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The risk of meeting you—wanna anyway?

You’re probably seeing the posts all over the blogosphere, where everyone’s sharing their Word Of The Year. Predictable, unoriginal, slightly cheesy—yes. But I actually love this recent trend; it feels more all-encompassing and less pragmatic than a list of resolutions. In a good way.

And so, I shall subject you to another one of those posts, along some fun announcements that need your feedback. (I know, we normally do weekend links on Saturdays, but this calls for a “special edition” post. Thanks for your grace here.)

I racked my brain for a good word for 2014, but couldn’t come up with one until yesterday. Seasons have a feel, a gist to them, and claiming a word for the next 365 feels like putting feet to those intangible feelings.

And so? My word for 2014 is RISK.

Sounds lovely, doesn’t it? But really, this word makes my insides do a little dance, in a good way. Risk is the only consistent word that comes to mind when I think of everything on my family’s plate this next year.

I feel like I need a little risk in my life these days. This blog has been a beautiful thing in my life the past six years, and while the topic of “simple living” might ruffle the feathers of some, I wouldn’t exactly call it controversial. Which suits me; I’m not one to deal well with hot-button topics.

But there’s a flip side to the simple-living coin, and I want to explore that topic a bit more this year—namely, living unconventionally. I’ve found that an unconventional life is a natural byproduct of prioritizing simplicity, and the more my family pursues doing life that makes sense for us, the more we—well, don’t quite fit the mold.

city feet
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So? I plan on writing about that a bit more, especially since this year looks downright crazy for us. I love the life we live, but there’s a bit of risk to it—pursuing an unconventional education, working unconventional jobs, and embarking on unconventional travel.

I want to embrace the risk of swimming upstream, of going against the grain. And encourage you to do the same, however it looks for you.

Shall we meet?

There’s also a bit of risk to our family’s plans in February and March: coming to see you! Not sure if you’ve noticed, but a book tour isn’t really the norm with authors anymore, mostly because of the Internet. It’s so easy to connect with readers from the comfort of your own living room, so why spend money and time on travel to connect with readers in the flesh?

Well, I’ll tell you why for me: because it’s different when you meet people in the flesh.

I love connecting with each of you online, but it’s so much better when you can shake hands, ruffle the hair on your kids’ heads, and laugh with a cup of tea in hand. And while selling my book is important, sure, so is finally meeting some of you, face-to-face.

And so this is a risk. It’s a risk to the book publisher, because they need to sell books in order for a book tour to make sense (they are a business, after all), and it’s a risk to our family because it involves road-tripping together for four to six weeks while we still do work and school.

But we still want to do this, because the pay-off is huge: a real-life, solid, in-the-flesh connection with you guys, who make this blog what it is. What’s not to love about this idea? Bring on the risk, I say!

So here’s where you come in: traveling the U.S. and meeting you in the flesh won’t work without your feedback. Maybe we’ll do reader meet-ups in coffee shops, we might do a book signing or two in bookstores, or perhaps we’ll even do a big family-friendly playdate at a park (all three of my kids will be with me, after all!). But none of it will happen if you’re not interested.

What we know so far

This whole crazy grassroots blog tour idea is still being fleshed out, though we’re rapidly making plans. Here’s what we’ve got so far:

Launch party for Notes From a Blue Bike: all are welcome!

Thursday, February 6

Book Launch Party at Palm Door
401 Sabine St, Austin, TX 78701
5-7 p.m.
Appetizers, drinks, live music, and a book signing
Books will be available
Kids welcome

This party is open to any and everyone—the whole family is invited! The IF Gathering is the next day, so if you’re heading to Austin for the conference, please fly in a day early to make the party. I’d love to meet you!

After this, my family and I plan to road trip up the east coast (ish), with these potential cities/areas throughout February and early March:

  • Dallas
  • Houston
  • Northwest Arkansas
  • Atlanta
  • Charlotte
  • D.C. area
  • New York City
  • Chicago

Then, later in the spring, we’d like to do the west coast, potentially hitting these cities:

  • Seattle
  • Portland
  • San Francisco
  • Los Angeles
  • San Diego

(I know, I know… this entirely leaves out Middle America. Stats show that there are quite a few of you near Denver, so if we can do something there, we’ll do our best to make it happen!)

