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  1. We LOVE juice here. In fact, my kids constantly drink juices I make for myself. It is kind of expensive, but the energy we get from the juice is amazing. Plus, my kids seem to “eat” a lot more veggies this way!

  2. Today is my third and last day of my juice fast! I felt terrible the first couple of days, but today I’m not feeling so hungry, and I have so much energy. It’s unbelievable! My skin is also great, before it was so oily.
    I love the mean green one, carrots and oranges are also a favorite :)

  3. I love a big handful of spinach or kale, 2-3 pieces of citrus, 3 carrots, and an inch of ginger for a breakfast juice. Thanks for sharing your juicing recipes, I’m always looking for new ones to try!

  4. I can’t imagine drinking only juice for days without eating. I am assuming that you need to be under some Doctors eyes if you do this?