Sometimes parenting is walking a tightrope

My experience has convinced me that most parents of high school and college-age kids fall into one of two camps: those who prefer pretty lies from their children those who accept the ugly truth The main difference between the two is that the former don’t know it, while the latter are acutely aware.  Parents who (read more…)

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A (parenting teens) cautionary tale

It was one of the most remarkable moments of my life, the kind you want to capture and hold onto or even remain present with forever. Sitting on my front porch swing and listening to my daughter ,who had been away on a four-month internship, she gifted me likely the highest compliment I’ll ever receive: (read more…)

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Freedom to fly (or fall)

As you begin this week, may you remember to hold your children loosely, with open hand and outstretched fingers, rather than white knuckles and clinched fist. School’s out, days stretch long, and it’s an ideal time to explore…discover…seek adventure. While I’m encouraging you, I need to encourage myself just as strongly – I’m living in (read more…)

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Everyday mentors and village people

I was a bystander this time, an observer, learning a lesson again I am so quick to forget: Words are powerful and persuasive and have the capacity to change lives. I know this, I even live it, but watching and witnessing a relative stranger speak wisdom into my teen son’s life, I saw it fresh, (read more…)

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Parenting teens: consequences, peer pressure and making a way out

Two painful truths I’ve learned in parenting teens are: good kids “do” (where the “do” manifests itself in many ways, shapes, and forms), and your children will make choices that disappoint you. This shouldn’t come as any big surprise, but when (not if) something happens, we’re still bewildered. Maybe all the signs were there, but you missed them.  Work (read more…)

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