So, would you help me out with two things?

1. If you’re near any of these locales, would you let me know if you’re interested in a meet-up?

2. And if so, would you prefer a signing in a book store, a coffee shop meet-up, a kid-friendly gathering, or something else all together?

Book tour for Notes From a Blue Bike!

This will help us out tremendously as we finalize plans, so thank you in advance! I’ll share the final schedule when it’s a done deal. We may add cities as we go, of course, and if you’re outside the U.S., don’t worry—I would absolutely LOVE to do reader meet-ups during our round-the-world trip starting this fall. I’ll keep you posted where we’ll be when!

And in the meantime, pre-ordering the book is an amazing thing for an author—it tells booksellers that this book matters to you, and they’ll make more of an effort to spread the word thusly. You can do so here:

Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Book Depository | …or at your favorite indie bookseller!

Alright—what are your thoughts on all this? I’m open to any and all feedback!

Tsh Oxenreider

Tsh is the founder of this blog and just finished traveling around the world with her husband and 3 kids. Her latest book is Notes From a Blue Bike, and believes a passport is one of the world's greatest textbooks.

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  1. I work at a library in central Illinois 3 hours south of Chicago and would love to host and put together a program/gathering for you at my library. We love to have authors and I enjoy reading your blog.

  2. I live in central New Jersey. Don’t know how many other fans of simple mom are out here, but I would love to meet you!

    • South Jersey here — if you want to add Philadelphia to your stops in between DC and NYC 🙂

      • My family lives in Philadelphia, so that would be a great stop for me as well! Coffee Shop or Kid Friendly would be my preferences! It is seldom I get to run out without them… 🙂

    • I’m also from central Jersey, just outside Philly–would love to attend locally!

      • One more vote for Philly! We have a blogger group that craves excuses to meet so let me know if you are coming this way and we will see if we can rally!

    • Another vote for the Philly area! I could get up to NYC too, but Philly is easier. I will have a tiny tiny person plus a four year old, quite likely, so a kid-friendly spot sounds dreamy to me. The weather might not accommodate something outside, I suppose…

      • I vote for Philly, too! There are amazing locations in and around Philly that would be great for a meet-up. I am part of a moms group with 65 ladies. I bet a few of them would love to be apart of this. My personal preference would be sans kids. It is hard enough to have a normal conversation with my friends while kids are in tow. So, it would be nice to connect with other ladies without being distracted. 🙂

  3. I’m in Charlotte and will totally come out when you guys are here! A meetup at a coffee shop would be so fantastic!

  4. Hi Tsh, I had emailed you way back when (months ago?) when you first mentioned this in your newsletter. I would love to do any form of meet-up, though book signing in a book-store is least preferable, imo, just because it feels so impersonal (and personal seems to be what you’re going for). I would love the coffee shop, host a home gathering (up in Blaine, WA, 2 hours north of Seattle or 45 min. south of Vancouver, BC), or a park meet up near one of those two cities. I’d more than likely have my kids with me too, unless it’s a weekend that you happen to be in my neck of the woods. I’m excited to read your new book!
    Sarah M

  5. Sounds like an amazing trip! Any chance on venturing north to Minneapolis? Lots of simple living fans up here!;)

  6. Kristin Cannelora says:

    I would absolutely show up to a Seattle area gathering! I don’t think I have a preference when it comes to location/setting. I would come regardless. I am very excited about the idea! Thanks so much for putting in the hard work that is required for a tour!

  7. I’m near Los Angeles and I’d love to come meet you! I think a coffee shop sounds great, but I know that probably won’t work, logistically. I’m afraid you’re just too famous 🙂

    A big, family gathering sounds cool and different, and perfect for your readership. I like how you are totally honest about needing to sell some books!

  8. So exciting! Would love to attend a Seattle-area meetup. If you’re up for a beautiful ferry ride, Eagle Harbor Bookstore on Bainbridge Island would be a great spot – and I bet we could gather a great group.

