Have a lovely weekend.

As we get ready to release the podcast in its new format (new episodes will now be on Wednesdays instead of Saturdays), I thought it’d be fun to share a few links from around the web. I still share them occasionally in the weekly email, so if you miss this feature, sign up to get it!

• I really want to do this in November – what a great idea.

• A super minimalist approach to writing email.

• I would have loved to do this at my high school.

• A $0 fall wreath (or now that we live in Texas, $0 + postage for leaves shipped from family in Oregon).

• This past week I was at Myquillyn‘s house, and she had this in her house. Guess what’s now in my shopping cart?

• 20 books everyone will be talking about this fall. As if I needed more to add to my to-read pile….

• Never knew this.

• I was admittedly in the dark about “Pepe” until this episode. Now I know. (language warning)

• Kyle wants to make these for our new fixer-upper kitchen. I’m so stoked.

Have a great weekend!

“The chicken does not exist in order to produce another egg. He may also exist to amuse himself, praise God, and even to suggest ideas to a French dramatist.” -G.K. Chesterton