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Charlie lives with his wife and three daughters outside of San Francisco. He runs PearBudget, enjoys being outdoors, and really loves a good library.


One simple way to avoid identity theft

In light of the Heartbleed bug mess, this seemed like a timely topic to revisit.

Ready to be scared a little bit? The odds are very, very good that — at some point in time — a website you use has been hacked, and your e-mail and password from that site have been compromised.

Ready to set your mind at ease? It’s simple and easy to set up your online life so that you’re totally safe if that ever happens again (and to protect yourself now, in case one of your passwords is out in the wild).

I know that normally I talk about money stuff, but today I’m going to be talking about you, your online life, and how you can make sure the bad guys don’t get to access your bank accounts, your e-mail, your blog, or the other important parts of your identity on the internet.
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Failing your way through the new year

Not long ago, some new friends invited us over for dinner. We were eating some chips and salsa before the meal, and one of their kids came through the room and overheard the dad say something about a big project of his that had flopped. The kid then blurted out, rather loudly: “My dad fails (read more…)

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Simple ways to save money when moving

This summer, my family did something kind of unexpected. Over the course of two weeks, we packed up the house and moved. Now, moving is already something that’s stressful and expensive. Even if you plan well, the costs can sneak up on you and shock you. Doing a move in two weeks amps that up (read more…)

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Money-saving tips for family roadtrips

We just got back from a week of visiting friends and family in Orlando, Florida. Lots of people we talked to about the trip asked us: “So you’re going to go to Disney World, right?” They were surprised (and even, in a few cases, offended) when we said that, no, we weren’t going to go (read more…)

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Steps in a manicured statue garden

Four steps to simpler financial goals this year

So we’re now nine days into 2013. Just enough time for those New Year’s resolutions to have fallen by the wayside, right? Or maybe you saw Tsh and Jeannett’s posts last week that encouraged you to think about goals for the year, rather than resolutions? If not, we’re going to look at that idea one (read more…)

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