The importance of being current

A few years ago I learned an invaluable parenting lesson in the most unexpected of Life Classrooms:  a funeral. From the time I met her in the hospital, Teresa had always been in poor health.  In the few years I knew her, she visited death’s threshhold multiple times, always fighting back for more time.  She (read more…)

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vintage prom

The decision and indecision of parenting teens

More than an ocean had separated me from my children when I returned home from two months abroad; I wondered what re-entry would look like. Would we pick right up seamless and smooth, a comma punctuating our good-bye instead of a period? Or would it be a gravel road, pitted and pocked and jolting? I’m close (read more…)

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Injustices of youth: when it’s right for you to speak up

Though I didn’t have words to articulate it at the time, looking back I realize these could be filed under “Injustices of Youth”: In 6th grade: The boy I liked gave me a letter another girl had given him.  It was laced with profane words and (sexual) actions I had never heard of; horrified, I turned (read more…)

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Simple (?) marriage advice

Though my niche at Simple Mom is parenting teenagers, Tsh extended freedom to her contributors to deviate from our typical topics while she is on break this summer. I decided to take advantage of her offer, with one caveat: This post isn’t for all readers; it’s written for those who are married. Single moms, you (read more…)

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Room to build

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. ~ Unattributed Chinese proverb As is often the case, one of the best things a parent can give their teenager is hardly a thing at all: it’s room. Room… to make (read more…)

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