  9. I’m just east of Seattle (15 min) and would love to meet up and/or offer up my house if you and your family would like a place to stay. (Home-cooked meals! Beds! Books! More space than a hotel!) I’m open to meeting wherever.

  10. I live just outside of Portland and would love to attend either a bookstore event or a more casual coffee-shop gig. Let me know the details and I will be there!

  11. I’m in the San Diego area, and I think a family-friendly event would be fun!

  12. I’m another Seattle area fan and reader. I’d meet up anywhere but a library or even my church would be great locations to draw your community!

    • Ooh, a church! Why didn’t I think of that?

      • Awesome! The church we attend would be a great place. It hosts a lot of community events and activities; a baby preschool, martial arts classes, yoga, a health center, counseling, etc. A meet and greet book event with YOU would be m awesome special event!

  13. I’m in Atlanta. You’re welcome to stay with us of you want! I feel like I know you from here, Instagram, and podcast:) I’d love a meet-up at a park. Downtown would work well. You could hit up the aquarium and children’s museum while you’re there.

  14. I’ll look forward to maybe meeting up with you on your around-the-world trip!

  15. Nicola O. says:

    I would definitely come out to meet you in Seattle. We have a couple of bookstores that are excellent author hosts (University bookstore, Third Place Books) and there is also the Northwest Bookfest ( and of course, coffee shops are totally in our wheelhouse. Will keep an eye on your schedule!

  16. I’m in DFW and in a book club! Let me know if you’re interested in a meet up and I’ll round up some gals. I would recommend the mid-cities (such as Arlington or Bedford) so people from Fort Worth and Dallas can come.

  17. Hi Tsh, I live in Santa Cruz,Ca and worked at a local indie book store / cafe called, Capitola BookCafe for over a decade. I could talk to my friends and get you to come!!!! Let me know if you’re interested. Not far from San Jose and San Francisco (Bay Area).

  18. Live 3 hrs west of bend and 2 hrs south of PDX. Happy to come to either for any event!! So excited!!

  19. Kansas City, please!:). Though I could trek as far as Omaha or Oklahoma City without much difficulty. Good luck with the tour- it looks great !

  20. Hi Tsh! I’m just north of Houston and would love to meet you when you come! For me a kid-friendly gathering would likely work out best, but I’d probably try to make anything work. Fun!

  21. Hi Tsh! First time commenter, but long time reader… 🙂 The closest to me would be Chicago, and I would love to make it work. A coffee shop meet-up sounds to the best to me.

  22. I live near Madison, Wisconsin and would love to meet you at a coffee shop gathering in Chicago!

  23. Yay! You’re coming to Atlanta!!! Anything that’s kid friendly would be awesome. And while I love the idea of a park play-date it will most likely depend on the weather at that time. It could still feel like winter. It actually does get cold in the South. Haha! So excited about this!

    • I know; the weather all over the place could toss out any ideas for a park playdate. We may have to do a coffee shop, or otherwise indoor gathering.

  24. We are just north of Atlanta and your family is welcome to stay with us when you are here. I see you already have an Atlanta offer, but I wanted to extend a welcome anyway. We are in Alpharetta/Milton, GA if you want to Google it and see how you think it might fit with your travel plans. Feel free to email me with questions. However you do Atlanta, we will certainly plan to come out for your event. What a fun family project for you all. I love it!

  25. I’m in DFW and would be elated if you visited. It’s pretty cool now that you’re the AoS, I don’t look silly as a 16 year old reading a mom blog. I can’t wait to purchase this book tsh.

  26. Chicago! I’d love something kid friendly, but the very unpredictable Chicago spring weather could make that hard.

    Excited for you and your family!

  27. MomofTwoPreciousGirls says:

    I’m north of Atlanta too and I would love either a coffee shop or kid friendly event! That would be super cool….I’m in Suwanee, GA and we have a town center with a giant green park where festivals are held a lot. It has one of those water fountain splash parks and a huge green space (we fly kites there a lot).

