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Gretchen Rubin’s The Happiness Project

Over the past few months, I’ve made a friend out of Gretchen Rubin, New York Times bestselling author of The Happiness Project. She’s a lawyer-turned-author-turned-blogger, mom to two sweet girls, and recently became a columnist for Good Housekeeping magazine.

A few years ago, she had an epiphany on the cross-town bus. She asked herself, “What do I want from life, anyway?” and she thought, “I want to be happy”—but she never spent any time thinking about happiness. “I should do a happiness project!” she realized. And so she did.

I asked Gretchen a few questions this week, and she was kind enough to share her thoughts.


Tsh: I define “simple living” as I define simple living as living holistically with your life’s purpose. In your quest for a happier life, did you see any correlation between happiness and living simply?

Gretchen: Absolutely. I realized that I could only build a happy life on the foundation of my own nature — when I acknowledged my own temperament, values, and interests. The more I got rid of things and activities that didn’t suit me, the more time and space I had for what I loved. Now my life feels simpler, but also more rich.

Tsh: How would you encourage parents to find their happier life? Is there anything special you’d say about including children in the quest for happiness?

Gretchen: Parents — get enough sleep! I’ve become a real sleep zealot. It’s so easy as a parent to lose sleep, whether because your kids wake you up or because you want to stay awake to have some kid-free leisure time. But getting enough sleep gives a huge boost for energy, patience, and health.

At a deeper level, I remind myself all the time, “The days are long, but the years are short.” Getting from breakfast to bedtime on a Saturday may seem endless, but then kindergarten is over in a flash. I really try to make sure that I’m appreciating this time of life — it seems like there will be headbands and crayons underfoot forever, but I know this time will pass.

I realized that one way that children make us happier is by allowing us to re-connect with activities that we truly enjoy as adults, but wouldn’t ordinarily do, without their presence. For example, I’ve loved listening to Jim Dale reading the Harry Potter books — not just because my daughters love it, but because I love it myself — but I never would have bought the CDs if it hadn’t been for them. Ditto, making Rice Krispy treats, playing Uno, playing with sparklers, etc.

Tsh: What was something that surprised you discovered during your happiness project?

Gretchen: I’d read a lot of research about how novelty and challenge made people happier, but I fully expected to find that I was an exception to this rule. Familiarity and mastery make me happy, I figured. But to test that argument, I started a blog — and to my astonishment, I LOVED it. Loved learning to do something new, pushing myself in a new direction, challenging myself to be a different kind of writer, and getting the chance to engage with readers.

I’ve changed my mind 100%. I do believe that novelty and challenge — or put differently, an atmosphere of growth — can add a great deal to happiness.

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  1. Ally

    at the moment? My copy of the 25th anniversary concert of Les Miserables is what has me quite happy – I know happiness shouldn’t be in things – but Les Mis is my favorite musical and they really did a fantastic job with it…

  2. Kat

    Sappy but true….my hubby and my girls.

  3. Anne

    Moments that I experience between my husband son and I that I will forever smile about and cherish make me happy. That is when I feel I am truly the happiest person on earth. Moments fully lived with the three of us make the butterflies inside me flutter.

  4. jiva126

    My dad makes me happy. I haven’t had my mom for a long, long time and I really enjoy time with my dad. He is definitely one of the coolest guys ever!

  5. Tammy

    The number one thing that makes me happy is spending time with my husband and six year old daughter. Simple, imaginitive time, playing on the floor, running through the park, nature hikes, snuggling…anything we do as a family makes me smile!

  6. Emile

    Yoga, fresh air, time outside with my kids, flirting with my hubby, & good food among other things!

  7. April

    There are so many things that make me happy, but at the moment it’s seeing the accomplishment my daughter is feeling at learning how to read. Her moments of success bring me great joy!

  8. Crystal

    My family. For sure.

  9. Kathryn @ Expectant Hearts

    One of the things that makes me happiest is seeing my kids interact kindly with each othen, when they remember and talk of their baby brother, a clean house!

  10. Ches

    getting at least half of my to-do list crossed off for the day, as well as being able to squeeze something fun into a busy day

  11. sam

    Getting lost in a good book, music that makes me want to move, watching the waves, walking in the sunshine – I do so much better when I remember to work those things into my days.

  12. Jen

    What makes me happy is watching my son play soccer, watching my daughter cheer, listening to my toddler tell a story, hearing the door open when my husband gets home from work, reading a good book, listening to a good song, hearing my kiddos say I love you!!

  13. jess

    It makes me happy when my husband and I have a common goal.

  14. Shannon @ AnchorMommy

    Hearing my son giggle uncontrollably. Making my baby girl laugh. Enjoying a cup of coffee during the rare mornings that my house is quiet. A good glass of wine. Finding a morel mushroom in the forest. A brand new magazine in the mail. An email from an old friend. A nap.

  15. kitter

    CREATING makes me happy – be it sewing, baking, knitting, crafting, even (sometimes) cooking.
    I love Gretchen’s blog and have been wanting to read her book. Thanks!

  16. Jennifer B

    What makes me happy? Singing songs along with the CD with my daughter – even though it drives my husband nuts.

    Listening to my husband read books to my 9 year old daughter at bedtime – books that we grew up with and are thrilled that they still hold the same interest to our daughter.

    Catching a bit of breeze in the sails of our boat, finding an empty mooring buoy at our favorite anchorage and watching the sun set.

  17. katie

    a clean house. children getting along. my thursday night soccer league.

  18. Erin OK @ it's OK

    I just started reading Gretchen’s blog last week. I’d love to read her book!

    I am beginning to suspect that a fine balance of mindful daily living and concentrated pursuit of passion may be what makes me happy.

    music! writing! my family! friends! creative projects! challenges! sewing! laundry, dishes, mopping the floor? maybe. . .

  19. megan

    Knitting and watching a movie with my hubby, waking up to my three year old curled into my back, listening to my boys play pretend, and laughing with girlfriends over some sort of chocolate – surefire happiness moments.

  20. Becca

    What makes me happy? Honestly, the same thing that makes me feel like I’m going insane – my family. My husband and my two children.

    I’ve actually really been struggling lately with being happy being a mom and taking care of my kids.

    I would really enjoy reading this book, I think, and may have to find a way to get my hands on it if I don’t win a copy 🙂

  21. Trina

    A whole day at home with my family, and nothing planned but spending time together.

  22. Tammy

    The one thing that makes me MOST happy, is the hugs, kisses and smiles I get from my three boys, no matter how bad I am feeling, those three items are always available on cue.

  23. Kelly Ann

    Great insights! What makes me happy – how my baby kicks his legs when he’s excited, my preschooler’s sense of humor, a hot shower, movie night on the couch with the husband, and sunny winter mornings.

  24. April

    Fresh air, nature, a good conversation, being active, simplicity, & balance

  25. Patricia

    Quality one-on-one time with each of my kids and husband make me happy.

  26. Hillary

    my daughter saying: “I ‘wub’ you, my dog curling up next to me during a nap, my husband bringing me a fresh cup of coffee in the morning, the feeling after cleaning the house, all the little things that are so easy to overlook

  27. Lydia

    Numbers make me happy. And my kids jokes, I love to see them developing a sense of humor.

  28. Carey

    Watching my youngest son toddle toward me looking all proud and happy about learning how to walk…listening to my oldest son tell me stories that start with, “You’re pretending you’re a ______ and you’re walking and walking….”, coffee with lots of cream and sugar in the morning, and pictures and memories of my first two dogs. 🙂

  29. Krista

    Watching how my 3-year-old son can get completely and utterly absorbed in a book, getting an idea for something creative to do with my kids and then DOING it, taking the time to sit on the floor in the middle of what ever my kids are doing and just absorb it all.

  30. Summer Davidson

    White snow on bare winter branches, snuggling with my kids, collapsing into bed at night after a busy day!

  31. Jenny Runyan

    Spending time as a family doing wholesome recreational activities make me happy-though i know I could benefit a lot from this book!

  32. Shondra W.

    My son. Husband. Good coffee. Feeling productive. Exploring.

    Thanks to you and Gretchen for this giveaway!

  33. maci

    What makes me happy: here are a few things, working in my garden, playing Scrabble with my husband, reading to my girls.

  34. Karen

    Lazy Saturday mornings, sipping coffee with my husband while watching our son play makes me out-of-this-world happy.

  35. calliope(Greece)

    What makes me happy nowadays?
    My son’s singing and 3-year-old talking
    Cleaning my house
    Cooking something new
    Going for a coffee with my friend and some deco magazines
    Saving money for a trip to Italy

  36. Stacia

    Reading aloud at bedtime to my boys is one of my favorite and happiest times of the day. For myself, wandering around the house or the neighborhood or a foreign land taking photographs is my idea of heaven. 🙂

  37. Renee

    With 4 girls–one age 11 and triplets age 8–I am still anxiously exploring “what makes me happy.” My hubby is a police officer and works long hours. I work PT at my local church. I feel silly saying this but right now in this moment in time so far I have discovered, what makes me happy is my hubby and my girls being home at the same time, BBQing in the back yard, jumping in the pool together, and family game time. Beyond that, everything is stressful! How do I BREATHE?…slow down enough to enjoy the moment whatever that moment is? Help?

  38. Cynthia

    It makes me happy when my boys and I have a really good fun-filled day together, with me being the mom I should be and want to be instead of “tired grumpy demanding mommy”.

  39. missy

    oh wow, that’s so true – happiness built on the foundation of my own nature – that actually really sums up what I’ve been experiencing these past two years, but wasn’t able to put into words. I’ve finally let go of who I thought I ‘should be’, instead embracing who I am, and because of that, I am finally starting to like myself.
    and that makes me happy.

    I would love to win a copy of this book, thanks for the chance.

  40. Christina

    Right now, cooking makes me happy. I love puttering around in my kitchen, my 19 month-old daughter babbling and bouncing around my feet, good smells coming from the stovetop, and something delicious and sustaining to enjoy together at the end of it all. It’s one of the more pleasurable parts of our family’s rhythm and yummy to boot!

  41. Katie R

    WOW–this is hard to put into just a few words (and not go on for a paragraph or two!). My husband and our three girls. Being bundled up and cozy. Listening to my gut level feeling. Figuring something out while I am crafting that previously had escaped me. Color. Food. Feeling good.

  42. Amanda

    being able to homeschool my three boys…my electric blanket…a good sale on Legos…the library… 😉

  43. becky f

    a baby that is a great eater is what is making me the most happy right now 🙂
    this book has been on my to read list for a while now (and to own list cause I’m sure I’ll read it over & over). thanks for the giveaway

  44. melissa

    Happiness is my baby nursing, an hour to myself for yoga, a clean floor, my three yr old and my husband playing, flowering trees and a good night’s sleep.

  45. Chrissy

    what makes me happy?
    watching my daughters play and giggle together
    joining in with them
    family dinners by candlelight
    getting a long weekend with my family
    enjoying a fun night out with my wife and friends
    cooking a good dinner for my kids
    watching a funny movie or reading a really good book
    and on and on…
    thanks for the giveaway!

  46. Crystal

    My kids, my hubby, good company, a good laugh, a good book, some fresh crisp morning air!!!

  47. Sam

    For me right now, it’s feeling the baby in my uterus moving around, listening to my kids play happily together, getting kisses from my almost 2 year old, the peacefulness of snowfall, and reading a good book…to name a few.

  48. aimee c.

    my son’s shy smile. melts me every single time i see it!

  49. Laura

    Happiness to me is….
    sleeping with my kids – one on each arm
    seeing my husband play with my kids
    walking with my dog and a dear friend
    restful sleep
    being fully present
    a good yoga class
    winning a give away!

  50. Se

    At Moment…staying in bed reading Barney’s version! Thnks for this opportunity.

  51. lucky girl

    What makes me happy is Jesus, my daughter, and my husband.

  52. Mariposa

    Something random… Pedicures! I just had my first one this past week and it was amazing. 🙂

  53. Tammy

    Being out in my garden with my Camera!

  54. Stacy

    Yesterday I was able to figure out what was making my son mysteriously misbehave out of character over a period of a week or so, talk with him about it, and see him change his attitude almost completely. He’s only three, so it felt like such a great moment. In the big picture, I love having my son in my life. We waited a long long time to have a baby and I’m so happy we have him in our family now.

  55. Melissa

    Sunday morning banana pancakes with my hubby.

  56. Ayeshas Usman

    Early morning playtime with my baby boy(he gets up at 6.30)…..watching a late night movie with my husband once our baby is asleep…..juggling work and motherhood(some days I am dead tired at the end but there is a sense of fulfillment that comes with it)

  57. Adi

    Listening to my two children sharing a joke and laughing together fills my heart with joy. Otherwise making things – a cake, crocheting a scarf, makes me happy.

