by Corey

Corey writes regularly about marriage and relationships on his site, Simple Marriage, which is full of laid back information sure to improve your relationships.You can also catch his radio show - Sexy Marriage Radio, a weekly show filled with straightforward and practical information that will help your marriage.

Let’s talk about sex, baby

Sex is an important aspect in most every marriage. It's what differentiates your relationship with your spouse from all others. It's powerful, chaotic, and wild. Full of all types of energy—spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical. Everyone who ventures into the world of sex does so with some level of anxiousness, nervousness, excitement, and perhaps even fear. Sex is also everywhere. Stand in line at the grocery store and see if you can avoid seeing the word sex on a magazine cover. I bet you can't. It seems that everyone is doing it. Talking about sex however, is possibly one of the more difficult conversations in life. Having a conversation about sex with your children is one thing. But what about with your spouse? Did you realize that for many people, it’s easier to talk about sex with friends than it is with their sexual partner? It’s because of the anxiety this most intimate subject and act creates. Remember how nervous you were during your first sexual encounter? Filled with uncertainty, the exploration of the unknown, being vulnerable with someone else, sharing new parts of yourself with another person? After a while, the nervousness subsides, confidence increases, but … routine takes over. Read More
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3 tips to help you relate better with your husband

If you’ve been married beyond the honeymoon phase, then you’re familiar with the ups and downs of married life. Morning breath, bad hair, and the no make-up, feeling completely unsexy mornings. What’s interesting is that even when you’ve felt the furthest thing from sexy, your husband likely was still interested in sex. I know, shocker. (read more…)

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How your view can change what you do

Good marriages create good families. Good families create good neighborhoods. Good neighborhoods create good communities. Good communities create … you get the idea. But creating a good marriage depends on more than just your interactions with your spouse … it also depends on how you view marriage in general. Marriage is not just the sum (read more…)

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How to talk to your children about sex

“Dadda, your penis is bigger than mine. ” “Mommy, mommy, I have a vagina!” Stated as my daughter entered our bedroom while pulling down her panties to prove her statement. “Why do you and mommy go on dates?” These are all questions or statements I’ve heard from my three-year-old son and five-year-old daughter. They are (read more…)

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All you need are 2 words for a better marriage

If you venture far into the blogosphere, you’ll be inundated with all types of “do this and your life/business/family/home/marriage will be awesome” speak. Especially if you visit some of the larger blogs on self-development and improvement. I’ve got no issue with people wanting to share their thoughts on how to make life better. After all, (read more…)

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