    Can’t wait for whatever you decided!

  28. Please don’t skip Denver! I am in central Denver and right up the street from an independent book store “The Tattered Cover” (off Colfax) and close to an assortment of parks, and coffee shops. It would be great fun to meet you! Don’t underestimate how many folks may make their way out to see you! Every book signing I have been to with my kids have been slightly miserable and I have ended up leaving without actually getting the book signed because it was just too much to ask of my boys which was super disappointing. However, it was worth it to see a favorite author speaking in person, and my oldest still remembers and says: “Hey! we saw her, remember mom?” Please let me know if I can help in any way.

  29. I’m a long time reader and would absolutely love to meet you. I’m in Chattanooga, but would definitely travel to Atlanta to meet you. I think a relaxed coffee shop meet up sounds cool, or a book signing.

  30. I live in Waco. I have ideas of getting down to Austin (with my sister?? who is huge preggo), but must talk to the Hubby and sister. Now, when you say ‘whole family’, that includes little kids (aka. 2 and 3 years old)? Just wanting to clarify.


  31. Please don’t skip Greenville, SC! You’ll be passing right by it between Atlanta and Charlotte. I would love some kind of kid-friendly event and would do whatever needed to help orchestrate it. Or a coffee shop would work too. There is an independent coffee shop downtown ( that has a LARGE space in the back for groups and events. There are also some wonderful parks. You might not get quite as many attendees as you might get in one of the larger cities, but Greenville is a lovely place to visit regardless :).

  32. I’m in the Seattle area and vote coffee shop or play date!

  33. I live in Greenville, SC and of course think you should add our city to your stops on your way from Atlanta to Charlotte- we were listed as number 2 on outdoor magazines places to live in the US so it’s a pretty cool town :). But I would also probably be able to make the drive up to Charlotte to see you and I think a coffee shop meetup sounds very cool.

  34. Do you know where you’ll be coming in NW Arkansas? I hope you come to Siloam Springs (home of Dayspring! And me!). There is a great coffee house/bookstore here that would be perfect.

    • That’s about where I’ll be (I think it’s the B&N in Rogers?)! It’ll probably be the second week of February, but I’ll publish hard dates when I know them!

      • I currently live in Tulsa, but used to live a long time in NW Arkansas, where we still have family. It’s just 1 1/2 hours away. I’m so excited that you’ll be there! I wish it was going to be at the Fayetteville Barnes & Noble (it was practically our second home, they’re almost like family :-), but Rogers works too. Can’t wait!

        • I live in Tulsa too and would be more than happy to drive to Rogers (although I vote for Fayetteville as well). I have at least one other friend who would come with me, although I might be able to rope a few more in too.

  35. Hi Tsh,

    I live in the DC area, and would love to meet you! I think a coffee shop would be better. I have a few recommendations if you need them. 🙂

  36. Oh Yay! I’m going to be at IF Austin so I can go to this!!!!! I live way out in the middle of nowhere Texas so actually getting do go to meet ups or even conferences most of the time is almost impossible. So glad this is going to work out!

  37. Hi I am in Chicago and would love to meet you at a Book event. Kid friendly would be best!

  38. hi there! thrilled with your book tour plans. i am in the DC area and would love to meet you. i think a coffee shop would be awesome. we have kids too so anything where kids are welcome is great. we have some great farm to table options in DC – check out Farmers Fishers Bakers right in Georgetowne.

  39. Oh come to Minneapolis! There are awesome local bookstores to do signings at, or you could go crazy and do one at the Mall of America too. =)

    Blessings to you and your family through this all – thanks so much for all you share here in this simple space.

  40. And another note, I echo the comment prior that you should not underestimate the amount of people that come out to see you! I have seen authors use a FB event to get an estimate of how many people would come – maybe something like that could work for you? Would at least give you an idea of whether or not a coffee shop would be way to small (which is what I think personally =).

  41. I would come to one in Bend definetly! The idea of a coffee shop is nice but Barnes and Noble maybe?

  42. Wish you were coming to Montana. I live in Helena and read your blog on my feedly. Love your style, heart and writing. Well, I do get to Portland once a year to visit our son. Maybe the universe will conspire tomake our paths cross someday. Best of luck on your tour!