  58. Sarah

    My family, good coffee, crocheting, good music, plenty of sleep.

  59. Pipsqueak

    Hanging with the kids – when there is nothing we have to be doing.

  60. joanne b

    what makes me happy? in no particular order of greatness…
    Having good friends
    A calm home
    Plenty of fresh air
    Positive parenting
    Yellow sunshine!

  61. Tanja

    Hanging and laughing with my family and friends. It’s rare, but it makes us all so happy!

  62. Carmutxa

    My family, reiki, good friends, crocheting, knitting and spinning, weekends with our kids, …

  63. Erin Zackey

    I’d be happy indeed to win this book! But also baking/dressing up/going on adventures etc. with the kids, time with my hubby, mom’s nights, musicals, running, oh I could go on and on…

  64. Amanda

    I’m honestly still discovering what truly makes me happy, surprisingly it’s not 100% obvious even tho I feel like i know myself fairly well! Not surprising = 99% of what makes me smile somehow involves my amazing daughter 🙂

  65. Susan Lin

    Peanut butter cookies.

  66. Jessica

    What makes me happy is my family.

  67. Crystal

    Playing card games with my husband makes me happy.

  68. Jennie C.

    Laying on the warm grass in the front yard on a summer afternoon, watching the clouds form, change and melt away, with my favorite little girls beside me.

  69. Lina

    time with my baby girl and husband, fun nail polish, summer nights grilling on our deck.

  70. Sarah

    So many things make me happy these days – spending time with my children, watching my son sleep, playing games with my daughter, the days getting longer as we get closer to spring, getting a good night’s sleep. I heard an interview with Gretchen on Q (a programme on CBC Radio here in Canada) and I thought I HAD to read her book. I’m on the waiting list at the library for it…

  71. Deb

    There are so many blessings in life we’ve started a running list here. Some from yesterday include:
    Coffee ready in the morning when I wake up
    Husband working from home because of bad weather
    Happy noise of kids having a NERF battle
    a warm, fuzzy cat sleeping on my lap

    Honestly – every day that God chooses to give me is a gift and makes me happy!

    Thanks for an awesome give-away!

  72. Kelley Bruss

    My family, wind, and a freshly organized closet! 🙂

  73. Kim

    I love knitting!

  74. Joy G

    I’ve started taking ballet classes again, something I loved when I was younger. A good class is relaxing, and I can check off my exercise for the day.

  75. Shannon Moorman

    I read this book and couldn’t put it down! So inspiring! Being productive makes me happy! Completing tasks!

  76. Joanne

    Snow days when the family is trapped at home together. No one out and no one else in. Games, movies, real family time.

  77. Megan

    The little things: the clean kitchen counters this morning, and an uncluttered view of the sunrise and feeding birds as I washed the dishes.

  78. Emily

    A good cup of hot coffee and early morning snuggles with my son make me happy. It’s the quiet moments that are really the most special!

  79. Carrie Ingley

    Dancing with my girls and my hubby!

  80. Martha

    Singing, performing in local clubs with great bands (even just sitting in), working in the garden, time with girlfriends, dressing to please myself and nobody else (color!! Crazy styles! Big jewelry!).

  81. Kandra Conary

    My boys make me happy (my hubby and two sons). Sewing and creating things also makes me happy though!

  82. michelle

    Listening to my girls laugh…really laugh. Hugs from my husband. Ocean air. Family potlucks. Hanging with my mom.

  83. Valerie

    Spending time outside, when I remember to do it, and doing something creative, like knitting or sewing.

  84. Kathryn Cross

    when my 7 month old smiles up at me from her crib in the morning. when my husband writes a love note on the chalkboard in the kitchen before work. long phone chats with good friends that don’t happen nearly enough. completing creative projects. making a delicious dinner and sharing it with friends. new clothes that fit properly. so many things make me happy now that I think about it!

  85. Jen

    Listening to my kids laugh and doing something creative makes me happy.

  86. Lori

    Things that make me happy . . .my 10 month old’s toothy grin . . .thoughts of our new little one on the way . . .(decaf) coffee . . .girl-time . . .back-scratches from my hubby . . .getting enough sleep!

  87. Christy Johnson

    Ooo, I’ve been waiting for this book at the library! The thing that makes me happiest is laughing with my children.

  88. Michael

    What makes me happy? When my boys (10 and 15) get along with each other. They both have strong personalities and it’s SO NICE to have them interact with each other without nasty words or mean-looking facial gestures! They are great kids, don’t get me wrong. But…it’s true: boys will be boys! 🙂

  89. Jaime

    A lazy Saturday morning spent drinking good coffee while cuddling on the couch with my kids makes me very happy (and is how I’m spending this morning).

  90. Tanmi

    Sunshine makes me happy

  91. Deanna

    Taking a day off from responsibility and pursuing some fun makes me happy! Whether it be a day at the park, lunch with a friend I haven’t seen in a while, going to a concert with my husband, or following my daughers lead and just seeing where play takes us!

  92. Beth

    When I ask my 1-year old son for a kiss and he gives me a hug too-that makes me happy!

  93. Sophie

    Spending a little bit of time each day with my rescued ex-battery chickens makes me happy. They live entirely in the current moment. There’s no re-living their horrible first year in life or worrying about what might be coming next. Whether they’re scratching up my flower bulbs, eating corn or dust bathing, for all five of my lovely girls it’s all about the here and now. Watching them never fails to bring a smile to my face!

  94. Kelly

    My Family.

  95. Ellen

    My little girls make me happy! Long walks with our whole family.

    And winning this book would make me happy too. 🙂 Great interview. Especially about the sleep!

  96. stefanie

    quiet time, freshly fallen snow, first 60 degree days of spring, seeing my children and husband happy, reading a good book, playing a friendly game of soccer, spending time in the sunshine….

  97. Jennifer Rivers

    …quiet days at home with my family, family dinner’s together, hanging out with my girlfriend’s, sitting on the beach!

  98. Nicole

    my daughter’s rock star greetings when I come home, whether I’ve been gone 10 minutes or 10 hours she races to greet me yelling “Mommy you came back!”, throwing her little arms around me and saying “I missed you much”.

  99. Martha

    Long unhurried quiet times before everyone wakes up on a Saturday morning 🙂 at least that is what made me happy today.

  100. Lindsey S.

    Lazy Saturday mornings that start out with just me and my hubby waiting for the pitter-patter of my don’s feet or my daughter’s good morning coos. Then feeding my baby girl while our son comes in to cuddle! I wouldn’t trade this time for anything…not even another hour of sleep!

  101. Kacee Brown

    My family and my yoga time- it allows me to destress from my day enjoy life.

  102. sarah lynn

    watching my children learn something new makes me happy! the book sounds great – thanks for the opportunity!

  103. elissa

    watching my children do something they enjoy makes me smile like nothing else can!

  104. Sarah

    Finishing a hot cup of coffee first thing in the morning

  105. Sarah B.B.

    Making my children laugh. And the way the floors look after they’ve been mopped.

  106. Sarah G

    Early morning cuddles with my son, when he’s still sleepy and not itching to get down and scoot around all over the place and of course, evening cuddles with my hubby after bed time!

  107. Stephanie

    Sunshine makes me happy. On a morning when I wake up and the sun is shining brightly, my day feels full of infinite possibility.

  108. bryssy

    Really hot coffee.

  109. Lesley

    My boys. Fresh air. Being creative. Finding a good deal. A clean house. Good friends. Possibility.

  110. Shalae Tippetts

    Having fun with my family, the smell of home made bread, being in the mountains, drawing….

  111. michelle

    exploring with my kids, reading, learning, yoga, creating, fixing things I can see, eating, coffee, kid jokes, teaching…

  112. Holly

    Spring flowers giving pops of sharp color to the dull landscape!

  113. Wendy Johnson

    My first cup of coffee in the morning.

  114. Amy Beerwinkle

    Standing in the kitchen, concocting a delicious, original dinner while my son plays nearby – occasionally including me in his play but not demanding my constant attention – when my husband walks in from work at the end of the day. It doesn’t happen very often, but I cherish those moments when the day ends so pleasantly.

  115. Arielle

    Jesus, music, sunshine, mountains, ocean and people of every nation and tongue!

  116. Laura


  117. Aileen

    Being at home, seeing my 3 wee boys (5, 3, 1) playing together happily (it happens occasionally!), folding up clean clothes in peace and quiet or hanging out washing to dry in the sun, picking something that we have managed to grow in the garden, a good meal, time on my own (very precious and rare these days)

  118. Terri

    singing in church with my 2-year-old while he claps his hands off-beat

  119. Sarah W

    Reading books to my son at night with my husband. We have been trying for over two years to get a solid bedtime routine down and we finally got it!!! I’m so proud of our little family. Not to mention, bedtime is a lot less stressful!! 🙂

  120. Amy

    My hubby and kiddos, reading, being outside, and of course I find the most joy in Jesus!

  121. Vicki

    The best part of my week day is picking my 5-year old up from pre-K. We always have big hugs and kisses for each other!

  122. alya stoffer-koloszyc

    Talking and listening and creating with others. I am a stay-at-home mother of two young boys but also run camps for other children. I just finished up a week of camp during the February break from school and am feeling full of happiness from the work that the adults and children did together there.

  123. RaisingZ

    lazy family days! Those make me the happiest 🙂

  124. maryellen

    cuddling with the kids!

  125. Sally

    There are so many things that make me happy, but to list a few: spending time with my family, gardening, preparing healthy nourishing meals for my family, yoga, spending time in nature, reading a good book, and watching a favorite movie.

  126. One Frugal Girl

    Spending quality time with the people I love!

  127. Melissa

    I used to think that being in control – getting things accomplished and checking them off the list made me happy. But then I had kids and I realized that slowing down and enjoying the moments with them and my husband is what makes me the most happy. Nothing needs to “get done”; just living and enjoying is enough. Although it is hard to do that sometimes, it is always rewarding! With two kids in preschool and three pets, I am definitedly not in control or getting as much done, but I am a lot happier!

  128. Jenni

    A few things that make me happy: being surrounded by family and friends, a clean house, a long run outside, seeing my 2 children playing with each other, and making someone laugh.

  129. Heidi @ The Good Stuff Guide

    I have been wanting to read this book for a a long time! Thanks so much for the contest. I’m happy when my husband, 2 sons and I are together, and it’s a bonus when the house is clean too. Simple things…

  130. Pam C

    when my home is clean and the children are being nice to each other

  131. Heather

    What a great idea for a book! An excellent question, also.

    Peace in our hearts and our home make for happiness in my world. My daughter who is on my lap shared that playing outside makes her happy!

    Thank you for the chance to win.

    Heather and Hannah

  132. Wendy

    Happy people bring happiness to your life. Having good friends and having good time makes a happy life! 🙂

  133. cindy Sullivan

    Catching up with an old friend, the change of seasons, being outside, reading a good book, my family and friends.

  134. Lise

    Moments when our whole family is laughing. I look around and realize that life really is beautiful. That and seeing a flock of birds fly by – they look so peaceful!

  135. Tiffani

    Making things for other people, whether it is a edible treat, or some other handmade object.

  136. Catherine

    Reading for pleasure. I’ve had this book from the library and would love my own copy– thanks!

  137. Patti

    Living simply makes me happy!

  138. Ashley

    My daughter and my faith. Those are basically the only two things in my life that I have that are important. Nothing else matters without them. My daughter changed my world and every day our relationship grows and our bond deepens. She’s only 4 but I’d rather be around her than many adults! She is a wonderful little girl, so perceptive and understanding. She blesses my life even when she misbehaves 🙂 because she teaches me more about myself and pushes me to be the best parent possible. Because of something that had happened to me before I had her, I was in a really dark horrible place. If I hadn’t had her I would be dead by now. God brought her into my life at the perfect time in His plan, even though I felt it was the worst timing possible because I was so unprepared! But I wouldn’t change a thing, she has been worth it all. She’s helped me re-learn true happiness, not just with her, but with myself and my life in general, as well as in my faith. 🙂

    Thank you for having this giveaway! I would love to read this book!

  139. Kelly

    Time with the boys and my husband. Especially anytime that we are relaxed enough to live in the moment and fully enjoy the experience. These times are when our happiest memories are made.

  140. Tracy

    We are trying to become more holy, and the byproduct of that is increased joy and fulfillment. It is humbling to surrender to God and accept that His plan for my life is a better plan than any that I come up with on my own.

  141. MonicaB

    Hugs and Kisses from my boys. Especially my eldest because he is at the age were it’s not cool for things like that.

  142. Deb A.

    Hands down, my family.

