The Art of Simple Podcast, episode 70: A chat with a literary agent

A chat with my literary agent

Wonder how on earth to find a literary agent? Have questions about the book publishing process? Or are you simply toying with the idea of one day writing a book?

In this episode, I talk to my literary agent, Jenni Burke. Jenni is making quite a name for herself in the industry, and she’s a goldmine of information about what it’s like to publish a book in an otherwise confusing market these days. We talk about how to find the right agent, what to do in advance before you sign, how to know when you’ve got a good book idea, and the three Cs of a good modern-day writer.

(If you’re reading this via email, head here to listen to the episode.)

This episode requires a pen and paper for some good note taking, so after you finish your run or fold that load of laundry, you might want to listen again to jot some stuff down.

And head here for the show notes!

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Come out of your shell

Come out of your shell

Being a painfully shy introvert has its bonuses. You get a lot of reading done. Sometimes, your quiet contemplativeness makes people think you’re mysterious and sexy. You never run out of themes for pity parties. But that’s about it. I’ve struggled with being shy most of my life. And did I mention that social awkwardness (read more…)

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yellow flowers

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More and better words for difficult kids

Who is the most difficult person in your life?” My pastor asked us to just be quiet for a minute and think about that. Sadly, I didn’t need the whole minute. Do you know who I thought of instantly? One of my own kids. Awful. Ok. Ok. In my defense it is summer. And this (read more…)

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love your gray hair.

The gray hair, it’s growing on me

I have been coloring my hair for about 16 years. The first five or so were purely for enjoyment, to experiment and play and give my first-born, youth-group-leader-self a space to be a bit rebellious. My favorite was fire-engine red, age 20. But when I saw the first signs of gray around 23, I obediently (read more…)

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