    • I adore Montana! My sister and brother-in-law live in Kallispel so we try to make it out there once during the summer. I’ll let you know if we’re ever in the area!

  43. I live in the western suburbs of Chicago, and I would love to bring my family to meet yours! My husbands travels A LOT as a photojournalist for a nonprofit missionary sending agency and we homeschool our 3 kids (well, the 9 and 5 year olds but not the baby…yet). So it would be so nice to meet your whole family!

  44. I think you should continue a little more north and see Boston 🙂 Lots of kid friendly things to do here! I’ll most likely have a newborn so if you do something, kid friendly would be best for me. I’m hoping he will be somewhat portable ha ha.

  45. Kristin thomas says:

    Hi! I will for sure attend an event in San Francisco. I would prefer a coffee shop or a family friendly event, but would attend any. I would love even more if you held something in Sacramento! It is closer to where I live. Thanks and good luck!

  46. Charlotte, yay! I am from there and live nearby, would def drive into town. Best indie bookstore is Park Road Bookstore. There are a couple of big Barnes and Nobles in town too, coffeeshop would be great also. Weather here is hit or miss in that time frame, so wouldn’t recommend outside unless you have a backup plan nearby. Looking forward to it!

  47. Would love to meetup near Dallas – kids included or free is good by me. Best wishes on the tour!

  48. I live in Conneticut and I would LOVE to meet you! Please let us know when you’ll be in either NYC or Boston and my little fam and I will be there. Something kid friendly is preferred but anywhere is good!

  49. We’d like to host you in Temecula near (1 hour north) San Diego.
    We have the Holistic Learning Network. A perfect place to meet and sign books.
    Have a blast!

  50. I am in the Seattle area and would love a kid friendly gathering! Of course, if there is a way to combine that with coffee all the better. Can’t wait to read the new book and meet you!

  51. I’m in the DC area (Arlington VA), and can’t wait to meet you and get some books! I’m happy to help with some location ideas!

    • Thanks, Sarah!

      • I am now closer to Baltimore but would definitely be interested in a DC area get-together. My former church in Clarendon would be a fantastic place to meet. They are right by the metro and have a child development center that might serve as a good spot for a child friendly gathering. Many of the church’s ministries and philosophies seem compatible with your message. Check out their website here:

    • I’ve only recently discovered your site but I’m hooked. I’m also in the DC area (Maryland side). Would love a book signing; there are small bookstores in DC that still do this sort of thing. Really anywhere works for me, except possibly a church. Not sure I’d be particularly comfortable meeting in a church.

  52. I’m in San Jose – I’d love for you to come here! There’s a great local bookstore called Hicklebee’s which is primarily a children’s bookstore, but they cater to adults as well and they host authors frequently. I could ride my (red) bike to meet you!

  53. Sara Harris says:

    I am in the Seattle area, and would recommend Third Place Books in Lake Forest Park (just north of Seattle). It is easy to get to, they do lots of book readings (large and small), have fun little coffee shops and restaurants in the store, it is kid friendly. I saw Glennon Melton there a while back (Momastery).

  54. Yay! This would be such fun to meet you! I live in central Pennsylvania, which is a few hours from Philly, DC (also NYC but that would be a more challenging day trip due to cost). I am open to whatever setting you pick, I might bring my kids or leave them at home.

  55. Hey, your kickoff date is my birthday! Cool!

    I’m in L.A., so when you make your way out here, I’d love to have a meetup.

  56. I’m also in western suburbs of Chicago (and there is a great indie bookstore called Anderson’s out here. They host author events very regularly.) So my vote would be chi-town!

  57. Hi Tsh,

    I live in the DC area, and would love to meet up with you!

    I’ll come to any kind of event. If you want something neat, check out Politics and Prose bookstore in DC. It’s a great privately owned book store, super cute, and often parters with great authors for their books. Otherwise, there is a ton of great places in the area.