  143. joelyn

    the wailin’ jennys station on Pandora while baking in my kitchen

  144. Allie

    Sitting inside a clean house with a fire going while the snow falls outside, rocking my daughter to sleep, my son learning new things, God personally teaching and talking to me 🙂

  145. Val

    1. making art with my daughter
    2. cheering on our two boys when they wrestle with their dad
    3. writing and reading true strories
    4. anticipating another overseas move. . . anticipating any adventure, really!

  146. sabina

    Peace in my home ( and that can be hard with 6 kids)
    moments of quiet ( also rare with 6 kids)
    time to create
    connecting with like minded people that can re-inspire, re motivate and remind you of your goals.

  147. Bonita

    my husband’s commitment to me and our family, my sons’ laughter, surprise visits, delicious foods, the anticipation of family visits, a good movie, when both boys nap at the same time…these are a few of my favorite things! 🙂

  148. amy2boys

    So many things make me happy! My faith, my kids make me crazy happy, photography, cooking, traveling — HAPPY!

  149. Doris C

    What makes me happy is seeing the pure joy and happiness of my child and my two dogs. Making yummy healthy food from scatch (and it actually taste good). Spending time with some friends at brunch. And making a list and being able to cross things off for a sense of accomplishment.

  150. Angela

    I think the thing that makes me happiest is the feeling that I get when I’m completely balanced. My body doesn’t ache, my mind isn’t racing, and all I’m noticing is the patience when I’m breathing. I stress most of my day, so I treasure the moments when I’m not. (Of course, my boyfriend makes me ecstatically happy all the time, but that’s a given!)

  151. Nicole

    Making people laugh makes me happy.

  152. Ruth

    Spending time with an authentic, genuine friend gives me energy and makes me veery happy.

  153. Jill

    Scrapbooking and Reading make me very happy

  154. Ellen Bitler

    Having time for the people I love makes me happy!

  155. Tracy

    What makes me happy is spending time outside (hiking, kayaking, etc.) with my family and dog. Nothing beats that!

  156. Alison

    Watching my kids grow in little ways each day and seeing their pride at their accomplishments.

    Also getting ‘me’ time helps keep the balance so w e aren’t just about the kids.

  157. amber

    Long dinner with friends 🙂

  158. Suzanne

    fresh air
    chatty kids

  159. Michele

    Organization! :-))

  160. Mary Kay

    A long book that you wish wouldn’t end (Ian Frazier’s recent “Travels in Siberia is a good example!)

  161. Deborah

    Clean sheets! And clean pajamas … and a hot shower before bedtime. An early bedtime, when I can lie in bed with my husband and snuggle and talk or read before sleeping.

  162. Angie

    A clean house. Happy children. Walking to the park. A great workout. Connecting to God. Not necessarily in that order. 🙂

  163. holly berry

    I’m happiest when my son forces me to forget about all the things I “needed” to get done that day and just play on the floor with him instead.

  164. 6512 and growing

    Watching the snow melt is making happy.
    I’d love to read Gretchen Rubin’s book.

  165. Patty

    Clean closets, clean calendar squares, and a clean conscience make me happy.

  166. Jill G

    What makes me happy…getting paid to do work that I love, outdoor activities with the whole family, and little bits of time to myself!

  167. Yiota

    Spending time with my family is my number one source of happiness.
    Thanks for the interview! Actually, I’m reading the book these days (am currently about to start May) and noticed I can’t put it down unless I’ve finished a whole month! I’m been telling my friend about it, calling her up whenever to say ‘listen to that: …’. I’d love to win this and send it to her!
    Thanks for the chance!

  168. Beverly K

    The whole family refreshed after everyone enjoys an afternoon nap!

  169. Johanna

    Right now, happiness is the sound of laughter in my house.
    I also find joy in starting znd completing projects!
    Just finished making tea towel curtains!

  170. Darlene R.

    I get such joy watching the birds at the feeders with all their antics and in the Winter the deer come and knock out seed for themselves.They are so beautiful and have their own personalities,too.The same families have been coming for years.

  171. Emily

    When my girls make me do the “throw my head back” laugh! 🙂

  172. Jamie W.

    My family makes me happy. Serving them, caring for them and just being with them.

  173. meghann

    What a fantastic giveaway…

    OK, what makes me happy…is my family and my home; my good fortune at having these children to parent and this home to make comfortable and lovely for them, and at having the opportunity to make that my job, full time, instead of having to try to squeeze it in around other obligations. I’m not always successful in doing this mama thing the way I want to—in fact, I think I’m unsuccessful more often than I am successful at this point—but when I look at my children across a room strewn with the flotsam and jetsam of the day I know I wouldn’t want to have my life any other way. And I guess that’s what happiness is, at it’s core, right?

  174. Tory =)

    Using my too little amount of free time to read things that inspire me to make the most of my life makes me happy. I have two amazing little ones, a 1 year old girl and a 3 year old boy, a wonderful husband and two crazy jobs. I love to read books and blogs that give me great ideas on how to make the most of my life. I actually gave my mom a copy of “The Happiness Project” for Christmas. She loves it and I am dying for a copy of my own. Thanks for the great post and fun offer!

  175. Amie

    hot cocoa and peanut butter toast, snuggling my girls while reading a book or watching a show, and lazy Saturday mornings in bed catching up with my husband

  176. Heather@junevintage

    While the word “happy” always makes me cringe (I always say “happiness is overrated…give me JOY in spite of my circumstances!), music makes me happy. I think and dream to a soundtrack. I am most satisfied and at peace when their is music!

  177. jill

    Making beautiful things for others and myself. Having a clean floor (a very rare occurence). Snuggling my toddler and having her smile up at me. Reading books to my children. Actually getting to have a deep conversation with my husband. Emails and letters and visits from friends I haven’t heard from or seen for a long time.

  178. Donna

    Sleeping in on a Saturday morning, slow days with no pressing commitments, listening to my husband read aloud to all of us, a beautiful blanket of snow covering the ground, music, etc. I could go on about all the things that make me happy, but I think you get the idea. 🙂

  179. Margaret

    I so agree with her about the sleep issue! It’s difficult during the busy week (I work full time) but on Friday night, it’s a luxury to go to bed at 9:30 and get 9 hours of sleep. I have a whole different outlook on life after I’m rested!

  180. Pam

    Time with my husband and boys, a good book and a cup of coffee, listing to christian music

  181. Tania Ford

    When I wake up early, my house is clean, laundry done, bills payed, groceries bought, etc. and I can just enjoy quiet time without the thoughts of all the things that need to be done.

  182. Jennifer

    Right now, spending time in bible study with my friends. Always, spending time with my family!

  183. g12janet

    Watching my son play the piano . . . he’s amazing!

  184. Gina

    Right now, being a mom makes my happy. My daughter is 3.5 and taking the time to see and explore the world through her eyes and the simple joy she takes in the everyday has truly been a life-changer for me.

  185. Jessica Jones

    Summertime – a sunny afternoon on my back porch, leisurely looking through a design magazine with a snack of potato chips and a coke.
    Wintertime – curling up on my big puffy couch with a stack of seed catalogs, my garden journal, and a big mug of creamy coffee.

  186. Kristin

    Family hugs!

  187. Katy from Albuquerque

    I’m finding what makes me happy, too, learning to make space for it in my life. I’ve recently discovered gardening, chickens and bee hives. Those three things (enjoyed along with my kidlets) are a HUGE source of happiness for me. And although we are now moving (from NM to MO), I am chomping at the bit to get to our new space and begin the garden, chickens and bee hives.

    The greatest joy I find is that my kids (5 and 2) and I learn together and have “Ah-ha’s” together…which is such an amazing feeling. There is no ego – one teaching the other. Instead, we’re all at the same level of understanding and learning together!

    Just yesterday, the bulbs we planted in the fall began poking through the soil and my daughter discovered it. She came running it to tell me and our preschool kids the great news. (I also teach preschool out of my home). We all went running out to count the number of “little ones” that were popping out. Each of us, regardless of age, was truly surprised and squealing with joy! I thought, “This is so cool…cherish this feeling!” It’s those moments that I want to create the space and time for, yet when your life is cluttered (either mentally or physically), you steal from yourself of those simple yet amazingly satisfying moments.

    So amongst all the boxes, piles of paper, and “to-do” lists, I am going on the offensive to plan for – make time for – those learning moments where the kids and I explore and have “ah-ha’s” together. And once we land in MO – the garden, chickens and bee hives will be up and going in no time!!

  188. Living the Balanced Life

    Spending time with hubby and whole family! Today going to pick up 2 grandaughters ages 2 & 3 to hang out with!

  189. Dawn Camp

    Ten copies: how generous! Taking an image that completely defines an event or moment for me makes me happy. 🙂

  190. Claire

    Hugs – from my daughter and my husband. It is heaven!

  191. coco

    my kids, dogs, husband, coffee and target!

  192. Lisa

    Spending time with my family makes me happy. Snuggling up on the couch with my kids while I read a book to them, going places together. I love to see my kids laugh and enjoy new things and it brings me happiness.

  193. Lisa Elizabeth

    Happiness is to me enjoying the moment – but also anticipating the next and reflecting on the last! Spending time with family and friends, but also time alone. It seems it would be about balance – peace, love, and joy or attaining these by resolving issues or working through issues creates happiness. Deciding to seek happiness is what creates it.

  194. Marci

    Knowing that I have the fully support of my husband in whatever I choose to do.

  195. Cynthia I

    Sunshine in the morning after a bad day. The soft snoring of little ones and being productive.

  196. Aimee

    I always feel happy when I get a little bit of alone time with my husband. It helps remind me that I’m not just a mom, I’m a person who existed before my daughter was born, and my husband loves me in both roles.

  197. Becca

    Watching my daughter read the stories I read to her to her teddy bear.

  198. Jessica R

    My kids climbing into our bed on weekend mornings and we all do family story-telling time. So precious!

  199. Sharon

    A long run, outdoors!

  200. Cory

    Watching my 4 year old son sleep makes me happy! He’s so quiet and peaceful…and it’s the only time that happens, so I REALLY enjoy it!! 🙂

  201. Kristy

    I guess it’s a good way to look at it. Happiness as the aim rather than as a ‘side-effect’ or consequence of ticking all the boxes…

  202. Desiree Fawn

    Right now, my career transition is making me happy. I’m starting my Doula journey and it’s been incredibly moving and wonderful.

  203. Natalie

    What makes me happy – being outside is always a mood lifter.


  204. Amy

    Gooey smores on a summer evening.

  205. Kristy

    oops. As for what makes me happy… feeling like I’ve managed to cover the main bases in a day, prep for the week ahead, and had some fun too. So… I guess having a ‘good day’ is what makes me happy.

    Seeing the kids grin, kindness to each other, reach their next ‘step’ in life…
    that too.

  206. Jennifer

    I’d love to say that it’s up to me to choose to be happy no matter what is going on. But I’m just not that talented. What gives me the biggest boost into happiness is a glimpse of one of my children laughing, playing, or just concentrating happily on an interest of theirs. A distant second to that would be a little bit of dark chocolate with a cup of tea.

  207. Greta

    For us it has been going to church and forming a community for our children. There are no guarantees on happiness in this life so we try and love well every day and enjoy the little things.

  208. Tracey Lee

    Being bombarded at the door when I get home from work – hubby, kiddo, & smelly Beagle too! It’s chaotic, but it’s the happiest part of my day!

  209. Care

    Taking care of my citrus trees and anticipating the fruit!

  210. melissa

    oooo i hope i win. i saw this book a little while back and i’ve had my eye on it!
    hmmm…what makes me happy??
    a number of things but one thing i do when i am feeling a little gloomy is work out. it really does boost my spirits and pushes me through the day.

  211. Kirsten Dehmlow

    Seeing my children laugh and have fun together.

  212. Jennifer

    Surprise family vacations and daytrips. Spending time with my husband and 4 kids!

  213. Melani

    Although we are all terribly sick with the flu right now, it makes me happy that I can snuggle with my family on the couch and be sick together, knowing that “this too shall pass.”

  214. Cheri

    Oh yay! I started reading this book but didn’t get to finish it before it was due back to the library! Would love to win a copy! 🙂 Something that makes me happy is a good cup of coffee in a pretty mug!

  215. sos

    Wow I would so love to win this.
    What makes me happy? lovely conversations with friends, good food and being with my family..

  216. Barb @ getupandplay

    Amen, to the sleep. It’s something that I’m not always disciplined about but man, it makes a difference. So I’d have to say sleep makes me happy. And a nice balance between being home and chilling out with my family and having social outings every now and then. 🙂

  217. Tracy Miller

    It is hard to choose! Early in the morning…..with a book and coffee when the house is dark. It is always major fun to surprise a friend at the door with a cup of coffee! Or when the kids and I can help someone who needs it…..

