One simple way to avoid identity theft

In light of the Heartbleed bug mess, this seemed like a timely topic to revisit.

Ready to be scared a little bit? The odds are very, very good that — at some point in time — a website you use has been hacked, and your e-mail and password from that site have been compromised.

Ready to set your mind at ease? It’s simple and easy to set up your online life so that you’re totally safe if that ever happens again (and to protect yourself now, in case one of your passwords is out in the wild).

I know that normally I talk about money stuff, but today I’m going to be talking about you, your online life, and how you can make sure the bad guys don’t get to access your bank accounts, your e-mail, your blog, or the other important parts of your identity on the internet.
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Escaping the cycle of never-ending busyness

Name: Caroline Starr Rose Location: Albuquerque, New Mexico Occupation: Children’s author Blog/site: Caroline Starr Rose Tell us one way you are simplifying your life. I made the seemingly crazy decision to stop teaching to pursue writing full-time without an agent or a contract. It felt way counter-cultural but was the best and right decision for (read more…)

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On pain and steep learning curves

As you start this week, may you learn to appreciate the purpose behind your pain. I know that’s what I’m learning right now. I recently started running again after a year hiatus, when I tore my ACL and needed complete reconstructive surgery (it was a doozy). Most of last spring I was in regular physical (read more…)

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Weekend links

8 things I’ve learned as a barista :: Aliza Naomi The little priceless photograph :: Adriel Brooker I’m done making my kid’s childhood magical :: Bundmi Laditan on HuffPo What every kid needs to hear but most parents aren’t saying :: Jason Sanders …and keep up with a team of blogger friends heading to Haiti (read more…)

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The art of listening

It’s something I’ve told my children since before they could fully understand what it meant: God gave you two ears and one mouth so you could listen twice as much as you speak.  (So you should listen twice as much as you speak…?) I’d do well to follow the same advice; wouldn’t most of us? Listening, active listening, is (read more…)

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