Money-saving tips for family roadtrips

We just got back from a week of visiting friends and family in Orlando, Florida. Lots of people we talked to about the trip asked us: “So you’re going to go to Disney World, right?” They were surprised (and even, in a few cases, offended) when we said that, no, we weren’t going to go (read more…)

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Four steps to simpler financial goals this year

So we’re now nine days into 2013. Just enough time for those New Year’s resolutions to have fallen by the wayside, right? Or maybe you saw Tsh and Jeannett’s posts last week that encouraged you to think about goals for the year, rather than resolutions? If not, we’re going to look at that idea one (read more…)

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Saving money: big and little wins

One of the funnier “religious wars” I’ve seen when it comes to money is fighting between people in favor of “big wins” versus the people in favor of “little wins.” “Little wins”-ers want to be as frugal as possible, to look for ways to save money wherever they can. “Big wins”-ers see those little steps (read more…)

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Outsmart your own brain and spend less money

Sarah and I have a clothes dryer that — no joke — hates us. It destroys our stuff. It doesn’t do what we ask it to. And when it does actually do what we want, it complains, loudly. Seriously: It’s like a giant metal toddler. The thing is, we should have replaced this thing months (read more…)

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Refinancing a mortgage, simply

Last week, Tsh shared her story of how to get a mortgage without a credit score. I loved her post, and am impressed by how intentional she and Kyle are about paying off their new mortgage. “But money’s tight!” You’re saying. “I don’t have any extra cash to use to pay my mortgage off early!” (read more…)

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