  218. Judy @ A Meek Perspective

    Happiness comes to me by just being at home…in our house, with my family, just us. Sometimes we all need that.

    Judy 🙂

  219. Nelleke

    Feeling my baby hiccup inside me. Experiencing an incredible moment in music or hilarity and catching my husband’s eye. Music at a concert that makes my jaw drop, it’s so powerful. Relaxing with a cup of tea and a good book. Trips to the library. Experimenting with recipes.

  220. Jill

    This morning my family and my coffee are making me happy!

  221. Angela

    Fixing breakfast for my son who will be going off to college way too soon.

  222. Nicole

    What makes me happy? Seeing my 6 months old daugher playing and laughing by herself. Seeing her confident independence makes me smile!

  223. Vanessa L

    I love waking up to a clean house when the kids are still asleep.

  224. Pamela

    I borrowed this book from the library last month and LOVED it… would love to have a copy to read again and share with family and friends. I realized the importance of considering my own happiness. Reading and writing make me happy! Carving out time for me to do these things on my own has been a challenge with a toddler and a newborn at home, and I’m still working on it.

  225. Claire

    connecting with my son, reading books with him, a good book, yoga, swimming and being around water, writing

  226. Amy Lynne

    Hearing my kids laugh while we are eating dinner together. It is definitely a mood lifter on yucky days!

  227. Milica Carter

    It makes me happy to explore a new store, especially ethnic specialty stores
    It makes me happy to make time to enjoy a little adult time with my girlfriends over a cup of coffee or a glass of wine. or a date night with my husband.
    It makes me happy to play and discover with my children. I get so happy seeing the excitement they experience with new discoveries!

  228. Mary Beth

    Good times of fellowship with close friends and family – especially when those times include conversation about significant spiritual things. I see those times as a little taste of the joys of heaven.

  229. Jessica

    The fact that there are so many good people out there sharing what they come to understand about happiness, gratitude and wellbeing at inspirational sites at internet makes me truly happy. That’s giving me a chance as well to grow and also fully appreciate what’s been given to me. Jessica/Sweden

    • Tammy

      That was a nice thing to say! I agree!!

  230. Mandy

    My family makes me the most happy. Simply being together and enjoying each other’s company – playing games, reading aloud or just being in the same room Working on our own projects and chatting.

  231. maria

    plain and simple – my kids (2boys) and appreciating creativity in any forum!! Thanks for this offer – I have had my eye on this book for some time!!

  232. Judie M.

    Spending a snow day playing outside with my boys (snowfights and snowmen!)makes me happy.

  233. wendy

    Having purpose in life makes me happy.

  234. Rain

    Lately? Knitting, a good cup of coffee and my beautiful 3 week old baby. (not neccesarily in that order).

  235. Denise

    My husband, my girls and my home.

  236. Therese

    Watching my sons play baseball & basketball.

  237. Diane

    I’m slowly making progress with my husband subscribing with me to the benefits of creating the life you want to live NOW, instead of always waiting for the future of what if’s. This makes me very happy!

  238. Pamela

    Happiness is being with my family anywhere where there’s water and sunshine! (and coffee!)

  239. Melissa

    So many ways to answer this. Happy kids make me happy but so does a clean and organized house, a good book, a hot bath…

  240. Mary K.

    Giggling with my sweet girls and watching my husband play with them. Heaven! 🙂

  241. Kirsten Victor

    My two year old daughter makes me thoroughly happy. I am ever cognizant that each moment is a gift and that time flies.

  242. Emily

    Not meaning to sound like a typical hippie/enviro girl, but every time I get on my bike to ride to class, my head clears and my heart sings.

  243. Heather g

    Cuddling with my 2 boys makes me happy.

  244. Becca Allred

    Sneaking in sewing time makes me happy, whether it is embroidery or quilting. I love taking that time to push colors together and draw with the thread. I’ve enjoyed some of Gretchen’s posts on her blog and really like her twelve personal commandments. It is so important to know ourselves and how we want to grow and I love that she has outlined it like that.

  245. Princess Leia

    My daughter’s giggle, my son’s enthusiasm, my husband (just in general), and the knowledge that the little one inside of me will stop attempting to crack my ribs sometime within the next few weeks!

  246. Robin

    Bedtime reading out loud to my kids when they’re warm and sweet-smelling from their baths.

  247. Mary Ann

    Being with my family..

  248. Jamie

    Often the only thing I need to do to be happy is stop long enough to think about how I feel; I have been so blessed and it doesn’t take long to remember all the reasons why I am thankful for life.

  249. cagey

    My happiest moments are the quiet ones with my kids and my husband. Either we are wrestling on the floor or walking to the park or enjoying a nice meal at our favorite chaat place, these are the moments I want to cherish.

  250. April

    My son’s smile truly makes me happy.

  251. Mary

    Making dinner for my family every night makes me happy.

  252. Rhonda35

    My husband’s grin when he walks in the door after work, the way my son laughs loudly while sleeping, our two quirky dogs and their funny habits, helping others, new babies, seeing my 94-yr-old grandmother, time with my best friend and a great first cup of coffee in the AM – these are a few of my happiest things (sung in Julie Andrews voice!)

  253. Heather

    A few at the top of my list at the moment: watching my son play in the snow, feeling my baby squirm around (only three more weeks until his due date!), and our new mattress (I can finally sleep!).

  254. Sara Schwab

    Ooh, looks like a good read! What makes me happy? Snuggles! I love snuggling with my hubby and kiddos.

  255. Lisa

    I was sure that quitting my job and staying home with my daughter was all I needed to make me happy. It does make me very happy but I’m still trying to figure out what other challenge I need to complete my picture.

  256. Julie Wolthuis

    A good cup of coffee and being well-rested make me very happy 🙂

  257. Gretchen Hoefer

    Listening to my favorite music and singing along with it is what makes me happy.

  258. Tonya

    At this stage of my life what makes me happy are some of the things Gretchen mentions – spending time with my daughter and doing child-like activities that make us laugh and feel content. These moments are precious. Thanks!

  259. Kimberly

    Coffee. A clean kitchen. My boys’ smiles and hugs. Books. Worship. Holding hands with my husband. A day spent together as a family. Being with my extended family. Babies.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  260. Susan DR

    Lots of things make me happy in the moment. But true inner happiness and a sense of contentment and that the world is alright is when everything is in its place – my family is home or in a safe place, my house is clean (or clean enough), and I relax and go with whatever happens next.

  261. Danyelle

    I tend to be happiest when my kids are happy.

  262. Catherine

    Reading a good book, having a good belly laugh with my kids, having a bath, getting into bed with clean sheets and a new magazine, making something that someone really appreciates, hearing my husband’s car pull in…

  263. Kayla

    A clean sink! I get in a cranky mood if there are dishes piled in the sink!

  264. Ledys

    Ooooh… I hope I win! I love Gretchen Rubin. I first heard of The Happiness Project from a Real Simple article about two years ago–the book had not even come out yet!– and I clipped the article: Ten Ways to be Happier, and have been a fan since.
    Anyway, on a deeper level, having my family close makes me happy. Loving them and Feeling their love is the best! Reading and learning new things makes me extremely happy.

  265. Samantha R

    My family makes me happy – my husband, kids, parents, sisters, and extended family. I love being able to spend time with them – and I am especially happy when we are on vacation together to enjoy some stress-free time!

  266. Keely

    Gardening while my kids romp happily outside with me, occasionally stopping in to help!

  267. Anne strawberry

    Spontaneous hugs and kisses from my kids make me happy!

  268. Tracy Compaan

    My happiest is when I am making others happy.

  269. saphira

    good food, good books and time with family & friends

  270. Linda

    my son, my parents, my bff, a good book with a nice glass of red wine, a cup of coffee outdoors before everyone wakes up, a walk with my dog, spring, enjoying the amazing creations of God

  271. heidi

    laughing with my family. sometimes that comes by tickle/snuggle fights, sometimes by whitty remarks (even from the 3 yr old), and sometimes it comes by FORCED at first then transitions into the REAL thing… for example we practice (wildly) our “creepy laugh” or “animal laughs” or “silent laughs” to name a few.

  272. Stephanie C.

    What makes me happy – my family. Indescribably happy.

  273. Monica Dyer

    Sitting at a kitchen table with friends, conversing over a bottle of wine, makes me happy!

  274. PZ

    a clean bed, sleep and snuggles in it.

  275. Jennifer

    What makes me happy? Lots of things. But one thing I absolutely adore that cheers me up daily is the way my cat is obsessed with cuddling with me. He knows my routine and panics if I switch it up. He is sitting with me right now, head on my foot, purring. He’s become my buddy as I’ve been in grad school for the past two years and spend much of my time on the sofa completing my homework on my laptop. My husband is terribly jealous 🙂

  276. Donna M.

    My family and my church family make me happy. My husband makes me the happiest! He is such a wonderful, Godly man! I homeschool my 4 children, and I value the relationships I’ve been blessed to grow with them, which also makes me happy! Blessings!

  277. Kristen Taylor

    A few minutes of prayer/meditation in the mornings and plenty of sleep!

  278. Pamela

    Spending quality time with my husband, family, and/or friends makes me happy. I am happiest when I can be creative, cooking, gardening, knitting,etc.

  279. Andrea

    What makes me happy is getting up early on a Saturday morning with my husband. We either spend time together at home in the quiet of the morning, or (like this morning) go cross-country skiing before everyone else has the same idea.

  280. Rebecca Manjarrez

    Spending time with my children without schedules and plans and interruptions, just fun time; that makes me happy.

  281. Kim Green

    What really makes me happy is when I’m walking with the Lord and trusting Him for my every need and ever breath. Then, I have no worries!! Makes me happy!

  282. Jackie

    A sense of accomplishment always makes me happy. Even something as small as successfully taking both my kids to the zoo or outing without any issues by myself. Also, my husband and kids.

  283. Johanna

    Playing with my little girl outside makes me happy. 🙂

  284. Denni

    Holding my kids in my arms while they are sleeping.

  285. Laura

    So many things, large and small… eating supper with my family, sunshine, hot flavored coffee, hugs, my children playing nicely together, good books and good music, going for walks on beautiful days, Hershey’s kisses, writing in my journal, holding hands with my husband, answered prayer, and the list goes on…

  286. Karen

    What makes me happy? A long shower without worrying the kids are tearing the house apart…unsolicited hugs from my son…baking bread…cards and emails from old friends…the way my daughter nestles her head into the crook of my neck when she’s tired…really good Chinese takeout…thinking about all the things that make me happy!

  287. Karen Rodriguez

    When I lower my expectations of others, I tend to be happier. I think that expectations lead to disappoint 99% of the time. Enjoying others and my circumstances for what they are rather than what I “think” they should be makes me happier. Not that I don’t set goals for myself and encourage my family to do the same. But when we don’t reach those goals, realizing that it’s not the end of the world and that tomorrow is another day is key. Enjoy today….you’ll never get it back!

  288. Amy

    Watching my children discover their gifts — that makes me happy. This sounds like a fascinating book!

  289. SandyW

    Being with my family and just “hanging out” makes me the happiest. I only wish we found the time to do it more often.

  290. Jen E @ mommablogsalot

    My husband makes me happy. No matter how bad my day has gone, how crazy the kids are, how yucky the weather, he always puts a smile on my face. 🙂

  291. marissa

    My kids, though exasperating at times, make me happy!

  292. Becky Jones

    So very many things make me happy…..standing before a sunny window on a crisp winter’s day and feeling the warmth of the sun on my face, knowing that Jesus lived and died for us all, feeling the embrace of my husband and kisses from my children, phone calls from my parents each morning to say “I love you”, an amaryllis blooming on my table…well, these are a few of my favorite things! Happy Saturday to you all!

  293. Mary

    My wonderful husband, my beautiful children and coffee!

  294. Laura B

    Making some hot chocolate at night and finding that the BIG mug is clean. 🙂

  295. Sara R.

    Snuggling with my babies…purging the toy room (sending it all to Goodwill between birthdays and holidays)…walking in the evening…talking with my husband…hot chocolate. 🙂

  296. Lori

    This morning, it was letting myself be fully in the moment–happily constructing a “truck parade” with my 3-year-old son.

  297. sandy

    One of the things that makes me instantly happy is hearing my children laugh with each other.

  298. deanna dean

    when my 4 year old calls me his princess 🙂

  299. amy miller

    what makes me happy? reading your blog and realizing to look for how good my life already is! that, and hearing my #3 baby cooing in his crib right now and knowing the gummy smile I will get upon walking in there soon!

  300. Kelly

    My kids! They wake each morning excited to begin a new day, their happiness keeps me happy! Thank you!

