by Emily

Emily Walker writes about making your home a haven, and is a stay at home mom to two littles. While she and her husband have fixed up their 1960s ranch home, Emily has learned lessons along the way in do-it-yourself, making do with what you have, simplifying, and living life to the fullest. When she's not busy bossing her husband around on remodel projects, Emily blogs at Remodeling This Life.


Home stays with you always

Day breaks, the sun rises, the world awakes. I sit in the quiet with a hot cup of coffee and listen to the sounds of waves lapping the lakeshore and leaves waving in the gentle breeze. My kids wake, and pull their blankets aside, asking for me to come in for a morning snuggle. My son puts his arms around my neck tight, squeezes his soft cheek to mine and holds me there longer than is comfortable but I don't move. My daughter asks for me next and we lay together as she tells me about her dreams the night before and what she wants to do today. Our summer days are spent in an odd way, with little rhyme or reason, hardly a routine in sight. I work, they play, then we all play together when my work is done. When daddy comes in at the end of the day after work, they run and jump on him with huge hugs and chatter about all the things they want to do with him before the sun sets. Day in and day out, we have the same non-routine that makes up summer days. The difference is that this summer, we've moved and left behind the only home my two kids have known and taken a giant step into the constant feeling of transition and question marks 1500 miles away. We packed up our home, shut the door, and headed off onto a new life adventure that has taken us from the white sandy beaches of Florida to cool lake air and green farm pastures in New York. I thought leaving home would be much harder on all of us than it has been since we said goodbye to our house of seven years. Read More
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Simple home, simple life?

I read this article recently over on the New York Times blog: Living With Less. A Lot Less and it really got me thinking. How many of us can relate to what he experienced? Not in an exact way – as we don’t all have multiple million dollar businesses to sell. But, we start out (read more…)

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The secret to a happy home

I am slightly embarrassed to admit that over the last few years of gutting and remodeling our home, I spent far too much of that time thinking that through building a newer, prettier home from the ugly shell we started with, that I was creating happiness. With each shiny new fixture, new white cabinet, shiny (read more…)

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Less is more

It has been nearly 8 years since my family sold our nearly 3000 square foot, three story Victorian home with a big basement and lots of closets in New York. When we chose to put our home on the market and I put in my two-week notice at work, I had no idea the kind (read more…)

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The secret to a perfect home

For the last two weeks, my home was immaculate. When dishes got dirtied, they were immediately washed and put away. Laundry was folded and put away fresh and hot from the dryer. There weren’t toys everywhere with only the three options of being picked up, tripped over, or stepped on; they were all in place (read more…)

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