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Podcast ep. 45: Anything You Want + Sense & Sensibility

I‘m really excited about another ingredient we’re adding to the Simple Show recipe this fall: book talk. More than chatting with authors (which we’ll still do from time to time), every month or so, my friend Haley and I will talk about a book we recently read and give each other our nickel’s worth of feedback.

We’ll cover everything from fiction to non-fiction, classics to new releases, and everything in between. I love now having an excuse to blather on about what I’m reading!

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My book choice for this episode is Anything You Want: 40 Lessons for a New Kind of Entrepreneur by Derek Siver, and Haley’s got the beloved Jane Austen classic, Sense & Sensibility.

Listen here:

Links from this episode:

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I’ll meet with you through a screen and we’ll talk through your website, podcast, or other platform. We talk about your goals, your frustrations, your vision, and I’ll give you my honest feedback, along with a doable checklist of 5-10 things to get you started on making it something you love.

I’ve been running this space for almost nine years, and I’ve been filing away everything I learn to share it one-on-one. This sort of one-time coaching I do is valued at $300, but the entire blogging toolkit is only $97 (and you get so much great stuff).

Use this link right here, and then head here to let me know.


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