  301. Karen

    Reading a cozy British mystery in bed while waiting for my husband to get ready for bed.

    A cup of tea when it’s not morning and I’m not trying to wake up.

    Reading to my kids.

  302. Krissa

    Hearing my kids laugh…the other night we put my 16 mo. old to bed and for about 30 min. he was just cracking up in his crib…I have no idea what was so funny, but it was great to listen to!

  303. Idaho Jill

    when my almost 4 year old helps in the kitchen – it’s so fun to watch her learn!

  304. Trish

    Hearing my girls laugh always makes me happy!

  305. Anna Macdonald

    Stop. Breath. Look around around you. Remind yourself of all that brings you joy in your life. A spring breeze. The smell of my daughter’s hair. My husband’s smile…find what brings you joy.

  306. Tamara

    oh man…that is a wide open question! these days i’m really enjoying re-awakening my creativity, through my blog and scrapbooking. seeing my daughter mature into a wonderful young woman is making me very happy! walking a path to a fuller spiritual life makes me happy.

  307. Gena Larson

    It makes me happy to see my children (ages 20-12) care for one another. When one son puts his arm around his sister because her team lost their game, when my oldest daughter hugs her brother because he needs it, or when my second born son encourages his sister when he’s teaching her to ride his longboard, my heart swells with happiness. To know they love and care for one another (not that they don’t have their squabbles and irritations with one another) makes this mother’s heart full, content, and happy.

  308. melissa

    When I see my husband loving on and enjoying our kids… makes me very happy. =]

  309. Alexa F.

    Nature/outdoors, animals, people, smiles, home and self improvement, the exciting and unknown possibilities of my future, my sweet boyfriend and his accomplishments and his hugs/kisses, good sleep, good food, a fairly clean home.

  310. Kelley Hasapis

    I get very happy when I know that my and I are going on a trip…I love planning it from top-to-bottom and then all of us enjoying the fruits of my labor…it’s pure bliss!

  311. Beth

    What makes me happy right now is making time for the art. I feel so overwhelmed as a working mom of three with a husband to share life with sometimes. I often let “the tyranny of the urgent” take over, and any time I needed for myself was just gone by trying to be everything to everyone.

    I finally realized that I have to be me before I can can be useful at all. Now I make time to craft, usually for charity, which is just one of my favorite things to do. Knitting, quilting, whatever…that’s where I find my happy 🙂

  312. Madison

    Spending time with my family & feeling the love!

  313. Annie~Savor This Moment

    Here are mine: A phone call from my Mama, laughter shared among friends, a meaningful conversation with my kids, remembering that I am a daughter of God, my hubbie washing the dishes, my kids reading to me, visiting with friends and family, a good book, hot cocoa, a clean house…

    Really, the list could go on and …

  314. Kirstin

    Playing and laughing with my family makes me happy. We are rediscovering both right now.

  315. Tasha

    Reading a good book, finding time to go to a yoga class, getting to sit down and have a actual conversation with my husband, playing with my kids when I have nothing else on my mind.

  316. kali

    Lazy weekend mornings with the family. Stay in pjs as long as possible, eat yummy food and hang out together. I also love my yoga time during the week. Both energize me and make me very happy.

  317. Rachel

    For as often as I forget it, you wouldn’t think it was true, but I find a lot of happiness in serving others! (Particularly my family.)

  318. Lucy

    My darling husband!, sunny days, exercise, healthy yummy food, beautiful things and the baby girl that I’m carrying inside of me!

  319. Maggie

    My children make me happy, albeit stressed and tiered sometimes, but our children are the source of the greatest happiness to my husband and I!

  320. Jennifer

    Lots of things can make you happy. What I want from life is Joy, that sense of peace and gratitude that exists in spite of any circumstance. This year as I approach the birth of my first baby I have decided to discover how to have joy, keep joy, and create joy because I want our kids to remember our family and home as a joyful place.

  321. kimberly

    Being with the kids on a leisurely outing…. at the zoo, park, or wherever. Being together without an agenda makes me happy.

  322. Carol

    Hubby’s Love
    God’s Love
    Watching my daughter learn ballet
    Getting a phone call “just because” from my college kids
    Our Golden Retriever puppy
    My ole terrier mix/pound puppy curled in a ball at the foot of my bed

    oh my goodness … lots to be happy about! 🙂

  323. Shelby

    The days that I have it together. I’m starting my day organized and focused, which means I’m happy and my family is happy. 

  324. Erin edmonds

    A long run. All by myself!

  325. Brookiej

    Dancing around with my girlies this morning & getting to be *Prince Charming* — which is really funny because my girls haven’t ever even heard the story! 🙂

  326. desilou

    what makes me happy? definitely my family – my favorite thing is when we have a “camp out” in the living room with a good movie, and just enjoy each other’s company 🙂

  327. Andrea

    It’s the simple things in life that make me happy i.e. my baby’s laughter, my daughter’s smile, breathing fresh air. 🙂

  328. Meredith

    Getting an open-mouth kiss from my baby girl, curling up with a good book, a long conversation with a close friend. The breeze on a spring day.

  329. Laura H

    Sunrises at the beach and searching for shells, watching our children blossom into young adults and a cup of hot chocolate in my jammies on a cold day. 🙂

  330. ASuburbanLife

    Things that make me happy include: over-hearing my 7 year old girls playing together, making my husband laugh out loud, seeing a rainbow, enjoying a great cup of coffee, having a Saturday with nothing on the calendar (hasn’t happened in a long time), having a long talk with my best girlfriend.

  331. Teri

    I love spending time with family; and broadening that to include friends. It’s a huge bonus to celebrate life by being and doing things together. ;0)

  332. Carrie Eacker

    Walking alone right now makes me happy.

  333. MemeGRL

    I’m with Gretchen–sleep makes me happy. Really good food that someone else cooked for me makes me happy. Snuggling or traveling with my family makes me happy. Holding hands with my husband. Thanks for the thinking time…off to go do things that make me happy!

  334. Megan

    Right now the happiest moment of my day is when my three month old wakes up next to me and just opens her eyes and smiles when she sees me. We then spend endless time just staring at each other. It’s a great way to start the day!

  335. Melissa F

    Sitting at the beach listening to waves crash and my son jump them, scrapbooking, a hot cup of green tea, Bon Jovi

  336. Jan L

    I’ve enjoyed reading the blog and the comments.
    what makes me happy? currently it’s our 2 1/2 yr old grandson’s funny antics and his thrilled scream when “Pa” (grandpa) comes home from work. It’s watching my son as a single-dad read a story to his little boy.
    It’s enjoying nature walks with that grandson as he calls out to the birds to ‘come get this’ (as he outstretches his little hand filled with berries).
    It’s a phone call from my siblings who live long distances away, yet are “right here” when we are on the phone.

  337. Diane

    Having quality time in relationships makes me happy. It maybe a quick phone call, an email or just sitting with my husband or children. It fills my emotional bucket and makes me content. Would love a copy of “The Happiness Project”.
    Thank you!

  338. Judy

    Time with my family makes me happy, a hug from my son.

  339. Janet Olson

    I love listening to my husband and two year old son play, my son’s laugh is the most refreshing sound ever. I also love crocheting, and trying to make a business out of it on Etsy.

  340. Amy

    Today, it’s getting well. Today I get to be quiet and cozy. No more running around sick but resting and getting well.

  341. Tristen

    Watching my children play together, good food, a book I can’t put down, the uncontrollable laughter of my children, the sun, coffee with a friend.

  342. Jill

    What makes me happy is to look back over my week, and realize that I was able to get time in for me, my husband, my son, and our family. That means that the balance worked out for that week.

  343. Elena

    A lot of things make me happy but the thing that makes me happiest is spending time with my daughter and my husband. I love joking around with them and laughing, tickling each other and just hanging out as a family:)

  344. Abe

    A good snuggle with my dog. Her feeling of her soft fur makes me happy.

  345. Stacy

    Reading, praying over and then singing to my son before bedtime. He’s two now and likes to join in on the singing saying “I sing”. He often requests The Lord’s Prayer as our final song and I’m hoping to always remember how he belts out the words “Kingdom”, “Power”, “Glory”, “Forever” and “Amen”. I really just need to hide the video camera in the room! =)

  346. Lauren D

    A belly laugh from my toddler, a drooly lick from a dog, and a kiss hello from my hubby all make my heart swoon.

  347. Tina

    Snowflakes, lavender essential oil, hand cream and ladybugs.

  348. coleen

    Lots of experiences make me happy, but since I’m drinking tea and the kids are happily playing on my own, I’ll stick with that. 🙂

  349. Tammy Rinehart

    I have this book and I loved it. It really makes you think and realize you are not alone looking for happiness. A must read!

  350. Elizabeth

    what makes me happy at this stage in my life is some sleep!

  351. Tina

    Oh, and finding little, purple violets in the grass. 🙂

    • Julia

      me too!

  352. Julia

    Going on a long bike ride in the sunshine makes me happy.

  353. Bonnie Sue

    spending time with my grandchildren. Working in my garden..

  354. Betsy

    Knowing & loving God and the wonderful people He has placed in my life.

  355. Amy

    Slowing down enough to enjoy the simple things in life – nature walks, tea parties, favorite stories read together, etc. All of the treasured memories of my childhood bring new pleasure as I share these times with my twelve children.

  356. Kelly S

    Cuddles from my kids!

    Love that quote! (DAYS ARE LONG BUT THE YEARS ARE SHORT) Did Gretchen write that?
    Thanks for the giveaway

  357. nicola

    Balance makes me happy. Having both family time, time with my husband and time alone. Finding the right amount of each so no one feels cheated is the hard part.

    njfoley at sbcglobal dot net

  358. Lisa Z

    Date night with my husband, one-on-one time with my teen-agers, and speaking up for and living my values every day.

  359. Jewel

    A weekend with my two kids and hubby with nothing to do! No running around to activities or other commitments. Sigh…….

  360. Joy

    Happiness is walking alone in a PEI woods on a sunny October morning all by yourself…I got to live my dream last fall on a personal retreat – the perfect day!

  361. Emily B

    Happiness=hearing “I love you,” unprompted and out of the blue, from my 4 year old–followed by a kiss.

  362. Taha

    Being a brand new mommy to a little boy, I have to say he brings happiness I’ve never known before.

  363. Lindsay

    The balance I’ve struck between being a stay at home mom & working on the play I produce with a great friend. Makes me feel fulfilled.

  364. Raquel

    Nap time, a good cup of coffee, and a great book at the moment make me incredibly happy!

  365. Dabni

    Figuring out a new way to find balance and feeling like I’ve done a good job. Challenge and accomplishment are happy things!

  366. Alisa

    Watching my kids play well together and just laugh and laugh. They fight terribly but more and more lately we are seeing them get along. They are so sweet to watch and they love each other so much.

  367. Christine S

    honestly, getting some time outdoors–whether it be a walk with my children or SCUBA diving–does wonders for my happiness levels.

  368. Terri

    What makes me happy? Spending time with my kids, hugs, a yummy meal, spring flowers, cuddling with my cat, doggy kisses… I could go on and on!

  369. Audra Marie

    Being with my husband makes me happy…knowing he loves me even when I’m unlovable at times. Hanging out with my munchkins, and watching their delight in learning new things. My cat snuggling up…

  370. jennybc

    reading a book when I fully allow myself no time limit, crunching leaves on a fall walk or watching the buds come up in the spring, real fires in the fireplace, laughter with my husband and friends, playing games wih my little boy, great conversation with my college age kids and time alone with God when I really connect.

  371. Kathy S.

    Oh, being outside with my family. That’s what makes me happy!

  372. Diane

    The list is long & varied…

    Spending time with my 2 sons
    Family dinners cooked by my boyfriend
    Our dog & cats
    My garden
    Warm sunny days
    Hot tea in the morning
    Walking the beach with Mike
    Our pizza date night every Friday
    Time spent with friends
    Clean, clear spaces in our house
    and reading an inspiring book like The Happiness Project! I’d love to actually own it…

  373. Christy

    My home and watching my family love their home.

  374. Sybil

    I absolutely love our friday family nights. We snuggle on the couch under cozy blankets, I make popcorn and we watch a movie the kids picked out. I let the dishes pile in the sink from dinner, the toys stay on the floor, and it’s a time where we are all just together. It’s a lot of fun and we all enjoy it! Although, there are many, many other things that make me happy as well!

  375. Carla

    My family. And my home.

  376. Emily

    Music and friends make me happy! There’s something refreshing to the soul about spending time with people that care about you, and music always makes a bad day better for me 🙂

  377. Sheri

    What makes me happy? Reading your blog about living simply makes me happy. Everyday, I learn something new about being happy, living simply, & simply living…& that makes me very happy!

