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Hello, friends! Hope you’ve had a good week, and a good end of August. Even though it’s my birthday month, it tends to be one of my least-favorite months, what with the staggering Texas heat and the rush to end the lazy days of summer. Time to tear off a page of the calendar and bring on the fall, eh? I’ve got cans of pumpkin waiting in the pantry for me.

• We’re a year-at-a-time, kid-at-a-time family, so some years we homeschool, some years we participate in a local school. If you’re homeschooling this year, you might like this list of top five ways to simplify your homeschool approach. I resonate with every one of them. via No Sidebar

• I loved this conversation with Bea Johnson (of Zero Waste Home fame) on Jess Lively’s podcast. In it, she talks about how her family accumulates a quart-sized jar of waste per year. Yep. via The Lively Show

• This news was the highlight of my week: an Italian street becomes more neighborly simply by starting a Facebook group. I’d love to see this happen everywhere. via NY Times

• Also, this one: a village in Spain has started a Solidarity Fridge, where people can communally share their leftovers and anyone can partake. Brilliant. via NPR

• And finally, even though school has already started for many of us, this is still an important conversation to have with your kids. Choose to be brave and kind. via Momastery

Have a good weekend! Whether you’re enjoying the tail end of summer before the school year or reveling in the first full weekend after a week of early morning drop-offs—relish it, friends. I know I am.

“Don’t you love New York in the fall? It makes me want to buy school supplies. I would send you a bouquet of newly sharpened pencils if I knew your name and address.” -Nora Ephron

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Make a true connection (IRL)

Because of my husband’s career as a professional baseball coach, we move around. A lot. Our life is a constant stream of hellos and goodbyes, nice-to-meet-you’s and hope-to-see-you-soon’s. And in the midst of all this change, I am finding out that I am not very good at keeping in touch. Oh sure, I follow all (read more…)

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It’s my 38th year! Here’s what I learned during my year of worldwide family travel.

It’s my birthday week, and as such, I get to be the boss of me. Alright, I guess I always am, but for some reason, pausing to reflect on the day I was born has this effect on me; makes me want to more thoughtfully reflect on how I’ve spent the past twelve months. It (read more…)

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The Simple Show with Tsh Oxenreider

Podcast episode #10: Small is My New Free with Emily Freeman

Yep, it’s a double feature—we get Emily twice this week! In this podcast episode, my friend Emily Freeman and I chat about the release of her latest book, Simply Tuesday: Small-Moment Living in a Fast-Moving World. And as you might guess, this book is totally. up. my. alley. In this episode, we talk about feeling (read more…)

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Traveling with kids: then & now

The paved trail curved around the corner and out of sight amid the thick canopy of birch and the undergrowth of pushki and fern, the mudflats at low tide lying moist and gray and thick just beyond the trees. Around the corner and out of sight the boys zipped, too, each with one leg kicking (read more…)

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