    Quick question. I haven’t ordered my book yet. Would it be easier / better for you for me to wait until you’ve booked a location in DC and then buy my book straight from THAT store, or should I order it online right now? I have no major preference – whichever helps your book tour!


    • Thanks for the feedback!

      Honestly, whatever you want to do is great—I love supporting indie bookshops, so that’s always fun. But pre-ordering really is HUGE for authors. People in the book business always look at the first week of a book’s sales to guesstimate how well it will sell overall, and will advertise/promote accordingly. And pre-sales are counted towards the book’s first week, because the sale isn’t marked as a done deal until the book releases in its first week. Make sense?

      Either way is great, though! All love for anyone who reads anything I write, no matter how they get it in their hands. 🙂

    • Another vote for Politics and Prose. Love this bookstore.

  58. I vote portland Oregon!

  59. I live in the Portland, OR. area. I’m thinking that a big kiddo-friendly coffee shop would be nice. Tabor Space is awesome and The Grind in Milwaukie; both encourage the kiddos to come. It will be exciting to meet you AND your fans. Yay to like minded people!

  60. Oh dang! I’m in Norman, OK (right in the middle of the country!) and the closest on your list is 3 hours away. Perhaps I can combine a trip down to Houston to see my parents and do the meet up there. Any rough idea of what month that’d be?? I would love to meet you and read your new book. We’re finally planning our scouting trip to France for next December so money is tight, but meeting you would be worth it! 😉

  61. So glad to see that you’ll be coming to Houston, where I now live. I’d love to meet up…depending on the time/day, a park/playdate would be great, since my kids are in preschool/kinder OR a coffeeshop meet up. Really, anything would be fabulous! I’ve already pre-ordered my book and am so looking forward to reading it!

  62. Another for Portland here! I’m not particular on location or type of gathering.

  63. Hi Tsh! I am so excited to hear that you have a tour in the works! I live about 2 hours from Charlotte in Pittsboro, NC and I happen to work with an indie bookstore called McIntyre’s Books in a place called Fearrington Village. We would LOVE LOVE LOVE to host you for a reading/signing/playdate! We could so something in the bookstore, or we could do more of a playtime in the gardens around the store, or possibly even a signing and playtime in the beer garden (also part of Fearrington, and also one of our favorite places to go with the kids – they play while Mama and Daddy enjoy a cold one). Oh please say you’ll visit! Here’s a link to the bookstore:

  64. Carol Kunnerup says:

    I think that there is a lovely little Rapid City, South Dakota in between Chicago and Seattle, even on the way to Denver…. 😀

    I would love, love, love to see you make it there. Remember there is Mount Rushmore and the Mammoth Site and a jillion other wonderfully educational sites to visit/see. I know this is not a vacation, it is work, but…..all work and no play….. 😀

    I would love to see you there. Is there anything I can do to help make this happen? 😀

  65. I’m in Orange County, so if there is a meet up in LA or San Diego I would love to attend. I am not partial to the where but lean toward family friendly and not an alcohol soaked event.

  66. Hey there! I live in the DC area and would love to come to your book signing! I like the coffee shop idea, but it might not be big enough for you. If you are coming in Feb., I would recommend something inside, because the weather here is quite unpredictable. Have a great day!!

  67. Hello! I have been reading for just over a year and I really enjoy the content on your blog and podcast. We live near San Francisco. A coffee shop meet up or a kid friendly park play time would be awesome. My kiddos: 9yr old girl, 7 yr old boy and 2 yr old girl.

    • Frances, We are near San Francisco too. It looks like there are a few others who commented from the Bay Area too. I’m looking forward to the West Coast ridealongs.

      Can’t wait to meet you, Tsh!

  68. Oh man!! I’m sad to not see Florida on there anywhere. I would have trekked from the East Coast to Orlando or something for sure. But I also understand you can’t be everywhere. It’ll be exciting where ever you go and I’m sure you will still meet fabulous people (just not me *wink*)
    I personally love your word. Mine is Persevere.
    Have a lovely day.

