is doing things (you are already into)in a better way although I use some rather formal outlets as well like knitting and most recently blogging.

  16. Creating is an important part of my daily life also. Last Spring (has it really been that long?) I mapped out 5 personal daily priorities – 2 of which involved the creation of something. Then as we reached new year I added focus into the mix. that’s helping. Focus. A creative mind can sometimes (in my case anyhow :)) get distracted.

    Each day I create something. Maybe I bake, write, or simply make a homemade card for a birthday.

    I love the fact that whatever is created, it was not there just an hour before. It is unique, probably never to be replicated in exactly the same way again.

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