  378. Jenn

    sipping a cup of tea and reading a good book.

  379. jodi @ back40life

    taking time to slow down and live life fully – hard to do, but beautiful to process when I make the time

  380. Michelle

    Keeping house makes me happy: doing dishes, folding laundry, cleaning, creating a nice centerpiece, etc.

    • Shelby Lessary

      Having a clean house makes me happy but cleaning doesn’t. Come on over! We can both be happy! Lol!

  381. Jordan

    There are a lot of things that make me happy, but lately I have found the moments I am happiest involve one or both of my children- being a mom is the most fulfilling thing in my life!

  382. Carol

    Being outside on a sunny day, planting some seeds with my daughters playing around.

  383. Christy

    Watching my 3 year old son and 1 year old daughter explore the world around them. And the times they hold hands and share kisses.

  384. Kim

    when my son is on a silly creative roll

  385. mtmommy

    happiness for me is a hot cup of tea, sunshine and listening to my babies giggle together!

  386. Margaret

    My eleven week old son’s gummy grins!

  387. Hillary

    What makes me happy…honestly…is finding new ways to feed my kids better food and watching them eat more. I get this proud feeling that I am helping their bodies grow and avoiding the trash companies put in their food. But I’m just beginning <3

  388. Suzanne

    What makes me happy? My son, my husband, walking around barefoot in the grass on a warm sunny day.

  389. Miranda

    Happiness is having my whole family home on the weekend.

  390. Kim

    Having fun with my children. Getting on the floor with them and playing games.
    Skiing and hiking with them. And after all that, a good run by myself.

  391. Jill

    My family, being with my kids, reading to them, taking walks on sunny days…. 🙂

  392. Laurie

    My son and my husband; seeing my son when he first wakes up in the morning or from a nap; seeing my husband and son playing together; warm sunshine on a cool day; joy on someone’s face; gratitude; so many things!

  393. Lucy

    Somedays what makes me happy is as simple as playing a game with my kids, baking cookies or disappearing into a good book. Other days it’s something more concrete like money in the bank.

  394. Lisa Aydin

    Looking at my beautiful daughters face, that makes me happier than anything in the world.

  395. Juanita

    I feel happiest when I know I am doing what I should be doing at the right time, in the right place, and for the right reason.

  396. Leslie

    Spending time with my husband and children.

  397. Lara

    Having enough oranges in the morning to have fresh squeezed orange juice with my breakfast.

  398. Shelby Lessary

    My children and husband have such an easy time at happiness. It comes so naturally and effortlessly to them. Bearing wittness to that joy is infectious and I’ve been searching for my own sources of joy. My kids and husband make me incredibly happy. So does spending time in nature, either hiking or at the beach. I love traveling to new places and dancing (although I’m not great at it!). Runnin and yoga make me happy too! Thanks for this opportunity. This books sounds like a great addition to my journey!

  399. Susan

    the sweet and funny things my children say and do, they have me in stitches at least once a day!

  400. Sarah

    My two favorite guys…one is 32 and one is 2 🙂

  401. Kim B.

    When I completely surrender my trials to God & allow His peace to fill me knowing He is in control! When I look to God for happiness & not myself 🙂

  402. Missy J.

    My miracle baby boy, Jackson. After years of infertility and 5 miscarriages his life along makes me happy!!! All the praise, honor and glory go to my heavenly father who walked with me through the difficult times and never left my side and who is with me now to share in the joy.

  403. Laura

    I’m in Paris right now with my children, and I will say showing them this magnificent city makes me very happy.

  404. Danna Shaw

    Spending time at home with my husband.

  405. Lauren

    I am finding a new happy in living with less…less stuff, less debt, less stress!

  406. Margaret

    I love to schedule down time with my kids. It is so easy to get bogged down by schedules, activities and chores around the house. I have now decided that at least one hour of every day will be spent outside with nothing that HAS to be done. We build “cakes” in the sandbox, run through the backyard together or ride bikes in the driveway. Scheduling this free time ensurses that we have this quality time together everyday, regardless of how busy the day.

  407. Audrey

    Hearing my 2-year-old laugh and seeing him do his happy little wiggle.

  408. Sandra Dumais

    Any sort of family time makes me happy. The simple stuff; bath time, reading together, going for walks, laughing at ourselves. It’s always good.

  409. Rita

    Small things: sunshine streaming through the windows, a good brownie, a snow angel on the front deck, my son’s sleepy smile when he wakes. (Those are just the things from this morning. They change daily.)

  410. Roblyn

    My health, husband, and overall life make me happy. I’m very blessed and concentrate on that every day. Oh, and beach volleyball too!

  411. Hilarie

    Completing a project (whether it’s at work or home) makes me happy, especially if it was something challenging. That feeling of satisfaction at succeeding.

  412. Ruth

    Being with my family, and being present in the moment when I am.

  413. Asta

    Weekends with nothing to do but hunker down with a good book!

  414. rani

    Always makes me happy, when I get random hugs from my kiddos, and loving glances from my husband…it’s the little things that make me happy the most!!!!

  415. Crystal Hughes

    I quit my job because it was draining my happiness. Now I am creating my happiness every day by caring for my husband and getting reacquainted with myself! Oh and making cookies makes me happy too.

  416. Cam

    My 4mo old daughter, when she wakes up from her naps with her big eyes and toothless grin.

  417. Rhonda M

    Completing a project that improves the way we live…just put a laundry closet in and now we have a tower behind closed doors to work from instead of a maze of baskets to navigate through on our way out the door…Yeah!

  418. Cam

    My 4mo old daughter, when she wakes up from her nap with her big eyes and toothless grin.

  419. Kim

    cuddles with my little ones. cold nights and warm blankets. movies with my hubby and food, food, food!

  420. Katie

    Playing outside with my kids, watching them belly laugh together, cooking and enjoying great food and time with my husband.

  421. Stephanie

    Spending Sundays as a family. We often go swimming together at the pool at my parents’ condo complex before having dinner with them all together as a family. My parents only moved nearby recently so I cherish all the time I get to spend with them now.

  422. Robin Koch

    Quality time with my family makes me happy. No phones, no computers, no tv. Last night we played a board game for hours and loved every minute of it!

  423. Ashley

    Starbucks & a book … all by myself 😉

  424. jennifer




  425. Vickie

    Time spent with my grandkids! I now realize how quickly the time goes and enjoy being with them so very much.

  426. Tammy

    Laughing with my children and luxuriating in a good book!

  427. Alyssa

    Baking makes me happy… especially cakes! Hanging out with my two little boys makes me happy too!!

  428. Julie B

    Cookies make me smile

  429. Tracey G

    What a great question! I’m happy when my first family is all around me. I love when my brother, sister and I are all able to hang out at my parent’s house. It happens so rarely now that we’ve all spread to the corners of the US, but I guess that’s why it’s so special.

  430. Amy @ Missional Mama

    The funny things my kids say, reading, good coffee, time with people I love, and winning hard copies of books.

    I have read the book and would enjoy a copy to reread and lend out!

  431. Jen

    Hearing my one year old babble, then laugh thinking he is really telling me a story!

  432. Darlene

    Almost anything does, if I allow myself to be present to it.

  433. Teri Arp

    Curled up in a sunny corner reading with my 2 little ones on my lap!

  434. Melissa

    A full night of sleep!

  435. PT

    Watching my kids’ relationship grow and mature-it’s so amazing and it is truly the thing that brings on those happy tears for me more than anything else! I love that these two wonderful kids that I love soo much love eachother so much, too!
    I’ve been meaning to take this book out of the library for a while now!

  436. Tammy Doci

    I’m enjoying some beautiful flowers a friend gave me because they have a wonderful smell…

  437. Tamara

    I’m happy from some beautiful flowers a friend surprised me with as they have an incredible smell and I appreciate her thoughtfulness.

  438. Susan Baker

    Sunshine, taking care of my home and family, Ben and Jerry, my dog curled up on my lap, reading.

  439. Brenda

    Hearing my children laugh … the crocuses that have popped up through the winter soil … an annual retreat with dear sisterfriends … the sounds & smells of the ocean … the marriage journey with my partner … grace and peace that passes understanding.

  440. Tricia


    P.S. Something that I realized very recently is how much I need to work on my own happiness. This interview came at the perfect time for me. Thank you, Tsh.

  441. Renee

    my sweet husband makes me happy =)

  442. Jen U

    Snuggling with my girls. Reading a book uninterrupted with a cup of hot cocoa.

  443. Erin

    I have been dying to read this book. What makes me most happy? The comforts of home, family, and dear friends.

  444. Joke

    The love of my incredible friends, who share fun times with me and care for me when times are rough

  445. Lisa

    My husband and kids!

  446. kort

    saturday morning breakfast out at our favorite cafe then a quick stop at the library!

  447. Jessica

    When our local grocery store has bunches of daffodils 2/$3 sometime in March, I buy two bunches as tightly closed as possible. Watching them unfold over the next week makes me happy. I know I’ll never be a gardener, but this beginning rite of spring always cheers me.

    *Just had to return this book to the library because someone else had a hold on it and I’m eager to finish reading it.

  448. Ann

    French Toast breakfasts on Sunday mornings with my husband and baby girl.

  449. Kelsey

    What is making me happy right now is the anticipation of my almost 3 year old son for his new sibling due in a few weeks. He’s been happily folding baby laundry, singing and reading his doll to sleep, using my belly as a pillow so he can “lay closer to our baby”, and excitedly telling people how he’ll go visit it at the hospital. Looking forward to how this relationship will develop!

  450. Jen H.

    I am the most happy with a cup of coffee, a good book, and the sun shining on my face. That and on a date with my hubby of 12 years! 🙂

  451. Ashley

    Ice cream cones on the back porch with my family!!!

  452. Jackie

    I am delighted when I feel embraced by the sunshine. With two little ones and a very full schedule, I long for a sunlit place to curl up and read. A book that is eidfying and meaningful. Ah, that’s a happy moment to me right now.

  453. Kirsten

    seeing my kids be gentle and loving with each other instead of fighting.

  454. Nami

    My children (5 and 1) and my husband make me happy every single second of my life! I don’t need anything else.. well maybe a cup of coffee.

  455. Michelle

    Right now — I am happiest when I can achieve the delicate balance between work, kid time, husband time, and me time (which includes my training for a half marathon) 🙂

  456. G.

    The sun on my face and wind in my hair. The sea. A new creative idea. A new book. Watching my children grow!

  457. Amanda Kay

    Uninterrupted quiet times make me feel happy (I’m sure most moms could say this). But, I think, that true happiness is in knowing my family is waiting for me when the moment is over. 🙂

  458. Lindsey

    Waking up well rested with sunlight streaming in the windows! I totally agree that good sleep is highly underrated!

  459. Amanda

    The smell of a baby’s head and donating items for a charitable cause.

  460. erin

    spending time in nature (beach, lake, woods) with my family.

  461. MaJken Elek

    Sitting with my thoughts on my porch in the early morning with a cup of green tea or watching my roomate dance the walz to “Through the Fire”, by Chaka Khan. Both equally fill me with bliss.

  462. karla williamson

    I was feeling so spontaneous yesterday and called a friend to see if she could meet early this morning for a walk and coffee. She was up for it too. It was so happy to do something so simple yet so special and invigorating. This friend always inspires me to “simplicity”. Happy weekend to you:)

  463. Kimberly

    Simplicity makes me happy. My one little word this year is {simple} and though my life is pretty much never simple, I try to appreciate and cherish the simple moments. I also look for the simple way to do things, and always trying to simplify life around me.

  464. Lindley

    So much does, but it’s my relationships with my family and friends and the experiences we enjoy together that top my list!

  465. KimW

    I could easily come up with a number of things in my life worth worrying about at any given time, but in general I try to keep up with the day-to-day tasks and accomplish something useful every day, plus leave time for some reading and knitting, and that gives me a satisfied, happy attitude. I am very conscious of setting a good example for my two daughters, in an effort to help them manage their time and feel in control of themselves and their lives.

  466. jenna s

    Sunshine! I really notice it this time of year. I am much happier when the sun is shining! And I agree with Gretchen, sleep makes me a lot happier… And its hard to come by right now!

  467. Amber

    A good pedicure with a friend.