    • I know; I’d love to do Florida, especially since I do see readership there. I wish it were more on the way to other places we need to be! Let’s just see how things go, okay? 😉

    • Yes! I was so amazed that SW Arkansas is a stop and not the third (soon to be MOST) populated state, Florida, is not a destination. I actually questioned if I was the only one from Florida reading the blog! Well, Florida is like three states in one! So happy I met YHL here when they promoted their book. Would loved to have met simple folks! And we ride bike in Florida! All year!:)

  69. I’m in Chicago. I’d love to attend something kid-friendly!

  70. Shannon Smith says:

    Would you consider Orange County rather than Los Angeles? There is a huge conservative demographic around south orange county – Saddleback Church area – Mission Viejo / Lake Forest / Irvine. YOu can stay with me. 🙂 Or do a signing at a church… Our church has a great meeting / hospitality area. Good luck with the tour and your “risky” year.

  71. I am in the Charlotte area and would love a play date or coffee shop gathering! There is a sweet little locally owned coffee shop just up the road that is kid friendly and I would be happy to help coordinate things with the owner. 🙂

  72. Tsh,
    I’m near Allentown, PA (an hour north of Philadelphia). Would you come meet and speak to my MOPs group?!

  73. I’d be up for a Dallas meet up, especially a kid-friendly play date. Klyde Warren Park, maybe?

  74. I would come if you did a meet up in Seattle! I think a coffee shop type setting would be perfect.

  75. I LOVE THIS. Too bad I live in Middle America (Columbus, OH) and don’t have a whole lot to offer you. (Although we did just put our house on the market and move with our 3 kiddos into a 797 sq ft apartment in a complex that’s primarily East African refugees. Simple! Missional!) 🙂 If you happen to be driving to Chicago from somewhere in the east, LET ME KNOW!! My fam would love to meet yours. And, in the meantime, we’re learning all we can from your trip-around-the-world plans. Blessings on your book. Can’t wait to read it!! xoxoxo

  76. Would love to join you in Portland OR!

  77. What? No Pittsburgh?? You’re missing one of the best cities in the US! Just kidding….kind of 🙂 But seriously, we are on the way from Chi-town to the east coast 🙂

  78. On a Meetup: YES! I see you are doing an East Texas thing…New Orleans is a short hop away. It’s a popular destination for writers of all kinds and there are lots of book promo things you can do here. The Indie bookshops would love you and our local public radio station has a great show called The Reading Life where they interview authors. I have no doubt that you could put together a great meetup here!

    On Word of the Year: I’ve never before chosen my own word. Our church gives out epiphany stars and on the stars you get a word. I’ve had things like knowledge, restoration, kindness, etc. But this year, as I was doing some end of year thinking/beginning of year planning, I realized that nourish was coming up over and over. 2013 was a rough year and I feel so depleted. I need to nourish myself in all ways – physically with good healthy food and exercise, mentally with new ways to write, and personally with (maybe) a new job or some other changes in my life. It’s exciting to have a word for the year that fits so well. (By the way…you were the first person I ever saw do this a few years ago.)

  79. Kid-friendly meet-up in the Chicago area would be SO great!!!!

  80. If you end up adding Cincinnati, the Joseph Beth Booksellers often host book signings… They are a local chain. I would love to see you in my neck of the woods!

    If not, there is always a chance I will be on the west coast in the Spring, and I will check if you are in any cities I am at the same time. 🙂

    What a neat adventure for your family!

  81. I’m in Hillsboro, which is just outside of Portland, OR. I would love to come to a bookstore signing, coffee shop, family friendly event; anything! Just, if you could keep it west of the river that would be AWESOME. It seems like all the cool stuff is in SE Portland (which IS a really cool place) but getting in and out of there from the outlying areas is a pain. I am looking forward to your trip!

  82. San Diego…You bet! Kid friendly or coffee shop.

  83. We’re in for San Francisco, obviously! 🙂

    I’m torn regarding locales. While I always prefer child-friendly locations, there is definitely something appealing about an evening meet-up, sans kids…

    And this may not be logistically feasible, but it could be cool to adapt as you go — i.e., see what works and what doesn’t, and change plans accordingly.

