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Tsh is the founder of this blog and is currently traveling around the world with her husband and 3 kids. Her latest book is Notes From a Blue Bike, and believes a passport is one of the world's greatest textbooks.

diocletian palace

Cuppa reads

Greetings from Croatia, where we’re actually staying in an apartment in Diocletian’s palace, built in 305 C.E. No big deal, right? (Except that my response when we turned the corner to see our apartment was, “What in the world?!”) I hope you’re having a good weekend, friends, and regardless whether spring weather has come your way yet, I hope you’re feeling a bit of newness and life within. It’s one of my favorite times of year.

• If I had to pick one soapbox, it’d be the case against helicopter parenting so prevalent in America—I like what this guy has to say about it: “Driving children around is statistically more dangerous than letting them roam freely. Motor development suffers when most of a child’s leisure time is spent sitting at home instead of running outside. Emotional development suffers, too.” via New York Times

• So far in 2015, Costa Rica has gotten 100 percent of its electricity from renewable resources—”We are declaring peace with nature. We feel a strong sense of responsibility about looking after our wealth of biodiversity. Our attitude is not progressive, it is conservative. Our view is that until we know what we have, it is our duty to protect it.” via Climate Progress

• I really, really like this project—flat-packed, modular urban farming kits (you can print them, too!). “With our modular growing kits, you can quickly and easily turn your urban space into a healthy food factory for you and your family. Get a pre-made urban farming kit, or download the files to make locally yourself!” via Aker on Indiegogo

• I love what Mandi has to say about miscarriage, and why we don’t talk about it publicly. “But honestly, I think we’re failing young wives and mothers—especially those who are the first in their peer group to get pregnant—by not talking about it more.” via Life Your Way

• And finally, to end your reads in tears from laughter, I’m so glad my friend Kristen did an Amazon satire review round-up, because these are some of my favorite things on the Internet. “Phantom Amazon satire reviewers: I know making a mockery of Amazon reviews is probably a thankless task. You spend your time and creative energy for no money and little recognition. And to you, I’d like to say a heartfelt THANK YOU.” via Rage Against the Minivan

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“We must be free not because we claim freedom, but because we practice it.” ― William Faulkner

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flowering branch

My minimalist, natural beauty routine

Last night, as we were packing for our next journey from Italy to Slovenia, Kyle found something I’ve been looking for since Thailand (which was now four months ago)—my facial cleanser. It’s funny, that with such a scant amount of possessions to our name, something would still get lost in the shuffle of stuff. Sure, (read more…)

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Cuppa reads

Well, the weekend has come around once again, ever so faithful. And yesterday was the vernal equinox – Happy Spring! I know that some of you were forced to mark the occasion with yet another snowfall…but take heart. Spring is here now, and it can’t be too much longer before the weather and calendar align. (read more…)

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tea chocolate

Producing, consuming, and why both matter

I’ve been sicker than I’ve been in a long time this past week—and unfortunately, it’s during our tail end of France and our not-quite-enough-time in Italy, of all places. I’ve missed seeing some stuff, I’ve seen some beautiful early spring days transpire from my bedroom window, and Kyle, the dear thing, has spent much of (read more…)

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Cuppa reads

Happy weekend, y’all! I’m officially back with my family, which makes me a million kinds of happy. Yesterday we spent the entire day taking trains from Provence, France to Umbria, Italy, so now we’re settled in for the next few days overlooking a quiet lake. The view will work, no? I’ve been sick this week, (read more…)

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