  468. Jill

    I was never an athlete growing up. I’ve dabbled in running, because my husband was training for marathons, but the longest I ran was a 10K. No matter how much I tried to “make” myself love to run, I loathed it.
    Still not learning the lesson, I signed on to do a sprint triathlon, while my husband was doing the half-iron man distance up in Tawas Bay, MI last September 2010. Long story short, the only part of the training I truly enjoyed was the swimming. I finished the tri, but it was crystal clear to me as I was finishing the run that I was going to leave these events to my husband and cheer him on from the sidelines.
    Since then, I’ve pursued the swimming and have been swimming with my YMCA’s master’s team since October of 2010 and nothing (expect yoga) makes me happier. I like it when the coach pushes me. I’ve pushed myself farther than I ever thought possible. I’ve gone from not knowing how to swim freestyle, to being able to swim free 2,500 yards in a 90 minute practice! Obviously a quiet dinner with my husband, my children’s laughter and cuddles, are a source of great joy as well. But swimming is something just for me, and I’m always happier for it when practice is over. And it’s something that I only learned and started to pursue at age 37!!!

  469. Kari M.

    My daughter just learned to hold hands and there is nothing that makes me happier than to hear her say, “Hold hands” as we are going for a walk.

  470. Heidi W

    The time I get to spend alone with my husband! And my kid’s smiles, especially my 8mo old’s two-toothed grin, I have to smile back.

  471. Alison Peyton

    God makes me happy. He has gave me this amazing family to love. I have a husband of 7 1/2 yrs who thinks the world of me and I of him. 3 beautiful girls who at times have told me they love me more than Jesus, LOL! My parents who have supported me every step of way through life. All of accomplishments are because of God and that makes me happy. Thank you.

  472. Annie

    My hubby and 4 kiddos. chocolate.

  473. Marianne

    Cinnamon rolls.

  474. Sara

    Giving and receiving personal gifts and cards/notes/letters, being a friend, having a friend, browsing people’s or shops’ bookshelves, Etsy, sunlight, scones, coffee, snuggling with my son …
    I discovered the Happiness Project two years ago while visiting my parents for Christmas; there was an article about Gretchen and her book and blog in the San Diego Tribune. I would love to receive a copy of her book!

  475. Amber

    Lingering over coffee in bed with my husband.

    • Kristi

      Ooooo… how could I have forgotten to add my morning coffee!

  476. Sarah

    Great giveaway, I also read Gretchen’s blog, and I’ve been seeing her pop up in a lot of my other feeds, too!

    Experiencing a state of flow and engagement in my work makes me happy, and the feeling of achievement from having completed a task or project at home.

    From this you’d think that I get a lot done, but I have a problem with spending too much time procrastinating from the things that make me happy!

  477. julie morris

    sitting here with puppies, baby, napping husband, eating leftovers, relaxing. just a happy day.

  478. Theresa

    What makes me happy is the little things in life…. A shared smile between my girls and I, snuggle time after naps, treating my kids to ice cream, spending time without kids with my dh. That and a morning when everyone is still in bed, it’s rainy or snowing and I have my bible and a great cup of coffee 🙂

  479. The Little Wife

    Right now my husband makes me happy. We’ve married just over a year, and I’m loving every minute of it!

  480. Sara

    Scones and coffee, being a friend, having a friend, giving and receiving personal gifts and cards/notes/letters, browsing titles on bookshelves, snuggling with my son …
    I discovered Gretchen’s Happiness Project two Decembers ago when I was visiting my parents in San Diego; there was an article about her and her book and blog in the San Diego Tribune. I’d love to receive a copy of her book!

  481. Sheila

    My three sons:)

  482. Kristi

    My family is number one…. but a clean house is pretty awesome too! 🙂

  483. Alecia

    Hearing my children laugh and smile…and I love when they get the giggles

  484. Chana

    My baby laughing, coloring with my daughter, shooting baskets with my toddler son.

  485. Sandy S

    My alone time in the morning before anyone else wakes up! I drink my tea and read quietly until my son wakes up, then we cuddle while watching one of his shows.

  486. ruba

    Engagement, a new perspective and great conversations!

  487. selina

    Most recently? Getting my finances in order makes me happy.

  488. Rita C.

    My kids make me happy 🙂 they also make me exhausted and exasperated, but incredibly happy.

  489. Jodi

    A mocha made by my husband, hearing my husband laugh, good time reading the bible, when my boys feel that they have been dangerous, the excitement of my children when they learn something new, summer evenings, a personal email or snail mail, fitting into smaller pants, a clean car . . .

  490. Christine

    I love overhearing my husband sing songs to our 6 month old son. It makes me so happy to catch glimpses of them together and to know that they’re forging a bond that will be with them both forever. I love them each more than I can say, but there’s something extra special about seeing them together that makes my heart burst!

  491. AppleTree


  492. Mindy

    Sunshine, reading a good book, having some time to craft, cuddling up with my kids.

  493. Jessica

    Winks from my husband, the way my children smile, sunshine, fresh air, all the many gifts from God!

  494. Teresea

    Many things make me happy, but these days walking outside in the warmer weather with my dog brings my spirits up.

  495. Kate S.

    What make me happy? Today: a long-awaited replacement part for my favorite vacuum, which made it “like-new” again. Really, I was so thrilled to be vacuuming with it, it’s a wonder I didn’t go next door and offer to vacuum my neighbors’ living rooms.

    But on a much larger scale: little things like my husband’s silly way of greeting me each evening, the way he asks me what he should eat for lunch, a clean house, and the silly things my dogs do to make me laugh.

  496. Jessie R

    Taking a nice long jog outside on a beautiful day makes me so happy and relaxed, even better when it’s with a jog with a friend.

  497. Jen Hasseld

    Throat-crushing hugs from my kids. Long, deep kisses from my husband. A new recipe that turns out fantastic. Mint Milanos.

  498. Megan Galko

    The fact that my husband has finally decided to take control of his health and change his eating habits and kisses and hugs from my kids!

  499. mdvlist

    Getting something– anything!– done makes me happy! I am a finish-what-I-start, anything-worth-doing-is-worth-doing-well kind of person, and that kind of person can easily be made miserable by parenting.

  500. Bev P

    God and Family make me happy! 🙂

  501. Dean

    Spending time with my husband and my two daughters.

  502. Teresa

    My babies laughing…there’s just no sweeter sound! 🙂

  503. KellyC

    Looking into the eyes of my husband and daughter when they are smiling makes me happy.

  504. Miranda

    My awesome God, my awesome family and summer make me happy :)!

  505. Faith

    baby kisses…scrapbooking…Bible study…watching my kids play…time with friends…long phone conversations with my sisters…cute shoes…

  506. Melissa

    Enjoying what God has made! From my family to the sunset, there is beauty all around us if we just will slow down enough to look.

  507. Tammy

    A clean house, a drawyer full of clean socks and underwear, listening to books on my Itouch while I do things, Masterpiece Classic period shows w/popcorn, going to a movie with my husband (a rare treat), the smell of coffee, making cookies with my kids, after school “tea” with my daughter, crawling into bed when the bedding is freshly washed (a laundry theme here?), the smell of lavendar, spring & fall, drinking coffee on a chilly fall day, having the windows open in the spring and fall, Christmas decorations-music and movies, snuggling with my kids and getting/giving hugs and kisses, hearing my kids giggle, seeing my kids faces when they’re proud of something they’ve done, my kids faces when they show empathy for someone, making my husband laugh, touches of all kinds. The Simple Mom website!!!!

  508. Jess

    Happy kiddos, an uncluttered house, time for making some dolls, and chocolate… all are things that bring me happiness.

  509. Lesley Squair

    I must say that in this moment learning to let God love me is a tremendous source of happiness and learning to put Him first in my life is an absolutely amazing source of happiness and has brought so many blessings and the ability to take the time to actually realize how many, many blessings we are given each day. His grace and mercy are allowing me to love those in my life with such joy and compassion.

  510. Catherine

    Getting outside on a sunny afternoon.

  511. Lara

    What makes me happy? Hanging out in the garden with my cats and chickens, or sitting next to the koi pond watching the fish (and watching the cats watch the fish). Reading, writing, gardening. This is what makes me happy about my little peaceable kingdom.

  512. Lis

    Quality time with my kids and quality time by myself! Oh and the elusive 5 letter word….sleep!

  513. Beth

    What makes me happy! My first grader getting off the bus, running and jumping into my arms every day after school… and my fourth grader telling me that he will make my coffee for me any time I want! 🙂

  514. Melissa

    What makes me happy is waking up an hour before my boys do, going for a short walk, having breakfast and coffee and some quiet prayer and reading. Bonus if I get to actually think about the upcoming day before it’s upon me 🙂

  515. Alison

    The simple things. The laughter of my children. Fresh air and exercise. Writing. A good book.

  516. katie

    Clean sheets, my little boys laugh, when the sun hits the prisms in the kitchen and the walls are covered in rainbows!

  517. Mike

    Spending time with my wife

  518. Deb

    moments with loved ones, being creative, work and play – an attempted balanced life 🙂

  519. Rebecca

    Lately, I am happy and surprised when my 3yo son says or does something sweet to his little sister. It’s a subtle reminder that all the challenges of parenting a little boy are worth it.

  520. tammy

    one thing of late that makes me happy, (and sad too, lol), as I’ve had 2 of my 3 kids leave then nest this year, is to see what wonderful adults they have become, that they still keep ties to home, and each other, that they are so appreciative of mom and dad, that they “love” healthily. Seeing them thrive in their new ‘normal” makes it so much easier as a mom to “let” them go, and not worry (too much) about them. My family, not matter where they are, or how often I might see them, (so glad to still have a 14 y/o DS at home), make me happy, and I’m so thankful for a loving, supportive husband who helps this mom through the hard days of letting them grow up.

  521. Lori

    I’d love a copy of the book – what an interesting concept about change creating happiness!

    Hmmmm. What makes me happy? Right now it’s my marriage. We’ve been in marriage counseling for three months and just had a major breakthrough this week! The spark is back. 🙂

  522. Rachel

    Looks llike a great book!

    It’s not original, but time alone with just my husband and children makes me very very happy.

  523. Vanessa

    What makes me happy… quality time with people and nature.

  524. Julie

    What makes me happy is when my chaotic household with four children manages to run by itself for a while so I can steal away to my attic bedroom for five minutes of time to think in my own head. It’s amazing how much better I feel afterward.

  525. holley d

    a great massage, time with my husband, laughter, yoga,

  526. Rita S

    springtime makes me happy… and being able to go on walks when I am well enough. I have RA (rheumatoid arthritis) so when I can wake up in the morning and my hands are not to swollen to dress myself and comb my hair… well that makes me very happy too. And family makes me happy; I adore my nieces and nephews.

  527. Maureen

    My family! Thanks, Maureen (jnomaxx at hotmail dot com)

  528. Karyn

    My husband and kids forsure but my morning vanilla latte puts a smile on my face too! 🙂

  529. Marianna

    Time with my family now that we are spread across the country, and the many, many ways my husband shows me everyday how much he loves me.

  530. Amy W.

    A perfect cup of home-brewed coffee makes me happy. It’s just for me, and it’s one of the few things that I do for myself almost every day.

  531. Stacey Murphy

    Learning makes me happy. At age 40, I’m learning what is important in life and how simplicity opens my mind and that of my children for learning.

  532. jan

    spending time with my family

  533. Jennifer

    A day with my husband–doing anything or nothing. Bliss.

  534. Amanda

    Being outside on a beautiful day. Listening to or making music. Exercise. Watching my children learn.

  535. jessi

    being able to come “home” to visit my mother in the hospital as she recovers from a stem cell transplant to cure her leukemia, and to know that just by being here I am helping my family rebuild and repair itself from this trying time – there is light at the end of this tunnel, and we can get through anything as long as we are in it together.

  536. Christine Parent

    my husband makes me happy when he jokes with me. The first cup of coffee in the morning sitting in the sun. Reading a good book. My dogs

  537. kristen

    hearing giggling children, eating sorbet while having a hot bath, singing at the top of my lungs, and pleasing my husband.

  538. Kristin

    Spending the day with my family…and when the kids go to bed, curling up with my husband and good book.

  539. Jane

    Curling up to a good book makes me happy!

  540. Kelsey

    What makes me happy is finding time between all of my classes, studying, and obligations to just sit back and relax with a book or some knitting. Also, when my roommates leave and the apartment is quiet 🙂

  541. Serena

    Perfectly ripe avocados.

  542. Liz Friesen

    A warm dog on a cold winter day.

  543. Amy

    waking up to glorious sunshine streaming in through the curtains. definitely.

  544. Jaclyn

    Beautiful weather like we’re having in Texas today!

  545. Kathy

    What makes me happy today? Winter greens from the garden, new books from the library, the sound of my 4 year old boy singing with GUSTO, fat robins all fluffed up and perched in our apple trees, and a little old quiet minute on the computer. 🙂

  546. Peggy Nagy

    Hmmm. when I live in the moment and enjoy my family. Laughing with family or friends. Having a great conversation.