    Can’t wait to see you!

  84. I’m in DC and I’d meet you at any kind of event! But if a kid-friendly thing works out here, I’d love to bring my two little ones along!

  85. Yay! ATL! So excited you’re coming to Atlanta! I’d love to join you at a meet up! Love the site and so enjoy the podcasts.

  86. I see Anderson’s bookstore has already been mentioned for Chicago-west. My church might also be interested in hosting you at an event as a community outreach–we have a preschool and it seems like a reasonable tie-in.

  87. What an awesome idea and sweet thing for your family to do! I live near Charlotte and would come to any kind of event to see/support you guys and can either bring my kids or not depending on the venue!

  88. YAY! I’m so glad to see Charlotte on your list! Would LOVE to have you come here! I’m a fan of the coffee shop thing – it’s just so much more personal than a book signing. Your signature in my book isn’t nearly as meaningful as having an opportunity to share time, space, thoughts, etc. Ordered my book from Amazon and can’t wait for it to arrive!

  89. Lisagrace Alsbury says:

    I live near Seattle – I’ll so be there, wherever it is! I “got” your book for Christmas, so excited!

  90. I have loved your Organized Simplicity book and am so inspired by your courage to live life on the cusp as it is! I live 2.5 hours north of LA, so depending on what you decide to do and when, I might come. Usually if I am in LA it is for a work day, so though a kid-meet-up would suit me here in the Central Valley, in LA it wouldn’t be my preference. That doesn’t mean I wouldn’t come for a kid-meet-up time. Traveling with children means you have to do what meets their needs. I would have loved to have done a meet-up when we were in Bend this Advent (staying on Mirror Pond in my in-law’s home there). Blessings on this new chapter of your adventure, Tsh.

  91. I’m in Charlotte and would love to come
    out! Kids will be in tow, but we love coffee shos! Always up for an adventure!

  92. I’m in Austin and would love a kid-friendly event or coffee shop-type meet up. Outside regular work hours would be even better since I’m a WOHM.

  93. Catherine says:

    PLEASE come to Denver!!!

  94. If you come to Atlanta, please do the Marietta/west side if possible, so I can come see you! It would be closer from where I’m coming from. Maybe a coffee shop in Marietta?! 🙂

  95. Anne Judd says:

    Come just a little bit north and make your tour “international” in Port Moody, BC just a few hours north of Seattle! 😉
    I bet you have some Canadian readers who would love to meet up…

  96. First of all, thank you for the first part of your post! My family came away from Christmas with socks and books, because didn’t ask for anything else! And we’ve been feeling a little weird and out there (but content) with our simple living, schooling and eating choices lately.

    Also, we are about three hours east of Chicago in North Central IN right on the way from NY to IL, do you need a place to stay on your way? Maybe this is a weird thing to ask, but using your word, I’m taking a risk! We’d love to host you!

  97. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE come to the Chicago area (suburbs, especially)! I love all of your ideas for types of meet ups but the coffee shop idea stands out the most for me-simple and intimate. Two options in the suburbs of Chicago are Andersen’s Bookstore in downtown Naperville, IL (which often has book signings and is in a great area) or Townhouse Books and Cafe in St. Charles, IL. Townhouse would be a perfect blend of bookstore and coffee shop (excellent food)! I recently launched my professional organizing business and would love to help you by spreading the word about this event! I’d love to talk more and make this event happen! So exciting!

  98. Jenn Becker says:

    Hurray for Portland being on the list! I would LOVE either a coffee setting or family friendly meet up. There are so many options here! I can’t wait to find out the final details.:)

  99. Another vote for Philly (pa suburbs)!

  100. This is so exciting! Congrats on your newest book, and on planning a tour! How fun for your family! I’m a long time reader in Portland, OR, and would absolutely attend a meet up here! A family friendly one would be wonderful (I have 2 kiddos myself), but yah, you might need a biggish space? You are kinda famous. 😉 But would love a coffee shop setting, park, Powells, whatever. I’ll be there! And I’ll preorder the book now too!

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