  547. Aude BAtes

    I heard someone say once that “happiness is often the result of being too busy to be miserable!”. Being busy makes me happy. Of course, my chidren and my husband are my world and THEY make me happy. But I have learned to find happiness in little things: clean sheets on my bed, a clean house, the sound of my children’s laughters, the sound of rain, coffee breaks with my dearest friends, the thought that Eddie is in Heaven, reading a good book, sleeping an extra hour on a Saturday morning..

  548. Andrea

    I love reading. I just recently started reading for fun again. I loved it as a kid but after years of being in school and being told what to read I simply lost intrest. Now I take a weekly trip to the library with my daughter and she loves picking out her own books and then coming home to have me read them to her.

  549. Natasha

    what makes me happy???
    Hmmm,that’s easy.A day spent with my loves,big and small,doing something or nothing:0)

  550. kmarie

    Souls connecting…I am at my most joyous when my souls connects with another in peace and love. Whether it is with my family, friends or strangers on a blog or the street. I live for these moments of soul support.

  551. Kim Thompson

    A clean house, a day at the beach, or the first few days of warm weather after winter.

  552. kathy

    When I am sitting around and my boys and husband are getting along and having a good time.

  553. Amy

    What makes me happy…..
    Morning cuddles with my boys. Getting out in nature and watching them discover everything it has to offer.

  554. amber

    My cup of tea first thing in the a.m., my kids’ laughs, my husbands kisses 🙂

  555. Emily

    Enjoying a bubble bath and a glass of wine without screaming in the background.

  556. Courtney

    there are so many things that make me happy. the biggest things: my family, friends, good music, a good book, a good cuddle, great food, a good date with my husband, and many more things.

  557. Sarah Ortiz

    My son’s giggles.

  558. Heather

    Now that spring is on the way, sitting on my front porch swing enjoying the warmer weather & sunshine makes me quite happy.

  559. Aleina

    My son’s laugh, sunny days, and long showers!

  560. Karen

    What makes me happy and what I wish made me happy are two totally different things. The thing that really makes me happiest is having some quiet time at the end of the night after putting my four children down to bed. What I wish made me most happy is spending time with my children.

  561. Elyse

    short answer: chocolate

  562. Annalisa

    Sunlight streaming through the window. . .

  563. Lucie

    Going for a run on a bright sunny day with happy music on my ipod makes me happy.

  564. Tonya

    Making a goal and following through to see it done. Sometimes this means making my goal realistic (super simple).

  565. Keelie Reader

    New books make me happy! Seriously, with my surname what else could I expect? It’s my gazinglepin weakness in the monthly budget 🙂

  566. traci

    dancing. kiddos belly laughing.

  567. Ren

    A day spent outside with my husband and our dog just enjoying time together.

  568. Rebecca

    Creating and Fridays… Fridays because that is when my husband gets to come home (he works 3 hours away leaving on Monday early am). So Fridays are my favorite time of the week, otherwisr I’m home with 3 kids on my own. Lately the creating is digital scrapbooking because all of my scrapbooking and quilting supplies are packed away from little fingers.

  569. Ellen S

    That every day begins a fresh opportunity.

  570. sharon

    my family, my friends, enjoying the little moments in life, enjoying the outdoors..enjoying just being alive…I lost my sister to cancer a few years ago, and that makes one appreciate all the little moments so much more!

  571. Emily

    My 10 year old son’s conversations with me, basking in his accomplishments, or just watching him play with friends. I love to be with my grown children and the grandchildren, they are so sweet and funny. I love my friends, my dog, my garden, my crafts and sometimes just cleaning the house makes me happy.

  572. Yvonne Stehle

    Making plans with my husbands, endless talking to him, watch the siblings playing with each other, recording our life with camera and paper, crafting, upcoming spring, week-end-breakfast with the whole family, reading for hours and seeing our children love it too, our children coming to our bed in the morning, the sunlit clean house…

  573. Gail Hinds

    Taking a nap in in a clean house, sharing a goal/dream with my husband and working to see it come about, watching my daughter skip through the house, listening to my son tell me about all the work he has been doing with his Dad, solving a problem!

  574. Noa Ronen

    The thing that makes me happy is my writing my blog, and recently start getting paid for my writing, it sure refresh my days as a mother to 3 kids 😉

  575. Jess

    Sewing something beautiful, especially for somebody else.

  576. DK Stangeland

    Right what makes me happy is introducing my kids to some of the things I loved as a kid. Swimming, The Chronicles of Narnia, cooking, fireworks, Girl Scouts, football and gymnastics. To see them try things and excel in them is so fun.

    With my husband it is finding joy in each other even during very difficult economic times. Laughing and loving together.

  577. Vicky

    Reading and cooking make me happy. And also…a good nap!

  578. bethley

    My husband, daughter, and I having time together. It’s a time where I feel like nothing in life is better. I catch myself savoring these moments.

  579. Brenda Hook

    Adding value to someone’s life — perhaps by improving their health, circumstances, outlook. Working up a good sweat during an early morning run while enjoying a beautiful sunrise. Spending a lazy day with my husband. Quiet summer evenings on the deck with close friends. Getting a text message from my 81-year-old father.

  580. Kelly

    happiness is my babies smile (plus regular exercise.)

  581. Lisa

    When my boyfriend falls asleep cuddling our pet bunnies in bed! >_<

  582. Noa Ronen

    My blog, when I know what I am going to write about, so much energy and happiness

  583. Andrea@FlourishingMother

    what makes me happy?
    just *being* with my children
    hugging my husband
    kissing my baby’s fat cheek
    seeing my baby grin
    puttering around my house
    having time to do “unscheduled” things in my day
    not rushing
    cleaning out a drawer, closet, room, etc.
    good conversation with a friend
    (this list could go on and on–so i’ll stop!!) =)

  584. Sarah M

    Accomplishing something I thought was really challenging! (like completing the Organized Simplicity chapter on my kitchen!!)

  585. Nina

    sunshine and laughter make me happy.

  586. Kellie McCracken

    Relaxing enough to capture a ton of moments and being present in my life makes me extremely happy!

  587. Lora @ Motherhood Moments

    Being able to stay home with my kids, movie nights with my husband, visits with friends, reading a great book, etc.

  588. Lisa

    Pottering around in my veggie garden makes me calm and happy. The minute I enter the garden I am lost in a magical space where I am unaware of time passing, I can never spend too much time there. The sights, smells and sounds. I can hear myself humming away in contentment. I want to be in my garden all the time, but instead I land up spending about 5 mins a day in there most of the time as I am always needed to do something else for someone else. But in my garden I am in BLISS. I long for it and dream of it all the time.

  589. Leanne Iscaro

    Happiness is spending time with and laughing with my kids!

  590. laura

    My children’s laughter, a bright and sunny morning, carmel lattes, and really good sushi make me happy. 🙂

  591. Amy

    Happy? Seeing my kids smile, having my hubby give me a massage, reading a good book-all the simple things. 🙂 Thanks for the interview, Tsh!

  592. Angela

    Simply… Hugs. From my kids, from my husband, from a friend. They always bring a smile to my face. I think it’s because it gets at a larger thing that makes me happy – love and warmth of family.

  593. Lorina

    Family time, completing projects, and organized space.

  594. Melia Gregory

    What makes me happy is my husband, children and grandchildren. A good book on my back porch on a sunny day. And a cup of coffee with a good friend.

  595. monika tribe

    Happiness is a day of sunshine, smiles, and freedom from the under-18’s screaming at each other. =)

  596. Katie Morin

    my newborn baby 🙂

  597. maudie green

    The ability to laugh out loud with my husband and kids, especially about something that no-one else could appreciate in quite the same way!

  598. Kelly Jankowski

    My daughter, my nephew, and helping others make me the happiest.

  599. Lisa

    Waking up really slowly, not having to spring out of bed to rush somewhere in the morning.

  600. Kristy

    my husband and our daughters

    packing up to move to our new home

  601. Sandra

    What makes me happy–the end of a good day, spent loving and laughing with my boys and husband, when I slip into bed and open a book.

  602. April

    Balance makes me happy, and it’s a hard thing to find, between being a fully present mother, maintaining a healthy marriage, working a good job, finding time to take care of myself, and the million and one things that go into each and every one of those things!

  603. Jessica Dick

    What makes me happy? Making time in a hectic schedule to spend time with the people I love!

  604. Francesca

    The whisps of hair on my 6mo head. The blow softly in the breeze and smell delicious. I’m never cutting them!

  605. Tracy

    My husband, my 3 daughters, the smell of fresh bread, the sound of the ocean, and Burt’s Bees Lip Balm!

  606. diana trautwein

    What makes me happy?
    Watching our newly turned 1-year-old granddaughter charm the socks off her grandfather
    sunlight through the slatted blinds when I wake up in the morning
    the sound of the ocean
    the smell of rain in the air
    finishing a project
    slowing down enough to hear whispers of love as I go through my day
    remembering how blessed I am

  607. Elizabeth

    I’m happy when my little boy tells me something beautiful. Before bed tonight he said: Mama, when the summer comes let’s lay down on the grass and enjoy the sun together. How amazing is that?!

  608. Sherrieg

    Baking. Just about anything. And perfect light streaming in the kitchen!

  609. Nina Stokes

    Eleven little people who are our grandchildren make me happy and joyful.

  610. Denise

    My kids, my husband and our farm…living and working on it. It’s all so rewarding.

  611. Crystal R

    Watching my wonderful husband play with our three children makes me happy.

  612. mikkin

    fresh air, sunshine

  613. nopinkhere

    Getting a hug attack from my son!

  614. Tricia C.

    Newly fallen snow, the smile on my 14-year-old’s face, and puttering in my kitchen while the sun streams in through the window.

  615. Joni

    What makes me happy? Colors. My eyes see in color, not just black & white with shades of gray. Loving. Nothing like being able to give and receive it!

  616. Lise

    The sound of all four of us laughing as a family…that’s happiness for me.

  617. Denise Webster

    What makes me happy is my life…this includes my husband, three kids, two dogs, my parents, my brothers, my friends, and my students…life is good.

  618. Jennifer

    My hubby and sweet boys!!

  619. Abby

    Warmer days after a long, cold winter, hanging out with my husband, and spontaneous hugs from my kiddos!

  620. Amy

    What makes me happy is being grateful for every day that I am given in this world as a healthy person with my daughter and husband by my side.

  621. Heather

    My son’s smile…..always.

  622. Becca S

    Curling up with a good book to re-read!

  623. carro

    What makes me happy — knowing I’ve done the best I could do. Things might not always work out the way they should, but if I’ve done the best I can do, I am satisfied and happy with the outcome.

  624. Amy r

    My two little boys laughing together…and a good book.

  625. Jacki

    Sitting on my (dirty, crumb-littered) kitchen floor just after lunch makes me happy. I choose to sit there at the time of day when the sun shines in through the window just right…and I listen to the sounds of my kids playing (or fighting) and SEIZE THE MOMENT, freeze time a little, if you will…and then I get up and do the dishes and sweep the floor. It makes me happy to just STOP and be thankful and chat with Jesus in the middle of these busy baby days and remember that they’ll be gone too soon.

  626. Elizabeth S

    A lot of things make me happy – friends and family are maybe the standard answers – but I really enjoy house projects and the joy of completing them –> enjoying the fruits of my labor.

  627. Ashley C

    Watching my kids discover something new.

  628. Julie

    One thing that makes me happy? Hmmmm…Reading a really good book.

  629. Casey

    Many serious things do, of course, but so does an empty laundry basket!

  630. Joanna

    My time with the dogs I volunteer with at the local shelter makes me happy. I love spending time with them and giving them a bit of love in their lonely day. So, I guess animals in general make me happy!

  631. Christa

    Cuddling up in my hubby’s arms each night makes me happy! It’s one of the best parts of each day 🙂

  632. Janel


  633. Erin

    My family safe and happy, my homemade hot cocoa, a good book, and knitting on my needles.

  634. Jennifer Simon

    Bedtime stories with my girls, watching them play when they don’t know I’m there, time with my sister, playing games…

  635. Tara @ Feels Like Home

    So many things! Reading. My babies. Writing. My cats. Friendship. I could go on and on.

  636. Laura

    It’s taken me a long time to realize this, but balance is what makes me truly happy. If any part of my life is out of balance, it throws everything off and I cannot be happy. But if I’ve hit that sweet spot of time with family, time to myself, a peaceful space to be in, etc. — that’s like the definition of happiness for me.

  637. Sara @ Happy Brown House

    A carefree day of sewing in my craft room. Windows open. Singing along with the radio. A day to create as I see fit. No deadlines….pure bliss!

  638. Diane Pierce

    What makes me happy is a hug from my 6 year-old. 🙂

  639. christie